How to Convert Flash courses to HTML5 Efficiently

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Flash SWF Course files created Using Bespoke Adobe Flash FLA: Mostly, these cannot be quickly converted to HTML5 elearning. Depending on the nature of the source files, PPT,STORY,CPTX etc, you may be able to convert these to HTML5 if the latest versions of the same software offer backward compatibility and upgrade your source files. PPT/PPTX/PPTA files if you converted a PowerPoint presentation to elearning.

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How to convert a PowerPoint to SCORM


In this post, we’ll explain why a PowerPoint may not be enough for your eLearning needs, and how you can convert your presentations to a more suitable format. Convert your PowerPoints to a video. Convert your PowerPoints to SCORM. The second option is to convert your presentations to a video. Converting PowerPoints to SCORM. For the best eLearning delivery, convert your presentations into the most LMS friendly format: SCORM.


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Tips and Strategies to Convert Your Outdated eLearning Content to Highly Engaging Training

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In this article, I share tips, strategies, and ways to make this transition to convert your outdated eLearning content to highly engaging training more effective and efficient. How Can L&D Professionals Leverage the Mandate of Converting Legacy/Outdated eLearning Content to Training that Engages Learners, Improves Performance, and Behavioral Change? Before converting legacy eLearning content , decide on standards, such as Backgrounds, Color schemes, Font, Pitch, etc.

5 Amazingly Effective Strategies to Convert Your ILT Program to High-impact Virtual Training

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Immersive learning (in the context of Virtual Training ) is essentially training that’s facilitated through a learning environment that moves learners away from just learning through PPT, visuals, video, and audio and trains them by using virtual and artificially-augmented environments. Tips and Strategies to Convert Your Outdated eLearning Content to Highly Engaging Training. 5 Amazingly Effective Strategies to Convert Your ILT Program to High-impact Virtual Training.

How to quickly and easily create a basic eLearning module using PowerPoint & Adobe Captivate 2017

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In the below video I walk you through the entire process of adding custom navigation buttons to a basic PowerPoint module. ppt format. ’ This will convert the shape into a multi-state button. Step 6: Create a new style, based on the customization that you made to the shape. Adobe Captivate Blog FAQs "Elearning authoring tools" blog buttons buttons added to powerpoint slides converting PowerPoint faqs Master Slides

Three Takeaways Today

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PowerPoint is not E-Learning and shouldn’t be used as your course tool/development – For whatever reason, there are people who have been around online learning for years, who still see PPT as a means for the creation of content – i.e. courses. PPT is boring.

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Right size your PowerPoint imports

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Convert pixels to inches. For example, if you want to set the dimensions of the Captivate slides to 1024 x 768 pixels, it is recommended that you set the dimensions of the PPT slides to (1024/96, 768/96)=10.67 In PowerPoint 2016, click the Design tab, and click Slide Size > Custom Slide Size to launch the Slide Size dialog. Enter your custom values in the fields provided. Now, import your PPT slides into Captivate without worrying about size issues.

Articulate ’09: Tips for Resolving Common Issues

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Missing lines in graphs - The PPT graphs sometimes don’t convert properly to Flash, leading to missing lines. If your project uses relatively less graphs, then converting the graphs to images and importing them into Articulate can be an effective solution. Font styles - At times, ‘bold’ or ‘italics’ text in the PPT doesn’t appear the same way after publishing in Articulate. c) Press CTRL+Enter immediately before that word in the PPT. (d)

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Virtual Reality: It’s The Time To Take Your Business To The Next Level


The first ever virtual reality application introduced, came in the form of a head-mounted device to serve custom purposes. For example, short nuggets of video-based content is converted to VR-supported format, encouraging learners to access more courses. ► Traditional training programs do not provide real data such as on, completing a written document or PPT slide.

Tech Tuesday Toolbox | Issue #3

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Use it to convert PPT to video easily, add background music for videos with automated narrator voice online. Shape 2 – Icons & Illustrations Shape lets you customize the style, colors and border of static & animated icons and illustrations. App of the Week.

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e-Learning budgets: Doing more with less


With the help of rapid development tools like Articulate Storyline, a PPT can be easily converted to an e-module – reducing development time considerably. Collaborations within SMEs, managers or even learners can be recorded – providing a rich base-content source that can be suitably converted into e-learning content. Identifying the need for customized content and limiting it as much as possible can be a way around tight time schedules and limited budgets.

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10 PPE training courses

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You can also add your own PPE Training PPT simply by copying and pasting your existing training content. EdApp’s editable content library makes customization extremely easy. Easily edit and customize with branding or different messaging, then deploy to your teams – all within minutes.

How to Create and Scale a Document Management System in SharePoint (Without Hiring Extra Help)


Plus, you’re getting more emails every day from people asking where “that one slide deck we used last week for the customer presentation” is. Finally, we’ll show you how we save our customers time and solve for document management using Bigtincan. ppt” at the top of the list.

Top 50 Learning System Rankings (#39-#21)

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For the upper tier packages (excluding the “base” if you will), the system can convert (when you upload) any PDF, document, video, etc. Multi-tenant, e-commerce is good, mastery learning (aka knowledge reinforcement or tasks) is good, converts PDFs, video, PPT automatically into SCORM content (rare with PDF). Multi-tenant with custom domains, e-commerce too. Ranked #2 for customer training. Back for another set of rankings, this time number 39 to 21.

5 Employee Training Management Software that You Must Consider


This platform makes converting static PDF, PPT and word docs into digital interactive multimedia training content, enriched with audio, video, images and hyperlinks quite an easy task. Pricing: After understanding your business requirements, Kitaboo offers a free customized demo. You can literally customize everything. Available in over 40 languages, Docebo provides extensive localization along with visual customization.

eLearning tips from Tom Kuhlmann


Is it possible to build an interactive (and attractive) course in PPT? . What impact has PPT-based authoring tools on the training industry? It opened the doors to organizations that needed online training but couldn’t afford custom programming or in-house Flash programmers. It doesn’t come with its issues, especially the organization that only converts boring slides into boring elearning.

PowerPoint Tips, Tricks, and Hacks from 29 Experts


Don’t open PPT until you have a clear message. All you need is to apply a simple custom animation to your visuals – to reveal information in stages. Create quick native PPT icons using your subtract and combine tools. Create quick native PPT icons using your subtract and combine tools. I am planning to do a video soon on this topic, so please visit my Youtube channel in the near future, if you are interested in awesome font pairs for your ppt Good luck everyone!

Adobe Captivate 8 Tutorials

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Bringing your PPT into Adobe Captivate 8. Learn how to create PPT-based courses in Adobe Captivate 8. Creating Custom Theme Colors in Adobe Captivate 8. Learn how to create a custom and save a custom theme color palette in Adobe Captivate 8. Learn how to customize the shapes and convert them into buttons and choose different styles to indicate the up, hover, and down states in Adobe Captivate 8. Learn about Adobe Captivate from Experts.

The 10 best digital training management systems of 2020

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Unfortunately, Intertek Alchemy has a primary customer base of manufacturing workers on plant floors. Users can customize their customer’s registration forms and collect payment through the use of bank transfers, invoices, or credit cards on the same system.

The 10 most innovative eLearning platforms

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EdApp also leads the way for innovative learning platforms because of its built-in PowerPoint converter and Canva integration. The team at EdApp recognize that training by PowerPoint (PPT) is just as much uninspiring as it is ineffective.

New E-Learning Rankings: Authoring Tools

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The new iSpring Pro 7 – currently in beta adds additional powerhouse features, including PPT to HTML5 output (which right now is a standalone product). #8 While their Slideshark app for the iPad is nifty, it is not the only product that showcases PPT and is free. Yeah it is another PPT spin product but does stand out. #5 Plus each character (and they have a lot) can be fully customized right in the product. Everyone loves lists.

eLearning Guild DemoFest Highlights #dl09

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iPhone App: Helping Parents Grades K-5 (Terri Gutierrez) Oregon Center for Applied Science [link] Took parenting website and converted to iPhone. Content generated in PPT, used Presenter plugin to upload to Connect. Tools: PPT, Presenter, Captivate, Photoshop, Adobe Connect Lessons learned: maximize simple tools, partner with SMEs to make content more accessible, trimming fat, being creative/outside box, put self in the learner’s shoes, get something out there.

20 Frequently Asked Questions About E-learning Rapid Authoring Tools

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It is one of the most crucial decisions you must make to successfully convert your ILT material into e-learning courses. Each type and tool differs in its support to various delivery platforms, file formats, customization of components, and your custom development process. What is the ideal tool to convert a PowerPoint presentation into an e-learning course with limited interactivities? You can customize the features and create any interactivity with this tool.

Rapid eLearning Tools

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Of course, they were more looking at PPT conversion tools. Most of these fit into the PowerPoint + Audio and most convert to Flash for delivery. Rapid eLearning Tools Satisfaction from the eLearningGuild Research reported Feb 2007 - Course Authoring and Rapid eLearning Tool Satisfaction See also Software Simulation Tools. Page update Mar 2008. When the above graphic was taken, it shows the overall satisfaction reported by eLearningGuild members about various tools.

The Latest: Rapid Content Authoring Tool Market

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PowerPoint – Ability to integrate or use PPT in your courses. Some vendors push heavily on PPT, implying that a great WBT is really a PPT converted to Flash. SaaS – while desktop still rules, SaaS is slowly gaining converts. More vendors seem interested in PPT, then having this as a spec in their product. You want to be innovative and still have customers? The data is in, the results are interesting and the competition is growing.

Captivate’s Quizzes (1): Terminology

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Many peers have asked me in the past to publish a book about Quizzes (could easily fill a book if it included custom questions). You can use the On Enter event of a question slide to trigger a custom action, but not the On Exit event. It is impossible to convert a normal quiz slide to a Knowledge Check slide nor to a Pretest slide. It is impossible to convert a Knowledge Check slide to a normal quiz slide nor to a Pretest slide. Tweaking/customizing that process.

Articulate 360 – Easy Authoring Features of Storyline 360

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Studio 360 – a tool to rapidly convert PPT files into online courses. The library also has several e-learning course templates that can be fully customized to meet your needs. The Articulate 360 application also allows you to insert custom fonts and ligatures. Articulate 360, the brand new software from the developers of Storyline, is creating ripples in the world of online training.

May Edition: E-Learning News and Notes

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In the past it was build it yourself (pricey) or find open source and customize it (could be pricey, but cheaper then complete build). For some people WBT is merely sticking a PPT online converting it to Flash and whalla – a new course. Tributes are meant to be something special. A way to recognize the past of someone or something.

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Pushing PowerPoint

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However just because you can be simple in PPT, doesn't mean you have to. I even hope visual content creators will think in terms of situational awareness and available options , whether for a historical figure or a potential customer. And techincally, I have found that PowerPoint is a very good authoring environment for producing charts that, as long as there are no pictures, are small (in size) when embedded in Word, and looks great when converted to a pdf

Articulate 360 – Animation and Interaction Abilities of Storyline 360

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Studio 360 – A tool to rapidly convert PPT files into online courses. For instance, you can use the Articulate application to create an online sales simulation where a customer reaction is determined by the rep’s response to an objection. The Articulate application enables you to customize the look and feel of mouse cursors, their movements across the screen, and the sounds they produce.

Why PowerPoint is Effective for Training New Employees

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Custom alternatives are abundant, and we won’t be throwing many names around here. On the other hand, custom software misses out on the one-size-fits-all nature that is so intrinsically PowerPoint. PPT format, though highly popular, is not really suited for mobile devices. iSpring offers a PowerPoint to HTML5 converter as part of its free solution.

How to create an online course in TalentLMS


To upload a custom thumbnail, click on the “Select image” label just below it. You can: directly upload a video, record a video through your webcam (no software required), paste the URL of a YouTube video, enter a search term and pick a YouTube video from the results, upload a PowerPoint presentation and have it automatically converted into a video. You can add PowerPoint (ppt, pptx), MS Word (doc, docx), Excel (xls, xlsx), and Adobe PDF (pdf) files.

Courselle Update: Social Network Auth, Smart Import, Expert’s Dashboard and more


Smart import If you have a PPT deck, video file or even a picture that you’d like to use for your new e-learning, there is a way to create a course from it right away. We have a juicy roadmap ahead, prioritized by requests from our customers. Without further ado, let’s unbox the new features brought by the update, shall we?

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Articulate, Captivate and Lectora – Do they deserve your praise?

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The two biggest negatives IMO, is that it just isn’t robust enough for e-learning developers and its whole focus on PPT into converting to a course doesn’t help. Just as with Captivate and Articulate, Lectora has a huge following of loyal customers and they continue to attract more customers all the time. They are going to continue to generate huge followings and very loyal customers.

Summer Course Authoring Tool Rankings – Top Ten

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HTML5 output including a PPT converter to HTML5. Customized branding – another trend in the space and should be universal in the market. The summer is nearly upon us (or in LA it is already here) which means you can expect the following in your hometown. Annoying summer related songs – from Cruel Summer to Summertime and everything else. Big blockbuster movies – some that will make you cheer and others that you will demand your money back.

E-Learning Takeaways

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iSpring Pro but it only converts PPT to HTML5. There are more customers today who are seeking a system that will enable them to sell courses, content, etc. More customers are going subscription based than in the past. More customers do not have the outlay to pay $$$$ for users that may exceed 10,000 in a short time frame. More customers are going multi-tenent or extended enterprise with their own customers. 12-21-2012.

State of the E-Learning Industry 2017

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Custom course/content shops (lots of them out there). Basics include the convert PPT into a course (yuck). Custom Course Shops. Thus, from a price standpoint, price plays a partial factor in quality, but it is truly dependent on the custom development shop. Bad custom shop. . I’ve always used one specific custom development shop for courses that need to be built, and are highly interactive and engaging. It’s that time of the year.