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Blogging in a Walled Garden

Experiencing eLearning

So how do you use a blog effectively when it’s housed within a walled garden? Blog Conversations. One of our great facilitators suggested that it might be better to emphasize the conversations more, as we do in another class that uses Edublogs. Posted in Blogging, LMS, Read/Write Web.

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eLearning2.0 from the Read/Write Web blog

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

conversation. I'm a little late to pointing at this post from the Read/Write Web blog but better late than never on some things. It's a 2 part blog post so we'll wait for part II. I love it when those outside of the training/learning field bring their perspective to the Learning2.0

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Social Learning Ought to be Story-Sharing: "Friends You Haven't Met Yet"

Vignettes Learning

We spoke about ICT's Story Web Blog Project. Army, they compiled 33 million web blogs that use personal stories. While we were in conversation, Dr. Gordon mentioned the work of Chris Wienberg, a doctoral student. Then, conversation ensues. Meaningful conversations.

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Digital literacy 6: Organising and sharing content

Learning with e's

The very act of creating content, whether it is a video, blogpost or podcast, is often with the intention that it will be shared in some way, usually on the web. Now we have the social web, there are more ways than ever to make your content available to a vast audience. Answer - you organise it by 'tagging' it.

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Evolution of L&D - Some more thoughts

ID Reflections

I love the serendipity of the web. I have seen this happen again and again when interacting on the web—learning, lurking, contributing and participating. Here are some possible conversation starters. Here are some possible conversation starters: What challenges are the team/business unit/project facing?

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Convergence Learning

The Learning Circuits

Competencies require the mastery of the 5 Cs : Content, Conversation, Connectivity, Collaboration, and Context: While we all enjoy a good speaker, literature, or video that a well prepared lesson can provide, we also need to create and search for our own content in order to provide meaning to the new information.