7 Best eBook Converters for Bulk Conversion


With the easy availability of books on the web today, eBook conversion is gaining a lot of momentum in the publishing world. Top 7 eBook Converters for Batch Conversions 1. Supports batch conversion with high quality. Automated PDF to ePUB conversion. It is a paid service.

How to Partner With the C-Suite for L&D Success

Absorb LMS

That’s why McKinsey promotes collaboration between L&D and the C-suite on setting learning objectives for the company. With objectives set, L&D can drive up company value by developing and retaining skilled talent, improving services and boosting productivity in target areas. Partnering with the C-suite is especially vital during periods of change , such as mergers. Here are some ways that L&D has the opportunity to support specific C-suite priorities.

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Make Reading Accessible To All With Our Ebook Conversion Services

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EBooks technically means digitally available books but through EPUB3 conversion, it can be changed into ‘enhanced eBooks’ also known as Interactive Digital Books. Addition of enriched components like integrated video, audio, and interactivity through EPUB3 conversion allows a simple eBook to be an enhanced digital book. The interactive eBook creator (EPUB3 Converter) enables the customization of eBooks to suit their reading and learning style. .

A Practical Guide to PDF to FXL ePUB3 Conversion


That’s one of the prime reasons why the demand for PDF to FXL ( fixed layout ) ePUB3 conversion is on the rise. . Even you can transform the outreach of your eBooks with simple PDF to FXL ePUB conversions. Where is PDF to FXL Conversion Needed? Choose a Conversion Tool .

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

services, meanwhile, allow content to be translated. can be configured to use any third-party service you. Conversely, a health. risks would be ideally suited to a test challenging. be used when they suit your learning goals, and your. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

Quip: conversations

Clark Quinn

Conversations are the engine of business. How many problems are solved by saying “go talk to <so-and-so>&# , or ideas sparked by conversations around the water cooler? How many times has a chance conversation ended up leading to a new product, service, acquisition, or more? The conversations can be of many types: with co-workers, managers, subordinates, customers, stakeholders. The important work is done in conversations.

A Conversation with Sharon Boller

Kapp Notes

In our conversation below, we don’t talk about the course we are doing together, instead, I asked Sharon a few questions about her company and what she is doing in terms of new product development and it’s kind of exciting. Here is part of our conversation. Until 2012, we were a 100% custom services shop designing large-scale curricula for things such as product launches, onbarding, product training, etc.

Acrobat: CreatePDF Service in the Cloud

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Adobe has added another terrific service to their cloud. Is the service free? You can convert five files to PDF as a test drive, but the combining multiple files to a single PDF won't be available to you unless you subscribe to the service. The cost to use this service with unlimited conversions is only $9.99 Visit https://createpdf.acrobat.com/welcome.html to give it a try or to subscribe to the service. by David R.

The Social C-Suite

CLO Magazine

If the C-suite increases its social media use internally and externally, it could be used as a tool to impact organizational competence. They will want to go the extra mile, are willing to stay and will recommend their place of employment and its products and services to others. How does its use by the C-suite affect adoption of social learning in the organization? It’s happening slowly, but there isn’t widespread use by the C-suite.

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A Conversation with Yury Uskov of iSpring

Kapp Notes

The iSpring product line includes a set of authoring tools which provides the full solution for educators to create e-courses, tests and surveys, video lectures, conversation simulations, screencasts and interactions, and a cloud-based LMS. . . While we are still the best at converting PowerPoint to online formats, and iSpring’s conversion engine is licensed by many well-known vendors, over 90% of the company’s revenue comes from e-Learning tools and solutions.

A Conversation with Anna Griffith of Discovery Machine

Kapp Notes

The Discovery Machine mission is to provide a methodology, technology and supporting services to enable organizations to capture and deploy expertise for better decisions and actions. RESITE is the transition of our core technology into a suite of tools geared towards telling stories through virtual simulation. Much like a living document, the RESITE Suite allows users to continually evolve their own training scenarios.

A Conversation with Bryan Austin of mLevel

Kapp Notes

Now here are the highlights from our conversation. Either way, the service level of the Learning and Development (L&D) function suffers, as does its perception by the business and employees. mLevel allows the L&D function to significantly improve its service level by simultaneously deploying both online and mobile learning that is much more effective than traditional online learning; in a fraction of the time. A sample of the mLevel suite of Learning Activities.

Adobe eLearning Suite Announced

Steve Howard

Adobe , Captivate , ELS , eLearning Suite , Device Central. Adobe has released the eagerly-awaited eLearning Suite. Offering seven innovative applications in one complete, integrated package, Adobe eLearning Suite combines full new versions of: Adobe Captivate® 4 Go beyond screen capture to author rich eLearning experiences. I’ll be presenting on my favourite features of this suite at the eLearning Guild ‘s Annual Gathering in Florida March 11-13.

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Time to Migrate eLearning Courses from Flash to HTML5

Hurix Digital

Following the announcement by Adobe, major browsers including Google and Microsoft followed suit and announced that they would disable the plug-in in their browsers by early next year, thus, bringing down the curtains on Flash. Most designers therefore began to shift to alternate languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript, which are more suited to the mobile environment. In case you don’t have, the conversion will not be possible.

How to Transition from Online Services to Online Courses in the WordPress Web Design Niche With Divi Expert Josh Hall


Learn about how to transition from online services to online courses in the WordPress web design niche with Divi expert Josh Hall in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett from LifterLMS. Chris Badgett: And how did podcast enter the conversation?

How to Convert Flash to HTML5 at Scale

Hurix Digital

Authoring tools for conversion: Some of the best eLearning Authoring tools and when to use them are listed below: – Adobe Captivate: When your Flash content has several simulations, and you need to make the content more responsive. iSpring Suite: When you want to convert PowerPoint storyboards to courses incorporating videos and assessments. Flash to HTML5 Conversion Process. Select an authoring tool for the conversion.

Social Media Marketing and Management for Course Creators with Tina Todorovic from Social Web Suite


Learn about social media marketing and management for course creators with Tina Todorovic from Social Web Suite in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Social Web Suite is a social media management tool that helps entrepreneurs with navigating the complicated and ever-changing world of social media platforms. We use Social Web Suite at LifterLMS, and one of the reasons we love it is that it offers a lot of versatility for automated social media posts.

Apply the right services for your Business with Dynamics 365


Microsoft Dynamics 365 services are vital to quickening your digital transformation. Microsoft’s Business Output Online Standards Suite has been on the marketplace for a few times, and the new group represents a full pledge to the assistance of cloud computing in Office 365.

How to Convert your Content from Flash to HTML5?

Hurix Digital

It is little wonder then that most developers began to shift to HTML, CSS and Javascript, which were more suited to the mobile environment. If not, it is a good idea to retire the course, program, asset or app; and if yes, determine whether you wish to convert the published content to HTML5; rebuild or redesign it from the start; or salvage a portion for conversion and the rest for redesigning. Conversion Services convert flash to html5 Flash conversion flash to html flash to html

With a little help from our friends: the services we use to build our business


In this post, we’ll have a look at a non exhaustive list of tools, products and services that our various teams use to get their work done. Their service understands developers needs — and that shows in every possible way. G Suite – Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Calendar. We use Google’s suite of business productivity solutions for handling company email, file sharing, and meetings scheduling. Most other conversion services are limited to video files (e.g.,

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Listen: Discover Financial Services’ Jon Kaplan on tuition assistance programs and the importance of building trust among your learning team

CLO Magazine

He worked his way up from aspiring academic to public school teacher to corporate instructional designer and eventually into the top learning job at Discover Financial Services, a Chicago-area firm with 17,000 employees. One of the themes for today’s conversation is failure. Jon Kaplan was, until May of this year, vice president of training and development for Discover Financial Services. Mike: With that let’s turn to this conversation with Jon Kaplan.

Why Is Online Learning Moving from Flash to HTML5?

Hurix Digital

Developing effective e-learning solutions involves factoring in a lot of variables to arrive at a model that is best suited to your requirements. Flash To HTML5 Conversion / March 27, 2020. Infographic: Flash To HTML5 Conversion at a Glance.

Flex to HTML5 Migration: A Quick Guide

Hurix Digital

Of course, apps with high value and low risk are best suited for your Flex to HTML5 migration initiative. Start by assimilating all the media and supporting files before you begin the conversion process. Step 3 – Select a Conversion Tool . Flash To HTML5 Conversion Flex to HTML

2020 LMS Trends: An Analyst’s Extended Enterprise Learning Predictions

Talented Learning

They differentiate themselves not only through innovative functionality, but also industry-specific expertise, integration capabilities, professional services, accessible pricing and other unique characteristics. Service continuity is always a top LMS purchasing concern. New year.

The Importance of Alliances

eLearning Brothers

Many companies dabble in several, but each has their strong suit. It means that the conversation can start with the problem that needs to be solved, knowing that the full armament of talent is on hand to produce any solution you could dream up. eLearning Featured Products/Services Project Management Resources Resources Training Resources alliances ecosystem vendorsToday’s learning ecosystem is expanding.

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Top 6 Cornerstone Alternatives and Cornerstone Competitors in 2020!


The price of Cornerstone LMS is very much affordable and economical however there are several Cornerstone alternatives that might better suit the needs of your company. . Docebo is a software used as a full training tool for service learning platforms.

Blue Collar Captivate Templates

eLearning Brothers

The above conversational scenario works brilliantly for warehouse and factory settings. The template comes preloaded with in a certain pattern, but you can mix and match to give this conversation any tone you like using different poses and expressions to suit your needs. The people who service these machines need to have a versatile skill set, ranging from mechanical prowess to knowledge of programming and the industry’s latest technology.

Elevate Your eLearning with These Lectora Scenarios

eLearning Brothers

In addition to their physical utility, these machines are also particularly well-suited to metaphors, acting as a symbolic representation of the story arc of any eLearning scenario playing out in the foreground. This conversational scenario template features cutout characters George and Shelly as they share an elevator ride, discussing a potential business venture together. eLearning eLearning Template Library Featured Lectora Resources Products/Services Resources

S1000D – Why Do We Need it and How Does it Work?

Use of IETMs for Navy Air Force Defence

But almost 90% of the people who do s1000d conversation do not know what s1000d is. Few tools available in the market which are used to make XML files But they are not an IETM creating tool, Just XML conversion tools. In our context, it won’t suit our needs and purpose.

Save Time Using Dynamic Text in Lectora - E-Learning Software


Content Creation Services. Custom Development Services. Join the Conversation. Lectora Mobile. --> Custom Development Services. Privacy Policy | Terms of Service Forum. Logins. Lectora Online - USA. Lectora Online - EU. ReviewLink. CourseMill LMS. Community Forum. Products. Authoring Tools. Lectora Inspire. The Full-Featured Authoring Tool. Lectora Publisher. e-Learning Authoring Software Made Easy. Lectora Online. Web-based Collaborative e-Learning Authoring.

Insights in a Nutshell: How to Drive an Organization-Wide Leadership Culture (during COVID-19)

Infopro Learning

This takes 5 different components including communication, influence, caring, service and a positive intent. Leaders are effective communicators who can have even the toughest conversations respectfully. They encourage conversations, debates and questions.

Custom e-Learning Solutions from CoreAxis


If you’re running ABC Building Supply and you need to teach safety, we’re going to create a course that is specially suited to building supply needs. You come to us and tell us that you have a problem with Difficult Conversations or Presentation Skills or Being an Effective Team Member.



LEARNNOVATORS : Esskay Design & Structures is an end-to-end steel detailing services provider headquartered at Vienna that has been helping build a strong nation with its cutting edge steel fabrication solutions. Safety has to be a conversation across all the spaces a person moves through.

Which webinar tool do I use? Part 2

Superb Learning

There are more than 250 apps and services that can be integrated with Teams for a full suite of collaboration tools. Google Hangouts Meet is offered with G Suite for business and education purposes.


How to get everyone to write like Ernest Hemingway

Making Change

Unfortunately, a lot of elearning ends up in the 40-something “Suits” category, thanks to corporate drone. It is expected that all employees will strive to achieve the highest standards of customer service, as service excellence is a competitive differentiator in the market and improving customer service is key to the Firm’s strength as a business. Our competition does a pretty good job of customer service.

Reshaping L&D

Clark Quinn

Jane Hart (one of my ITA colleagues) has laid out a proposal for the new services of the L&D department, and I think it resonates nicely with some thinking I’ve been having. ” So Jane posits 3 services: Content production: designing and delivering courses and resources. We can and should be facilitating conversations, helping those who are having trouble being effective in communicating, and more.

Best Workplace Blended Learning Providers

Roundtable Learning

With 70 offices in 30 countries, GP Strategies provides custom content for C-Suite employees down to the front line. Their services include consulting, digital learning, enterprise technology adoption, managed learning services, and off-the-shelf offerings.