Does Your Organization Really Need Knowledge Management Software?

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Knowledge management is a relatively new discipline which has gained relevance in today’s technologically driven industries. Its principles are based around helping companies leverage corporate knowledge, using technologies and company practices to best effect. Conventional knowledge management systems were designed to capture information in central locations to be easily accessed when necessary. But is knowledge management software really necessary?

4 Advantages of Deploying a Knowledge Management System

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Knowledge is power, and like just about everything in this world it must be managed. Step in the knowledge management system, which continues to be deployed by various organizations across the globe. But what exactly is it a knowledge management system? Well, it’s basically what the title suggests: A method of knowledge integration and sharing. Intrigued to learn more about how you’d be set to benefit from a knowledge management system?


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The Most Important Knowledge Management Tools You Should Know

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The importance of knowledge management in today’s corporate environment cannot be stressed enough. The Knowledge Management Tools to Know. It can be thought of as one of the best knowledge management tools that combine community, social business and eSupport. Some of the many advanced features offered in this software are discussion boards, cataloging, advanced searches, employee training articles , training stations and document management.

Millennials Are Terribly Unhappy With Corporate Learning (This Is Why)


And if you need another reason to introduce microlearning to your millennial employees, consider this: In a ranking of learning methods that drive the greatest value to an organisation, “corporate documentation” came in last with just 3% of managers voting in favour of it. Organisations such as JLT Asia and Hong Leong Bank have converted their traditional training materials into engaging microlearning modules.

Collaborative Learning Anthropologist and Specialist (CLA): Enterprise 2.0, Web 2.0 and Learning Career or Job Opportunities

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Social Media Specialist - converts content into short, enticing, provocative, rapid, instant media with the likes of YouTube , e.g. CommonCrafts presentation and Institute of Social Research. Social Network Architect - designs, implements and leads network projects (Project leaders and managers). Future jobs, now, today! Collaborative Learning Specialists - of all types! Please let me know if you see these types of jobs or if you do these jobs.

Retaining Your Company’s Knowledge through eLearning


By now, what we call the “2020 Information Age”, knowledge has become an asset. Immeasurable And all the while you thought, your eLearning efforts had been enough to generate “knowledge” within your company to coax in enough ROI, the much anticipated green bills. In short, as a dedicated business professional, you believed you had invested enough time, efforts and money to create eLearning courses to generate knowledge within your organization that would in turn bring in profits.

Examples of eLearning 2.0

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During my presentation last Thursday that was an introduction to eLearning 2.0 as part of an online event for the eLearningGuild, I mentioned a few common ways that I've seen eLearning 2.0

30 Awesome Remote Work Tools for Teams

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Knowledge Management. Knowledge is power. Bloomfire : A comprehensive knowledge-sharing platform to extend knowledge across the organization with Q&A features, follow posts, streamlined search features, Rich publishing (photos, graphs, media), and AI-generated tags.

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Is L&D Ready for “The New Learning Era”?

Learning Wire

It is amazing to see how well organizations have managed to transition their learning offer, in terms of their content and (online) methodology. Inevitably, senior management will (again) challenge whether L&D is a core function for the organization.

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Is Tin Can LMS Capable of Supporting Blended Learning?


Tin Can pinpoints the exact improvement areas through rich reporting so that you can fill the gaps and convert your course into a “one-stop” learning resource for the learner. appeared first on ProProfs Learning and Knowledge Management Resources. Gone are the days when learners would walk up to a library and solely rely on books in the pursuit of learning. They still do, but now, most of the learning happens online with intermittent access to offline resources.

Is Staff Training the Answer to Poor Performance?

Here are few other issues that could be causing performance problems: Micromanagement. Absentee management. Unclear priorities. Poor resources. Sometimes managers feel pressure to make sure everything their team does meets an exacting standard. This often happens in demanding, high-stress jobs, especially if managers themselves are held to unreasonable standards without support from their superiors. Absentee management creates disconnected employees.

2009 Review

Experiencing eLearning

In January, we officially launched Sakai as our LMS , marking the end of a long process of choosing the right system and converting all our courses. LearnTrends: Personal Knowledge Management. It’s time for that annual ritual of looking back at the year. Unlike last year , this year I’m actually reviewing before the new year starts. What did I do this year? A few things come to mind.

Free learning & development webinars for July 2020

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Do you feel you have enough knowledge and understanding to be able to have a brave conversation about race at your workplace? Through them, you’ll learn to manage the technology, get attendees to actively interact, and help presenters have a great time, too.

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How to Choose the Right Online Quiz Tool for Your Business


This implies that you convert only 1 subscriber out of the 20 people who take your quiz. by creating a knowledge test). Strengthen knowledge after employee or customer training sessions. Assessments compel learners to retain the knowledge gained and eventually, earn their completion certificate. However, this quiz type may not be suitable for a knowledge quiz. It is quite disheartening for a business to find out that a quiz average conversion rate is 5 percent.

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Empower Your Employees with the Right Learning Management System


Now you can employ the most suitable Learning Management Software for providing online training to your workforce. Before delving into its benefits, let’s take a look at what exactly is a learning management system (LMS). LMS is an intelligent software that lets you plan, create, manage and deliver training content to a vast number of learners, train employees based in multiple locations, track learner engagement and promote self-paced learning.

8 Game-Changing Social Media Tips to Grow Your Business


In order to succeed, you have to convert that traffic into paying customers. The post 8 Game-Changing Social Media Tips to Grow Your Business appeared first on ProProfs Learning and Knowledge Management Resources. Are you still not convinced about the power of social media and the benefits it offers for your business? Then, you need to take a closer look. With more than 2 billion users worldwide, your target customers are already there.

Launching your Own Online Course: These are the Steps you Should Follow


Step 1: Select a learning management system (LMS) for creating the course. Blended learning uses an LMS for knowledge sharing and support learning in a classroom. It comes with a superior video encoding technology which automatically converts any type of uploaded video format and makes it compatible with all kinds of devices such as laptops, tablets and even smartphones.

The importance of a Knowledge Sharing Culture

Growth Engineering

The importance of knowledge management within organisations used to be a thing that could be easily overlooked. However, with the Baby Boomer Brain Drain phenomenon and the millennial job-hopping trend changing the face of the workforce, the harmful effects of knowledge loss are becoming more and more evident. First, let’s look at the catalysts that are forcing business leaders to re-examine their approach to knowledge management. The reality of Knowledge Loss.

Moving from distance learning to learning distanced: Building human capabilities in times of disruption and social distancing

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Learning organizations need to transition from responding to learning risks to proactively managing risks. The effective design of learning distanced gives the learner frequent opportunities to apply learned knowledge and skills with abundant and timely feedback built in.

Delivering SCORM Learning on Mobile: Key Things You Should Know


The growth of mobile devices has successfully changed varied aspects of our lives, from how we function and communicate to the way we acquire knowledge. Reporting is done via a learning management system (LMS), which is capable of monitoring the learner’s progression. It means that you don’t need to convert any of your Flash-based courses and use them directly.


21st Century Workplace Challenges

ID Reflections

The paragraph below taken from Harold Jarche’s post Success depends on who we work with reminded me of a post I had written some time back, the Molotov cocktail = Weak ties x complicated knowledge. I have quoted some of these related to the topic at hand below: People find it hard to transfer knowledge when they don't know each other well (a weak tie). Weak ties create havoc when people need to transfer tacit knowledge.

Why your Business needs an LMS for Performance Support


The 70:20:10 model for Learning and Development states that individuals acquire 70% of their knowledge from job-related experiences, 20% from interactions with others and a mere 10% from formal educational events. While businesses are investing time, money and effort to upskill their employees, but the harsh reality is – not all of the imparted knowledge is retained. Applying the acquired knowledge (Apply): The employee applies the knowledge he acquired while training.

Seven Innovative Ways To Measure Training Effectiveness


Management guru Peter Drucker once famously said, “What gets measured gets improved.” . Indeed, in-depth evaluation can help learning and development managers (including you) identify exactly what is missing in training sessions. Such visual proof can help you, as a manager, gauge if the training is a success and tailor future sessions accordingly. The difference in the quality of the pitch can help L&D managers make improvements in future training modules.

Authoritative Content: Your Not-So-Secret SEO Advantage

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Beyond the technical search-related reasons, Authoritative Content is a must because it provides a critical – and sought-after – knowledge service. Think of it this way: It just happens that what Google demands coincides perfectly with what you’re after: targeted organic traffic that’s likely to convert because they genuinely need your services. You offer a compelling knowledge hub that encourages visitors to learn more about the topic — from you.

LMS State of Affairs

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Learning Management Systems. Competency Management including Skills. Knowledge Management – but not the way you remember it. Right now there is something taking place in the industry, that is creating confusion among buyers – the term Learning Management System. . Talent Management – slowly sliding under E-Learning (good or bad from your perspective). Feel free to acquire new knowledge or insight. 620 and counting. .

“How do I get my Word content into XML?”


There are a few approaches: Custom Transformations: If you have been very disciplined with the way you’ve used the outlining and style features of Word, the mapping from Word to XML elements can be tailored to automatically convert your word documents into XML maintaining most, if not all, your structure and style information. it is possible to detect and re-create the structure and content elements (list, tables, text, images) and automatically convert the documents to XML.

Top 113 eLearning Posts and 28 Hottest Topics for 2010

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Here’s how I’m approaching Personal Knowledge Management - Free as in Freedom , January 25, 2010. Virtual Team Management - ID Reflections , March 8, 2010. Converting Live Workshops to an Online Course (Part I) - Web Courseworks , February 10, 2010. Management (2039). Here it is - the very best posts and the hottest topics for 2010. How do we come up with these - well it’s based on social signals (clicks, views, twitter, delicious and more).

ILT, eLearning Tools, Visual Learners, KM, monitter, & T&D Magizines

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Visual Learners Convert Words To Pictures In The Brain And Vice Versa - Science Daily. People who consider themselves visual learners, as opposed to verbal learners, have a tendency to convert linguistically presented information into a visual mental representation. When Knowledge Management Hurts - Harvard Business School. They figured that, surely, accessing more knowledge must be helpful, right?

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Sheila Jagannathan: Teaching the World

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But over her career they have blossomed, and Jagannathan, now lead learning specialist and program manager of World Bank’s Open Learning Campus, or OLC, has been active in this evolution. We wanted to create a single destination for distance learning that would provide an ecosystem for staff and clients to access education and share knowledge,” she said. They want an opportunity to connect with peers to share knowledge, exchange ideas and co-create solutions.”.

eLearning Conferences 2010

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link] December 7-9, 2009 International Association for the Scientific Knowledge (IASK) Teaching and Learning : Excellence and Quality – Timeless Challenges in Education, Proto, Portugal. link] December 17-18, 2009 International Conference on eLearning for Knowledge-Based Society , 6 th , Bangkok, Thailand. link] December 21-23, 2009 International Conference on Innovation in Teaching and Management of Higher Education (ICITM 09), Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

State of the E-Learning Industry 2017

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Knowledge Reinforcement tools (mobile is essential). LMS and subsets including Video Learning Platforms, Knowledge Management Platforms, Social Learning Platforms; Learning Platforms, Sales Enablement Platforms. The big question mark is how will VLPs, that focus on the corporate market, play once the LMS space fully utilizes all the video management functionality that exists out there? Basics include the convert PPT into a course (yuck).

iPad & eBooks: A Game Changer for Blended Learning


While training departments have been busy spending ridiculous amounts of time and money converting these training materials to e-Learning, Steve Jobs has (surprise!) Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc.

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Learning, KM vs. SM, Information, Web 2.0, and Second Life

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Instead, the study found that students use a limited range of technologies for both formal and informal learning and that there is a "very low level of use and familiarity with collaborative knowledge creation tools such as wikis, virtual worlds, personal web publishing, and other emergent social technologies." Knowledge Manaement vs. Social Media - Social Computing Magazine. See, Social Media vs. Knowledge Management: A Generational War. Korean Soon Du Bu.

Top Posts from August - Augmented Reality - Social Learning

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But like all subjects and bodies of knowledge, there are a few foundational concepts that have been identified and acknowledged as such. The Human Factor: Social Media as Mentoring Platforms by Mary Arnold - Learning Solutions Magazine , August 17, 2010 Have you ever thought of social learning platforms as knowledge management tools – ways to store an organization’s knowledge. Don’t Convert! Knowledge Management) have failed to advance learning.

35 Top eLearning Articles and 6 Hot Topics for March

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PKM in a nutshell - Learning and Working on the Web , March 22, 2010 Personal Knowledge Management: A way to deal with ever-increasing digital information. How to convert the toughest SME - Making Change , March 30, 2010 You want to create an action-packed online experience that revolutionizes learners’ behavior. It is imperative that an assessment item actually measure knowledge and potential performance. Personal knowledge management & wisdom , March 18, 2010.

Learning During Times of Growth

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They are coming out of budget meetings feeling less like “executioners” ready to cut payroll and more like “executors,” ready to execute learning and knowledge management strategies in support of growth. Barger’s interesting, and even somewhat controversial, stance about the company’s customer service crewmembers involves viewing these employees not as service agents, but as knowledge workers.

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How to Create a Quiz that Generates Leads and Sales


Make sure you create a quiz on a topic of which you have a considerable amount of knowledge. Close the Deal Finally, it’s time to convert your leads into paying customers. The post How to Create a Quiz that Generates Leads and Sales appeared first on ProProfs Learning and Knowledge Management Resources. Everyone loves to take online quizzes as they are interesting, engaging and informative. But, who knows the importance of quizzes better than the marketers.

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