Highlighting Inclusive Leadership Development Competencies

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Inclusive leadership development enables organizations to stay competitive even during these uncertain and disruptive times. The aim is simple- inclusive leadership helps change and innovate while balancing individual needs. To watch the full video, click Inclusive Leadership.

Leadership Webinar Wisdom: Six Critical Elements for Engagement and Learning

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But here are six critical elements that we’ve found valuable for leadership training webinars: 1. Webinars we’ve attended go to great lengths to make sure that participants know who the facilitator is… his or her credentials, experience and expertise. Encourage a conversational style between the facilitator and web administrator throughout the webinar. Leadership Development Learning StrategyInvolving the Learner.


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Do you know Leadership Starts with Listening?

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While unquestionably, solid public talking abilities are profoundly esteemed in any pioneer, listening is additionally an extraordinarily vital and underrated expertise for powerful administration. It can be very awkward conversing with any of these individuals. ” But with regards to tuning in, nearness truly is vital to acing this expertise. Featured Featured Posts Leadership Learning & Development listening managers

Collaborative leadership: An antidote for a turbulent world

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For several years now, many management authors have been discussing how the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world in which we live requires a new set of leadership skills. What is it about these two very different leadership styles that cause failure or success in turbulent times?

A Conversation about New “Agile Courseware” Book

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The instructional designer still applied their expertise to create appropriate learning experiences, but they did so with a single learning objective at a time, and only for those LOs included in that two-week iteration, rather than designing an entire lesson or course at once. Therefore, the time has arrived to recognize that only using single-discipline project leadership by instructional/LX designers can increase project risk, and we need to take steps to mitigate that risk.

7 Tips for Effective Leadership


There is much more to leadership than a high-ranking position and being in charge. In practice, effective leadership is a combination of personal values and practical skills used together to create an atmosphere in which people feel valued and motivated to work towards the attainment of set goals. Communication is a two-way process, and both parties involved in the conversation must be heard. Related: 6 Reasons Why You Must opt for Online Leadership Training.

Leadership Starts With Mom and Dad

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According to some estimates, companies spend as much as $50 billion a year on leadership development in the hope of finding and developing their future leaders. While that commitment is certainly crucial, in many cases the most important investment in leadership starts way earlier with our first role models: mom and dad. While I don’t ever recall talking to him about leadership, I understood where he stood loud and clear. Leadership is mission and purpose.

Adapt Leadership Styles to Solve Ambiguous Problems

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In his book, “The Ambiguity Advantage,” author David Wilkinson describes four modes of leadership: technical, co-operative, collaborative and generative. In the technical leadership mode, we see four typical responses to ambiguity: those who insist there is only certainty; those who choose to do something else or deny ambiguity exists; those who choose to ignore risk or try to reduce it as much as possible; and those where the leader takes responsibility.

Growing a Model for Leadership

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Building a leadership pipeline is important, and a clear leadership model can link strategic areas of the business. But moving forward, the company chose to invest more heavily into leadership building after studying the state of the industry and talent. One challenge — thriving in an ambiguous environment — stood out in particular and formed the core of Mindtree’s leadership approach. “We Building a Leadership Model .

The Leadership Development Millennials Want and Need

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Millennials, who make up the largest population in the workforce, are moving into management roles around the globe, but many of them feel they lack innovation, impact and expertise due to today’s L&D programs. Harvard Business Publishing recently released its 2018 State of Leadership Development research report, which found that only 40 percent of leaders 36 and younger described their company’s L&D programs as “excellent.”.

Leadership Development in the Collaborative Era

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Let’s face it: In the complex and unpredictable conditions facing managers in this era, we cannot rely on a single source of expertise. In sum, we need safe, collaborative environments where everyone can contribute, thereby unleashing the leadership potential that already exists at your doorstep. But if collaboration is our goal, doesn’t that require a change in the mindset and operation of leadership development? They see value in sharing leadership.

Leadership Styles: One Size Does Not Fit All

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When high performers move into leadership roles, one of the first choices they need to make is what kind of leader they want to be — and there are a lot of options to choose from. Others will lean toward transactional leadership, where delivering results is the measure of success. The truth is all leadership styles can be good choices — in the right situation. Conversely, none of them work all the time. Leadership is much more complicated than that.”.

Servant Leadership: From Coast Guard to Education

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To honor our veterans, we’ve compiled a series of interviews with General Assembly staff, students, and alumni that celebrates their time in the service, explores how they found a new career in tech, and reflects on the life and leadership lessons they learned along the way. The military throws you into real-life leadership experience at a very young age. I quickly learned the value of servant leadership. veterans leadership jobs careers tech

A Call for Continued Leadership & Support for Anti-Racism


Leadership Development. Sony Music ILT Conversion. A Call for Continued Leadership & Support for Anti-Racism. And internally our DEI Committee has established our DEI statement available to everyone on our website, surveyed our employees and required DEI learning and workshops, created inclusive business practices, and sought outside expertise from Strategic Diversity Initiatives based out of Minneapolis, MN. Consulting Services. Learning Experience Design.

Podcast 10: The New Face of Nonprofit Leadership Development – With Meera Chary of Bridgespan

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Since 2010, Meera has been responsible for helping Bridgespan build and deliver its highly successful nonprofit leadership development offerings – including its groundbreaking new team-based learning program. Facilitated team leadership development is neither live consulting nor online learning, but combines key elements of both. We wanted to make this type of leadership development opportunity more broadly accessible to organizations around the world.

Creating a Mentoring Culture: A Conversation with Author Lois Zachary


It contributes to increased retention rate of leadership talent. Lois Zachary’s innovative mentoring approaches and expertise in coaching leaders and their organizations in designing, implementing, and evaluating learner-centered mentoring programs have been used globally by a wide array of clients, including Fortune 100 companies, government organizations, and educational and other institutions, both profit and nonprofit.

5 Lessons Learned from 16 Years in Leadership Development


Below are five lessons I’ve learned about leadership development – lessons that I think will stay relevant even in learning environments full of VR and AI learning. 1) Leadership development is social Managing and leading people is not a spectator sport. Yet often we think of leadership development primarily as a challenge in how to deliver content - the latest conceptual frameworks, assessments, case studies, and tools. How do stories fit into leadership development?

Leadership Development Pushes Past Comfort

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Leadership expert Lorraine Grubbs said a company CEO she worked with on the book “Beyond the Executive Comfort Zone” was certain of this when he approached her for leadership develop help for his team. However, the young employees learned some valuable lessons about communication and the value of each member of the team and having difficult conversations. Leadership Development comfort zone executives leadership development next generation leadership

2 communication pitfalls (and how to avoid them)

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1: Poor handling of crucial conversations. A lot of leaders fail to facilitate crucial conversations. What exactly makes a conversation crucial? The results of a crucial conversation can have a significant impact on your life and your organization. .

Learning Conversation with Liz Griffin, Director, Global People Team, Ernst & Young – Part 1

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Jeevan : Liz, welcome to Learning Conversations. That is a mixture of the specialized training such as the latest tax updates or quality and risk management and essential training such as communications skills, business strategy and leadership development. Another key element of our strategy is inclusive leadership. Cafe News Learning Conversations Challenges Conversation E&Y

Inspiring new leadership videos showcased at Learning Technologies

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Like all 550+ videos in the leadership library they’re intentionally short, offering bite sized nuggets to motivate current and new leaders and managers. Topics in the new releases include innovation, difficult conversations, listening, values and what makes for effective leadership. It’s the perfect way to share leadership knowledge and expertise,” he said.

A beachhead for learning – Learning Conversation with Helen Zwicker, CEO Kiama Community College

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Helen, welcome to Learning Conversations. I must also provide leadership to ensure that our organisation fulfills its purpose and utility to our community, whilst acting within our values. We are also investigating setting up an online facility where students can engage in structured conversation with other students any time online to practice their conversation skills. So, you are utilizing those people with great knowledge and expertise over to share it with others.

Learning Your Way Out

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Leadership in the current knowledge era can no longer rely on a single source of expertise; rather, it needs to be a collaborative practice distributed across a range of individuals. Through conversation with trusted peers, learning dialogues allow the emergence of social, political and emotional reactions that may be blocking personal development and operating effectiveness. They see value in sharing leadership.

What Agile Means to Me

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Unpacking each claim Adaptive over predictive Ruth Clark describes adaptive in relation to expertise in her book Building Expertise: Cognitive Methods for Training and Performance Improvement , and I think it reflects my understanding of Agile philosophy very well. Adaptive expertise brings open-ended inquiry to the problem and not a pre-defined solution. In contrast, crystallized intelligence is predicated on learned skills…and is the basis for routine expertise.

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Teacher Appreciation Week – A Conversation with Chris Badgett on the World of Online and Offline Education Honoring Teachers


In this week’s LMScast Ali Mathis of the LifterLMS team discusses teacher appreciation week – a conversation with Chris Badgett on the world of online and offline education honoring teachers. In this episode Ali and Chris have a conversation about teachers and how important they are. Teaching for Chris emerged in the outdoor leadership world while he was working in outdoor guiding. Rather than taking a PE course, Chris enrolled in the National Outdoor Leadership School.

Accelerate the Leadership Engine

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Nissan leadership has collectively said that people’s professional power comes from personal strength, creativity and dedication. Although it was desirable to bring the group together in a classroom environment to teach them the leadership skills and develop the competencies that would allow them to take their careers and the company to the next level, to do so would be costly in terms of travel, logistics and the learners’ time away from work.

How Authentic Is Your Leadership Development?

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CLOs may already know who they want to pull into leadership development programs, but it pays to include high potentials at lower levels to add cultural and business performance value. For some time, the efficacy and utility of authentic leadership, emotional intelligence and other similar skill sets in the workplace have been considered secondary, soft skill conversations. Or, they may stay but lack the necessary experience and skill to make critical leadership decisions.

A Leadership Makeover at Ingersoll Rand

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A common leadership language, measurable competencies and a heightened level of accountability helped Ingersoll Rand create a high-performance culture that resulted in engaged employees who better satisfy customer needs. After its portfolio and employee roster makeover, Ingersoll Rand leaders decided the company needed an internal face-lift and focus on global integration, leadership and talent management issues.

Managing eLearning Podcast: Episode 2 Summary & Highlights

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In his book, he stresses the importance of shifting the conversation from “when will remote work stop?” A leader must give team members the ability to live out their expertise. Blog elearning Leadership managing eLearning podcast team management working remote

Nurturing High-Potential to Become Leaders and Future-Proof Your Organization

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In this era of digital disruption, business requires leadership that can deliver excellence. Organizations that do not have a defined leadership development program restrict their employees from expanding a skill set that can help them to live up to their potential. Leadership training is an essential component of succession planning at every company. Below are excerpts from the conversation: What do you think is the most important skill a leader must have?



Effective sales organizations are composed of equal parts top-notch sales talent and first-rate sales leadership. There are plenty of sales training programs out there (and PDG can help you develop your own ), but what about sales leadership training? Without training, sales managers may: Retreat to their comfort zone and continue to sell, rather than rising to the many challenges of leadership. Coaching Leadership Sales Leadership Sales Training

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This Is What I Believe About Learning in Organizations

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As globalization increases and communities become more diverse, the competitive advantage of any organization will be its collective knowledge and its expanded expertise. And in some situations people might learn best from the workflow, through action-learning conversations, through self-directed experiences, or from apprentice and internship assignments. Work is No Longer Work . The nature of work is changing.

Why businesses need an internal career marketplace for skills, ASAP

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When I was chief learning office for LinkedIn, I had an important project that required someone with expertise in marketing and PR. But then, when we were having a casual conversation about our backgrounds, I learned that she had a degree in PR and marketing.

Blend East and West for Effective Leadership Development

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The West offers many cutting-edge leadership strategies, but to remain relevant, they need to be presented using localized lenses. There are six key dynamics to confront to build effective learning in Asia: Leadership philosophy. Define a Leadership Philosophy. As educators groom and develop leaders, it is important to depoliticize learning conversations. White, a psychologist and professor of leadership in global executive MBA programs at Duke Corporate Education.

From Military to Civilian Workforce: Helping Veterans Grow Their Careers

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To support, hire and grow its veterans, GE focuses on three key components: self-directed career progression, targeted leadership development and executive sponsorship. Leadership Styles. Military leadership requires a level of respect for rank and a strict chain of command for following orders. It’s important for organizations to build curated content paths that help learners address the common problem areas in management and leadership across multiple learning modalities.

Vision and Values Shaping New Organizational Structures

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He explains the “rituals and artifacts” the culture: from the hiring process when prospective employees learn how to fit into Menlo, to paired employees who learn how to work together on job tasks, to an open workspace with no offices, to constant conversations among employees during the workday, to lunch n’learns, to storytelling, to leaders setting an example for continuous learning, and to presenting “The Menlo Way” to other companies and to the public.

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Agile innovation in the face of COVID-19

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It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that in a recent Center for Creative Leadership online survey of more than 500 global leaders, 53 percent chose agile innovation as one of the top trends to impact their businesses over the next five years.

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Leaders, Failure Is Upon You

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Despite this, we often watch people move into leadership functions due to tenure, domain expertise or simply, there’s a vacancy — without any leadership qualities. As a result, people begin a leadership role ill-equipped to succeed or to effectively support and develop their team, much less collaborate and contribute across the organization. Leadership doesn’t just come naturally. Instead, equip each individual to understand and grow their own leadership DNA.

Working Arm in Arm

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The 752 respondents, all full-time employees, represented a range of leadership levels and industries in both the United States and Japan, two countries on the leading edge of AI adoption. That said, McKinsey asserts that a significant proportion of tasks involving collecting and processing data, interfacing with stakeholders, and applying expertise to decision-making are also near-term candidates for automation.

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Sink or Swim: Setting First-time Leaders Up for Success

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Our organization, Development Dimensions International, has studied leadership transitions and found that the struggles of new leaders are both real and widespread. This goes beyond providing leadership development, though that certainly is important. As Figure 2 shows, among the top reasons is that they were promoted as a reward for their technical expertise. In other words, they were promoted into leadership because they were high-performing individual contributors.

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