Writing Conversations for eLearning

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In the previous post, How to Start Creating Conversation-Driven eLearning , I described how I use conversations between two characters to deliver eLearning content. In this post, I’ll explain how to write and structure the conversation. My next post will discuss options for multimedia with conversation-driven elearning. In my conversation-driven coaching and mentoring course, the main character, Michael, is a newly promoted manager.

How to Start Creating Conversation-Driven eLearning

Experiencing eLearning

One strategy for creating a narrative is delivering content with two narrators having a conversation rather than the traditional approach of a single narrator lecturing. Instead of one voice acting as an instructor, this approach lets learners listen in on two characters who are talking about it. Less tiring to listen to: Let’s face it: Voice over, even good voice over, can be tiring to listen to for long periods of time.

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Avoid This Pitfall in Conversational Writing for eLearning

Experiencing eLearning

We often talk about conversational writing for elearning. A conversational tone flows better in voice over and leads to better learning outcomes. However, I occasionally see examples of elearning where the narrator pretends to be in a literal conversation with the learners. This is a pitfall in conversational writing you can avoid. You see this strategy often in television shows for preschoolers.

A Conversation with Danny Stefanic of LearnBrite

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The other day I had a great conversation with Danny Stefanic. The future learning experience is all of the above plus immersive scenarios with engaging lifelike virtual actors in replicated 3D environments of games and instructional strategies. We have created a great solution that uses zero bandwidth to deliver consistent high quality text to speech voices across browsers and devices. It is called ‘Responsive Voice’ (beta site).

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

audio elements, including your voice. commentary goes on to explore strategies to help. Conversely, a health. 12 Ways to Get the Most. Out of Your Authoring Tool gomolearning.com @gomolearning eBook 1 11Index: Table of contents What should you look for and expect.

10 Strategies to Improve Employee Relations


It’s important to have conversations with employees to address whatever the issue is, and encourage them to bring their concerns to you. Positive employee relations can only develop from having an effective strategy built on communication, trust, managing perceptions and beliefs, setting clear expectations, and a solid conflict resolution process. An assessment also gives employees the chance to voice their opinion, and be part of a solution.

The augmented world of work: Chatbots and voice in digital learning

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Much has been said in the last 12 months about chatbots, digital assistants and voice interfaces. Our work with our data science and innovation teams leave us without a doubt that Chatbots and voice interfaces will be our guides in the future to finding the resources we need, when we need them. After the visit, they will be able to instruct next steps and share information back to teams, by voice to their phone.

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Top L&D experts reveal winning strategies for training remote workers


Have a personal conversation and see the world through their eyes. Involve them by asking questions and allowing people to vote (using polling) or to discuss via voice or the chat feature.”. She also runs the YouTube channel eLearner Engaged and the eLearning Scenario Design Podcast , sharing spunky advice and strategies on how to design interactive experiences. In a world of constant flux, the only certainty is change.

The Voice of The Customer: Introducing gomo Customer Success Manager, Simon Waldram

gomo learning

So, what does it take to be the “voice of the customer” at gomo? Simon: So a working day could involve a number of things: Right now, I’m working on the customer success strategy that includes consolidating our support service into a single portal. We can continue to have these great conversations about your needs and to help us shape the platform. The post The Voice of The Customer: Introducing gomo Customer Success Manager, Simon Waldram appeared first on gomo Learning.

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Accelerate Your Company’s Sales Strategy

CLO Magazine

Sales managers and leaders are responsible for not only setting sales strategy, but for communicating, enabling and supporting that strategy to accelerate pipeline growth, account penetration, accelerated win-rates, and bigger deal sizes. Learning leaders also can assess quarterly results, CRM data, and voice-from-the-field feedback in order to develop and execute training and enablement approaches that accelerate current or new sales strategies and/or achieve business objectives.

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Thinking Web : Voices of the Community - Free eBook

Take an e-Learning Break

Chapter 5 - Successful PSD to HTML Freelancing by Paul O'Brien In this chapter, CSS expert Paul talks about the intricacies of quoting on and carrying out a PSD to HTML conversion job. Chapter 7 - Make Your Website Stand Out from the Crowd by Ursula Comeau Social media has become so commonplace that it can't be ignored if you want your business to succeed and Ursula explains how important social media and blogging can be to your website and your online marketing strategy.

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Two Examples of how Brands are still not Joining the Social Media Conversation

mLearning Revolution

A couple of years ago, whenever someone did a presentation on Social Media, most likely the last slide in the presentation would read ‘Join the Conversation.”. One thing I love doing on Social Media networks is to observe how other people and Brands approach conversations with their customers. And one thing I have seen is that many Brands are still not joining the conversations, and missing out on building stronger relationships with their customers.

Game Film An Effective Strategy for Leadership Development

Training Industry

Your identity is largely conveyed through the sound of your voice and how you speak. Then, if and when appropriate, do the same thing at work – perhaps initially with a phone call, recording your side of the conversation. Each time you use this game film strategy, you will notice the progress you are making and recognize there may be more authenticity, more confidence and more authority in your voice.

Learning Strategy of the Future: AI’s Role in Your Course


But for some reason, that slow progression to mainstream hasn’t translated as adeptly to a learning strategy. Find out how we can help you make your learning strategy more engaging; contact us here. . AI-Generated Conversations. When you ask Siri for directions to a restaurant, you might not think of the exchange as a conversation, but that’s exactly what it is. Voice activation saves you time and can actually make a computer feel a little more relatable.

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Listen: Upwork’s Zoe Harte makes the case for freelancers as core part of talent development strategy

CLO Magazine

In this episode of the Chief Learning Officer Podcast, Zoe makes the case for crafting targeted programs to onboard and develop them as part of your learning strategy. Mike: So we’ll leave the theology conversation to a later podcast. It’s got to be part of a strategy versus that immediate tactic that fills a need. That’s a pretty elaborate conversation, it doesn’t always … it’s not that in-depth because it’s also a muscle you build.

Creating Continuous, Frictionless Learning With New Technologies

CLO Magazine

Technology has conditioned workers to expect quick and easy experiences — from Google searches to help from voice assistants — so they can get the answers they need and get back to work. Artificial intelligence, voice interfaces and augmented reality, when applied correctly, have the potential to radically change the nature of how we learn at work. is chief content officer at O’Reilly, responsible for leading the organization’s content and learning strategy.

3 Strategies to Deal With Outspoken Workers


Until Amazon starts advertising for crystal balls, follow these 3 strategies to differentiate between the lazy and the critical thinkers: . A One on One Conversation. This strategy calls for thick skin to take criticism, but allows for direct, to the point debate over the issue at hand. Criticism can be hard to take in public, but in a private setting, ask the outspoken person to be straightforward and voice their opinion of whatever it was they were questioning.

Face time

E-Learning Provocateur

My wife and I are studying Foundations of Business Strategy together. My wife is a marketing professional, while I’ve been in the corporate sector for most of my working life, so we find ourselves regularly pausing the videos and launching into conversation about what was said. To add voice to the conversation we can use teleconferencing or VoIP. And if you can, organise synchronous sessions, preferably featuring the participants’ voices and faces.

5 Disruptive Trends That Will Alter Your Mobile Strategy


The topic of conversation was this idea of going mobile with your learning; a hot topic in the learning space no doubt. ” Stacey and Mark pulled no punches in their discussion of what it’s going to take for learning organizations to launched successful mobile learning initiatives and discussed a number of disruptive trends that are making organizations rethink their entire mobile content strategy. ” In summary, disruption means having a comprehensive content strategy.

Leadership Webinar Wisdom: Six Critical Elements for Engagement and Learning

InfoPro Learning

Two Voices… and Both with Energy. Unfortunately, in many webinars, that’s exactly what the facilitator’s voice starts to sound like after 20 or 30 minutes. Your facilitator should keep great energy in his/her voice, using lots of inflection and emphasis on important words and phrases. (It’s We’ve had the great fortune of working with a web administrator who has a great speaking voice and we use him throughout our webinars. Leadership Development Learning Strategy

Top 4 Proven Instructional Design Strategies to Enhance eLearning for Corporate Training

Adobe Captivate

Be it any game, you need a right game plan or a strategy to succeed. eLearning when designed correctly with sound instructional design strategy has the potential to bring organizational excellence with a positive eLearning ROI. ” An instructional strategy is an action plan or a method to help people learn. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the top 4 proven instructional design strategies to enhance online training experience.

Is There a Better Way to Social Learning?


July 21st, 2010 Goto comments Leave a comment Last week, I had the good fortune to speak with George Siemens for an upcoming Xyleme Voices podcast. Here is why I believe this strategy will not only fail but risk further marginalizing L&D: 1. Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc.

6 Tips To Create A Communication Strategy For Compliance Online Training

EI Design

In this article, I’ll share 6 tips for creating an effective communication strategy for compliance online training. How To Create A Communication Strategy For Compliance Online Training. The good news is that you can make the process more enjoyable for everyone involved with an effective communication strategy for compliance online training. They give you the ability communicate with your employees in a more conversational and informal tone.

Podcasting: Is It Right For Your Content Mix?

Talented Learning

Ultimately, with podcasting as part of your content marketing strategy , your audience is likely to have more opportunities to consume your content. And it helps to create discussion guides so your conversations don’t veer off-track. The more your discussion flows like a natural conversation, the more engaging it will be. As you discuss subjects of mutual interest, listeners will hear the passion and confidence in your voice.

Content Marketing: What Every Learning Practitioner Needs to Know

Talented Learning

And the overlap continues to spread, as digital content channels, strategies and tools weave themselves more deeply into the fabric of modern educational experiences. Below are 16 excellent blog posts about various aspects of content marketing: Strategies for Success. STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS. 5 Questions to Ask Customers When Creating Word-of-Mouth Strategy. Take your cue from conversations with customers and prospects.

Nuts and Bolts: Building Community by Jane Bozarth

Learning Solutions Magazine

Many people voice similar concerns in these conversations, and at the same time. Emerging Topics Management Performance Support Social Media Training Strategies The rise of social media and the accompanying interest in social learning is generating a lot of talk about. community building. there are many things that never come up as topics for discussion. Here are some suggestions for keeping. the never-heard items from killing a community.

Talented Learning’s Greatest Hits – 2019 Edition

Talented Learning

We hope you’ll find this “greatest hits” list useful as you frame next-steps in your organization’s learning strategy. 2 Customer Training Pricing and Packaging – What’s the Best Strategy?

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Being clear on collaboration

Clark Quinn

Several people can be making changes in different places at the same time, or annotating their thoughts, and it’s even possible to have voice communication while it’s happening (whether inherently or through additional tools). So one supported ‘collaborative conversations’ Um, aren’t conversations inherently collaborative? social strategy technology

Evidence for benefits: Towards Maturity Report

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Active learner voice. And finally, L&D is reaching out across silos to engage in conversations. The recommendation is to break down silos so as to achieve the conversations that will achieve meaningful impact. I will suggest that measuring yourself and evaluating your progress is a valuable investment of time in conjunction with a strategy. strategy

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Everybody’s Got Something To Teach…!!!


To make this clear, let me talk about a lesson I learned in civics class at school: Every citizen has a voice and opinion in the matters of the country. For example, I had an inadvertent conversation with a friend of a friend of a friend, a few days back. It doesn’t matter whether it is useful or not, it is still information that I learned from a couple minutes of conversation. “ Veritas Vos Liberabit! – The truth shall set you free!”.

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How to Build Your Own Incubator of Emerging Skills


In its research paper Building Capabilities for Performance , McKinsey & Company urges a cooperative strategy to develop skills. Rather than planning internal mobility, business strategy, and learning strategy separately, they bring business, finance, and HR leaders together for the conversation. Additionally, Degreed gives voice to employees to share the skills they want to build by surfacing skill interests, skill-rating data, and search behavior.

Sahana Chattopadhyay – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Her work with various companies like Tata Interactive Systems, Zensar Technologies, ThoughtWorks and Future Group has given her a width of experience that spans instructional design, workplace learning strategy, knowledge management, social learning and community management, and people development. Everyone’s voice gets heard and good ideas rise to the top.

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School of the Ether

Clark Quinn

What is available, reliably, is voice and SMS (text messages). What could be done, then, is to augment print materials with voice. This suggests programmatic solutions, whether voice or SMS. Tags: mobile strategy

Podcast 28: How Tasty Is Your Product Training? – With Mike Martin, CLO of SAP Litmos

Talented Learning

I fell in love with the idea that we could train people to try things they totally feared, and we could have conversations based on questions like, “What has this experience helped you learn about yourself?” We use Adobe After Effects and Premiere with animations and voice-overs. After new customers get some of the basics out-of-the-way, they can have better, deeper conversations. Successful “lifecycle” content strategies.

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5 Big Don’ts for Successful Webinar Presentations - Tip #211

Vignettes Learning

It can be tricky to capture their attention or get them engaged by merely hearing your voice and seeing your slides. Share relatable stories that trigger conversations. e-Learning Strategy eLearning instructional design micro action micro content micro-learning micro-scenario microlearning ray jimenez small bites learning social learning stories story-basedOver the years, I have done a lot of seminars, workshops, and talks - both virtually and in-person.

Managing Change in the Workplace Through Your LMS

Absorb LMS

Any conversation about managing change in the workplace should include learning. Their strategy includes a measured approach to educating employees on the purpose of the change after discovering that less than half of their workforce understood the reason for it. An LMS can be used to communicate expert perspectives, including the voices of internal and external subject matter experts. Learning strategies for managing change matter.

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L&D’s Diversity Dilemma

CLO Magazine

Patria said the lack of representation in the learning field poses a huge issue as corporate training teams are looked at to be ambassadors of culture and organizational strategy, which now typically include D&I in objectives or values. He said he hasn’t seen a significant attraction and recruiting strategy in the learning space on par with those strategies in other company operations. Strategy Talent Management D&I diversity diversity and inclusion Elliott Masie

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