How to Convert Flash-Based Websites to HTML5 Right Now!

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Why Convert to HTML5? Steps to Convert Flash Websites to HTML5. Flash to HTML5 transition is a time-consuming process and could take up a great deal of time, based on the amount of content you have to convert. . Here is how you can convert your Flash websites into HTML5 files-.

6 Key Benefits of Using Automated PDF to ePUB Converters


This makes the conversion of eBook file formats an important piece of content production for publishers. PDF and ePUB (electronic-publishing) are the two main document formats supported by most devices. Well-preserved text format, layout, and graphics.

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6 Practical Solutions for Converting Classroom to VILT for Corporate Training

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If you are like the many organizations who have recently transitioned their workforce from traditional office-based teams to having most of your employees work remotely, you might be considering converting your corporate training programs as well. For organizations who already have instructor led training (ILT) programs in place, the training content can be converted and used during a virtual instructor led training session.

8 eBook Conversion Tools Compatible with Multiple Formats


The digital publishing process usually begins with an eBook conversion tool, because digital books come in various file formats. And before you publish, you have to decide the format you want your final eBook to be available in. This is because not every eReader supports all eBook formats. For example, an ePUB format can be read on any device, except Kindle. The format of your eBook determines the devices that the reader can use to read your eBook.

Best Ways to Convert Your PDF Files to XML


XML or Extensible Markup Language is quite a popular markup language in computing that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in an easily readable format for both humans and machines. Because of its popularity and use of XML file format in multiple applications, a lot of users look for tools to convert PDF to XML. There are multiple tools available in the market both for Mac and Windows users that allow for the easy conversion of PDF files to XML format.

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7 Best eBook Converters for Bulk Conversion


This blog lists down the 7 Best eBook Converters. In an effort to keep up with this ongoing trend, a large number of publishers are streamlining their production by converting their publications into digital books or eBooks. But what is the need for anyone to convert their work into digital format when original printed copies were already published? The primary reason behind the increasing number of books being converted into eBooks is their ease of portability.

How to Convert Flash to HTML5 at Scale

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Why should you convert Flash to HTML5? Everyone needs to convert Flash content to HTML5 due to the following reasons: – Flash will die: Back in 2017, Adobe announced that they’d be phasing out Flash by December 2020. So, all the Flash-based videos, games, and websites on earth would have to be converted to another format for being accessible to netizens. How to convert Flash video to HTML5: Bulk convert Flash videos to HTML5. Click Convert.

5 Examples On How To Convert Induction And Onboarding Program To Blended Or Fully Online Training

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Converting Induction And Onboarding Program To Blended Or Fully Online Training: 5 Examples. Because of this, the focus on prioritizing this and allocating quality time for these programs often gets impacted. Blog Discussions eLearning blog converting discussions Online training

Delivering content in multiple formats – A common publishing challenge?

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While free or freemium content, subscription-based sales, open authorship, and security all are growing needs in the education publishing market, the challenge that most common among publishers is delivering content on multiple devices in multiple device formats. Moreover, they had access to a stable, well-established physical format and set of aesthetics. PDFs converted to Flash : These have a short lifetime as Flash is waning in popularity.

Enhance Healthcare & Quality Patient Satisfaction Via Employee Engagement


Building a reputation requires high quality healthcare services and satisfied clientele. With the platform being accessible across multiple devices and offering the ability to easily convert content into rich, multimedia formats, including gamification and fun activities, high levels of engagement and motivation can be achieved.

Converting classroom training: Adapting live performance for the small screen

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However, if training moves online, there may be concerns: can we do this quickly (and cost-effectively) and still ensure that the quality remains high? So we can adapt a play for the small screen, but we need to consider the strengths and weaknesses of the new format. The same goes for converting classroom training to elearning; you’ll need to make yourself familiar with what’s possible and what’s been proven to be effective.

Text-to-Speech Overview and NLP Quality

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The focus of this post is around the quality of Text-to-Speech based on Natural Language processing. The quality criteria for Text-to-Speech Voices are pretty simple. A TTS voice is a computer program that has two major parts: a natural language processor (NLP) which reads the input text and translates it into a phonetic language and a digital signal processor (DSP) that converts the phonetic language into spoken speech. And this also provides a roadmap to test quality.

Understanding Image File Formats

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But, which image file formats do you need? Other more advanced image editors (such as Adobe Photoshop) offer additional formats like.psd,psb,bmp,eps,raw, to name a few. The main difference between all of these image formats comes down to two things: compression and compatibility. Lossy images, which can be described as image formats that do not store a perfect copy of the original image and thus have smaller file sizes. Proprietary Formats.

How to Convert an E-Learning Course into a PowerPoint File

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The other day someone asked how to convert their Storyline course into a PowerPoint presentation. You can import PowerPoint slides into Storyline , which makes it easy to convert some existing PowerPoint content into an interactive e-learning course. With that said, there are some ways to convert your Storyline course content into a format you can bring into PowerPoint. As you can see in the image below, you have a number of resolution and quality settings.

Should You Convert ILT to E-learning or Begin from Scratch?

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Recently, the company decided to go for the online learning format, and Nick was put in-charge of developing e-learning courses. He was in a dilemma whether to convert the existing instructor-led training resources to web-based courses or develop technology-enabled learning materials from scratch. Converting ILT Materials Vis-à-vis Developing E-learning Courses from Scratch. Needless to say, they can be converted faster, with lower expenditure.

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Converting Flash-based E-learning Content to HTML5 Why and How

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This highly flexible software could be used to develop wonderful animations, interactivities of a very high quality including drag and drop, simulations, role plays and so on -it facilitated harnessing the creative powers of online course developers. The solution to this problem lies in migrating legacy e-learning courses developed in Flash to the HTML5 format. Let us now look at the steps involved in converting Flash-based online courses to the HTML5 format.

How to Convert Instructor-Led Training (ILT) to E-Learning


Therefore, many companies are considering converting their text-only ILT materials into e-learning modules that feature funnier and more engaging activities such as role plays, quizzes, discussions, etc. If you have made the decision to convert your ILT materials into e-learning modules, you should be aware that it is not simply converting PowerPoint presentations but involves a serious investment of time and efforts to do a proper job.

Best Content Authoring Tools for Flash to HTML5 Conversion

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Flash can be converted to HTML by using either pure coding or content authoring tools. Equipped with features to cater to just about anyone in the publishing business, Articulate Storyline specifically excels in helping publishers convert content from platforms such as desktops, laptops, iPads, and even from a variety of hand-held or mobile devices. Unlike other tools, iSpring is capable of converting PowerPoint presentations to HTML5 with elegance and ease.

Tips to Convert E-learning to HTML5 Seamlessly with Articulate Storyline

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Realizing it’s high time, they convert their Flash-based e-learning courses to something compatible with the current browsers and devices; they outsource these e-learning courses to be converted into HTML5 using Articulate Storyline. Avoid.swf format for images; instead use.png or.jpg formats. Avoid.swf and.flv video formats as they might not be supported by some devices. Instead, use videos in.mp4 format. Learn How to convert Flash courses to HTML5.

Converting Classroom Training to E-learning – Making a Business Case

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Quality control issues due to inconsistent training. These are 4 important aspects you need to consider while building a business case for the introduction of the self-paced, technology-enabled learning (TEL) format in your company. To increase the productivity of their people, organizations must improve training efficiencies and provide knowledge support at the point of need. This can be done very effectively by moving your instructor-led training materials online.

ELEARNING PRODUCTION: Getting Audio from Microsoft PowerPoint to Work in Adobe Captivate

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When I spoke with Adobe support regarding the issue, I was informed that the recording file in Microsoft PowerPoint uses the m4a file format. Captivate only uses the wav and mp3 file format. Then I used Adobe Media Encoder (it’s a program that is probably on your computer already) and converted the m4a file into a mid-quality mp3. Then click the green arrow to convert the m4a to an mp3. Blog audio formats import powerpoint power-point roundtripping

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An A-Z Guide to Convert Flash-based Online Courses to HTML5

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We will now look at the process to convert a Flash-based legacy e-learning course to the HTML5 format, and give it a new lease of life. Steps to Migrate a Flash-based Online Course to the HTML5 Format. These will help you extract the content and convert it to the mobile-compatible HTML5 format. However, to convert a simulation-based online software training material, Adobe Captivate can be used.

HTML5 Interactions: Why business platforms are converting Flash courses

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You can now convert flash courses to html5, where the readers find it more comfortable to read the course materials. It is necessary for eLearning platforms to convert their Flash-based courses to HTML5. You need to get your Flash-based course converted to HTML5. When you are using HTML5, the data needs to be represented in plain static format. The scalable vector graphics (SGV) files, unlike GIF, JPEG or PNG files, are scalable and does not suffer a loss in quality.

Podcasting for E-Learning: Digital Audio Basics

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Digital Sampling of Audio Waveform [Click to Enlarge] In film, the number of still images (frames) we move through the projector per second improves the smoothness and quality of picture we see. and converting that amplitude into a binary number.

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Publishing for the Mobile – Dos and Don’ts


Mobile content can only be monetized when publishers/companies have quality content on every channel. PDFs offer a poor user experience on mobile, despite which many companies still use this format to send important proposals and sales brochures. Consider converting PDFs to ePubs and use the IDPF defined ePub 3 format if you are an ebooks, journals or magazine publisher. We’re not just dependent on our smartphones, we’re downright addicted to it.

“How do I prepare my legacy Flash courses to transition to HTML5?”

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I understand that I need to get everything converted to HTML5 before the end of the year, but could you provide any advice before I start this project? From the sound of it, you’ve already evaluated your training catalog and identified which courses need to be converted.

Podcasting for E-Learning: Editing and Producing Podcasts

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Loss of quality is also avoided as you don't have to repeatedly re-encode the audio when different effects are applied. Convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs.

ELEARNING PRODUCTION: Getting Audio from Microsoft PowerPoint to Work in Adobe Captivate

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  When I spoke with Adobe support regarding the issue, I was informed that the recording file in Microsoft PowerPoint uses the m4a file format. Captivate only uses the wav and mp3 file format. Then click the green arrow to convert the m4a to an mp3.

Quick Tips for Large-Scale Flash to HTML5 Migration

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Why the rush to convert Flash to HTML5? You can still salvage your Flash eLearning content by converting it into HTML5. In the age of the mobile, it fell short on several other counts such as openness, touch, poor quality of third-party development tools, and performance.

A Practical Guide to PDF to FXL ePUB3 Conversion


Not only do authors have to ensure that their content is compelling but also choose the appropriate enhancements and formats to create an engaging experience for their readers. Among the many benefits of the ePUB fixed layout or FXL format is its compatibility across platforms and devices. The PDF format is essentially an electronic variant of paper. The PDF format lacks any element of flexibility, but it is extremely easy to use, share, and distribute.

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MP4 – Making Flash-based E-learning Videos Universal

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Those videos need to be converted to the MP4 format. MP4 is a digital container format that can hold audio and video content as well as images and subtitles, in a single file. Unlike Flash, MP4 is a universal format. This means an e-learning video , published in the MP4 format can be accessed on all devices. What are the other advantages of using the MP4 format? The quality of MP4 videos is near identical to those of original DVD videos .

How to Record Voice Overs for eLearning (Part 1)

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Well Written, Properly Formatted Script. The highest quality microphone still won’t sound good if you’ve got a ton of background noise. Then there is the Neumann U 87 (a condenser mic) which is about as high quality as you can get. You’ll need an audio converter of some sort and then some software that allows you to record and edit the audio that you capture with your mic. The lowest you would want to record at is 44.1khz/16bit (CD quality).

Voice 150

ELEARNING PRODUCTION: Getting Audio from Microsoft PowerPoint to Work in Adobe Captivate

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  When I spoke with Adobe support regarding the issue, I was informed that the recording file in Microsoft PowerPoint uses the m4a file format. Captivate only uses the wav and mp3 file format.         Then I used Adobe Media Encoder (it’s a program that is probably on your computer already) and converted the m4a file into a mid-quality mp3. Then click the green arrow to convert the m4a to an mp3. by Kevin Siegel, CTT+, COTP.

E-learning Development: Selecting the Right Audio, Video, and Image Format

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When developing an eLearning course using rapid authoring tools, you should know which format is supported by the tool to import audio files, videos, and images. If the tool does not support the image, video, or audio format you want to import, you will have to waste time converting them into the required format. So to get a clear picture, let’s see the various formats supported by Adobe Captivate 9, Articulate Storyline, and Lectora 16.

FLV 43

HTML5: What’s the buzz?

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The advance in technology from Flash to HTML5 paved the way for Content Modernization – transforming old content to new delivery formats to create a more dynamic learning experience for today’s workforce. This demand has given a boost to Content Modernization; specifically converting Flash content to HTML5, where companies can save thousands of dollars by merely updating the technology layer in their courses, instead of creating brand new courses from scratch.

How to Choose the Right eBook Distribution Platform


It is not enough to have high quality eBooks. Convert Your eBook into the ePUB3 Format. Most eBook distributors accept two formats: ePUB In fact, these two formats are also supported by most retailers and e-reading devices. What is eBook distribution?

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Introducing the New Adobe Captivate 2017

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The new release contains several enhancements and additions that have really enhanced your ability to create high-quality eLearning in a short amount of time. Another major enhancement in this version is the ability to take a project that was previously created as a desktop-only (non-responsive) course and convert it to a responsive course with just a few simple steps. Instead, they can just convert them to a Captivate 2017 responsive course and push it out to mobile device users.