7 Best Marketing Automation Tools for Sales Enablement


Digital marketing is no exception in this case. The introduction of AI in digital marketing has only made advertisements and promotions easier and smoother. According to the Salesforce’s State of Sales report, sales personnel only spend 34% of their time selling their products.

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Email Marketing Funnel Hacks to Drive More Online Course Sales


Guaranteed, email marketing is one of the best ways to make actual sales from your online course. There are helpful strategies and “hacks” that you can utilize to get the best from your email marketing funnel. Choose a Superb Email Marketing Platform.


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Amy Porterfield Email Marketing Teardown


Before you go, this article is part of our Email Marketing for Course Creators workshop. Amy Porterfield is the creator and host of the Online Marketing Made Easy podcast (which has 3,500 reviews and 4.9 More course sales and subscribers from…social media?!

Sales Performance Analysis

Your Training Edge

Sales Performance Analysis closes the gap on your entire Sales Cycle. Essentially, performance analysis is a deep look back over certain elements of your sales cycle, from Opportunity Management to Account Planning. Looking at the numbers, ratios, and time frames of your sales cycle provides many useful benefits. You can determine if sales goals are too high or too low. Let’s look at how to use sales analysis to close the gap on SCM.

How to Convert Flash-Based Websites to HTML5 Right Now!

Hurix Digital

One of the main drawbacks of a Flash website is that it does not work on a number of mobile devices, including smartphones, which can quickly lead to loss of website visitors and sales leads. Why Convert to HTML5? Steps to Convert Flash Websites to HTML5.

Email Marketing for Online Courses by GetResponse


If you want to boost sales for your online course, you have to use email marketing. My thesis is simple: You will increase online course sales by using email marketing. Why is email marketing so successful for selling more online courses? Discounts and sales.

Close Those Leads: 6 Tips For Top-Notch Sales Training That Converts

Dan Keckan

Sales employees need more than textbook knowledge. Effective online sales training equips your sales team with versatile skills and enables them to generate more sales than ever. Learning Management Systems eLearning Market Employee Training Sales Team Soft SkillsHere’s how to do it. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Sales Enablement: The Strategic Art of Selling


Do you know that effective sales enablement strategies are the key to high sales? The ideal strategies empower sales personnel to carry out the proper conversation at all stages of sales funnel. The business can come to a halt without a high-performance sales team. .

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How to Create a Profitable Sales Funnel to Sell Online Courses


Taking into account that advertising costs are increasing year by year and SEO is getting more challenging, one of the most viable ways to make a profit from your online courses is to optimize your sales funnel. How to Create a Profitable Sales Funnel to Sell Online Courses. Converters.

Education Sales: 3 Factors That Limit Them

Blue Sky eLearn

Recently I listened to the Leading Learning podcast, 3 Factors That Limit Sales of Education. You have a market, but no audience. Having a market is not the same thing as having an audience. Your audience can help you define your market. .

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Using Screencasts to Create High-Converting Sales Proposals

TechSmith Camtasia

It was so painful spending all this money on marketing, doing twice the amount of work preparing super-detailed PDF proposals, and then having my win rate slashed in half,” Chad lamented. Because of the above reasons, Chad has seen many improvements in his sales process, including a shortened sales cycle. The post Using Screencasts to Create High-Converting Sales Proposals appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. Customer Stories Customer Story how to sales Snagit

5 mistakes to avoid while making a sales training course


Sales skills are not magic. You understand your market and the requirements of your prospects. And, you also know how to predict questions and counter challenges that surface during the sales process. If you have never created a sales training course before, we have you covered.

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The Best Email Marketing Tools for Online Courses


It’s true; email marketing covers multiple areas of business needs. Apart from lead generation, email marketing helps to increase brand awareness. To make it work though, and run a successful email marketing campaign , you will need an effective email marketing tool.

Online Marketing for Elearning Part III: Advertising


Are you ready to put some money behind your marketing? They would much prefer to continue with their content marketing strategy —and for good reason. Content marketing is low cost but highly effective. If you had to pick only one, content marketing would be the right choice for online educators every time. And if you use it correctly, online advertising can actually boost your content marketing strategy. Here’s how to start.

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26 Best Marketing Tools to Sell Online Courses on Black Friday


While retailers are going all-in with the hope of increasing their sales and hopefully making some good profits. All signs point to eCommerce companies with the right marketing tools and a well-designed eCommerce solution rising to the occasion. Email Marketing. Email Marketing.

How to market and promote your eLearning courses


One of them, which is very important, is to think about the best way to market and sell it to your target audience. Surely, many people think marketing and promoting one’s eLearning courses is a very easy thing to do. 5 steps to marketing and promoting your eLearning courses.

Free Sales Tools Reps Can’t Live Without


Like the elusive Yeti or the Loch Ness Monster, free sales tools might seem like the stuff of folklore. Free sales enablement tools do exist—and they’re actually pretty good. In fact, some of the best sales software companies now market directly to reps. Blog Sales

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10 Sales Coaching Software

Ed App

In this competitive market, sales coaching drives a prime opportunity that can put your sales force on the cutting edge. Implementing sales coaching and training doesn’t have to be costly and time-consuming – thanks to the rapid rise of sales coaching software.

8 types of video for sales prospecting


The primary goal of sales prospecting is to identify leads as prospects – targets that are very likely to become customers because they definitely have a need and show an interest in your product. Genuine support, rather than a push for a sale, is needed.

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Smart Ways To Convert Leads Through eBooks By Targeting Corporate Training Buyers

Dan Keckan

What better way to connect with buyers and boost sales than to offer value-added content. Content MarketingHere are 7 savvy ways to achieve lead conversion success with eLearning eBooks. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Converted in 40 Days


Andrea comes to us with over eighteen years of experience designing, marketing, selling and delivering game-changing technology solutions. As a product manager, my job consists mainly of talking with customers, partners and analysts and understanding the market at large. After 40 days of talking with Axonify’s customers and partners, I’m converted. They are increasing sales. The post Converted in 40 Days appeared first on Axonify.

Converted in 40 Days


Andrea comes to us with over eighteen years of experience designing, marketing, selling and delivering game-changing technology solutions. As a product manager, my job consists mainly of talking with customers, partners and analysts and understanding the market at large. After 40 days of talking with Axonify’s customers and partners, I’m converted. They are increasing sales. The post Converted in 40 Days appeared first on Axonify.

Sales Engagement Platforms: What Sales Leaders Should Know


Sales enablement and sales engagement are similar, yet complementary strategies. And isn’t sales enablement already supposed to “enable” sellers to “engage” with buyers? What is sales engagement? Sales engagement vs. sales enablement.

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50 Marketing Ideas for Course Creators to Thrive in 2021 [Quotes]


A two-day event that took place on March 22nd & 23rd, featured 30+ speakers specializing in business, marketing, and online course creation. Megan Dougherty is a digital marketing strategist with a background in online business development and course creation.

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How to Create Marketing Materials That Can Boost Engagement


Marketing techniques have grown and changed over the years to include a variety of forms and content. However, bigger doesn’t always mean better, and not all marketing strategies are able to pull in the right kind of responses. Rachel is a freelance marketing specialist.

Join the Course Sales Bootcamp [Free Live Workshops]


I am super excited to announce our upcoming Course Sales Bootcamp ! However, we will be there with you to support you while preparing your marketing and sales strategy! Whether you are selling your first course or looking to increase your sales , this is for you.

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Arming Your Sales Force with Content and Tools

dVinci Interactive

Today’s customers expect a sales consultant who recognizes their needs and wants, provides a range of solutions, and guides them through the selection and purchasing process. With mobile technology like the iPad, organizations can now arm their sales forces with the content and tools to meet customer expectations and provide remarkable experiences. Market Data – Data helps answer questions about the popularity of your solution and its compatibility with complementary products.

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Self-Paced Training Courses: Developer Marketing’s Secret Weapon


Having sales-led demos didn’t meet the needs of our developers and instructor-led training sessions made organizing schedules a nightmare. Our developers couldn’t verify if the product solved the problems they were facing, and struggled with post-sales implementation.

Sign up for Our Free Webinar: Leverage Video to Create High-Converting Sales Proposals

TechSmith Camtasia

Part two of Chad’s awesome series on using screencasts to create high-converting sales proposals is coming soon. I’m happy to report, however, that it’s been put on hold for something awesome: we’ve partnered with Chad and Sales and Marketing Management Magazine to host a live webinar! Here are the details: Leverage Video to Create High-Converting Sales Proposals. The standard, oral sales proposal is dead.

From Top to Bottom: Creating Live Webinars For Each Part Of The Marketing Sales Funnel

Dan Keckan

In order to create engaging webinars for your audience while following a successful content marketing strategy, it is essential to determine where your prospects are in the buyer's journey at any given moment. Whether it be the top, middle, or bottom of the webinar funnel you have to guide them through it and eventually get them to convert. B2B Lead Generation Content Marketing Free eLearning eBooks Inbound Marketing Webinar Marketing

In Search of the Perfect Sales Tech Stack (Here’s What’s Working Today)

Sales Hacker

Wondering how other sales teams are working their magic? Sure, their processes and talent have something to do with their success, but so does their sales stack. Namely… What does the perfect sales stack look like? 5 sales activities that can be optimized with tech.

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Does Local SEO Marketing Matters?


Search engine optimization is a process to enhance your business outreach and convert to sales. SEO marketing comes up with numerous benefits. Local Reviews and PR: Local SEO companies have links with PR agencies or bloggers that do influential marketing.

The Top Email Marketing Resources List for Online Course Creators


Email marketing is an essential part of any business’s promotional activity. Bringing four times the return on investment (ROI) compared to any other marketing channel, its effectiveness has put it amongst the top-performing and must-use marketing strategies.

How Do the Big Retailers Turn Black Friday into Serious Sales? 


Here’s how we can take those Black Friday best practices, from retailers who made more than $29 billion (or 20% of their total holiday revenue) over the Black Friday weekend last year, and turn them into messages that we can use more widely in sales enablement success. Sales Enablement

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What is Educational Marketing & How to Use it to Grow with Examples


But when it is combined with marketing, the results are astonishing. If you want to learn what educational marketing is and how can you use it to your benefit, read on. What is Educational Marketing? Why use Educational Marketing? What is Educational Marketing?

How to Create a Pre-Launch Marketing Strategy


OK, that’s two steps in one, but as this is Content Marketing 101 , it should be reasonably familiar. Also, you’ll want to push the idea of this as an “early bird” sale. Give your pre-sales learners a discount, and invite them to be beta testers. Create a sales window to introduce scarcity and drive action. This is what a sales window is all about: if your course is always available at the same price, it’s easier for learners to put off making a purchase.

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Role of L&D in Creating Effective Sales Enablement Strategies


In the age of rapidly changing customer behavior and preferences, businesses are constantly searching for new ways to help sales teams garner leads and acquire customers. Sales enablement technologies” is the current buzzword, signifying the urgency for sales effectiveness. . So much so that between 2012 and 2017, the percentage of companies that have implemented a sales enablement initiative has grown from 19% to 59%. . Why Do Sales Enablement Technologies Fail?

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Top 10 Sales Enablement Tools to Empower your Sales Force


What is a Sales Enablement Tool? A sales enablement tool/ platform provides your sales force with all the resources they need to engage with prospective buyers and increase the chances of a sale. A sales enablement tool should provide useful information that will expedite the sales process and result in positive outcomes, which is, converting a prospect to a client. Here’s more on How to Improve the Sales Process with Mobile Content Delivery.

5 AdWords Marketing Tips for Your Online Course


Marketing on AdWords can help draw in new students and establish your course. If you’re new to AdWords marketing , or if you’re struggling to make it work for you, try these tips to see better results. There’s not much point in restricting your audience if your chance of converting them is just as low as if you were using a broad match. Marketing can be cutthroat. It won’t cost you much for the clicks, but you’ll make it back in sales.

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Why Product Training is Essential for Sales and Customer Support

Infopro Learning

Have you ever talked to a sales rep and asked a question about a product their company sells only to have them stare back at you blankly, fumble over words or look for someone else to connect you with? If this situation has ever happened to you, then you know how much product knowledge training can impact a company’s sales and customer service. Why Sales Training Alone Isn’t Enough. Gone are the days when hard-selling would convert.