PowerPoint: Converting Presentations to HTML5 with iSpring Converter

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 But in iSpring Converter , I have finally found a PowerPoint distribution tool to really like.   Here's what iSpring Converter does. Imagine you want to create an eLearning module in PowerPoint and then distribute it--to everyone (even people on iPads and iPhones). The apparent functionality was created with PowerPoint triggers and actions, which cause the presentation to branch to the relevant slide.   Enter iSpring Converter.

Customizing Training Modules Made Easy With Articulate Storyline – Part II

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In my previous blog, we have seen how Articulate Storyline helps customize online training modules according to your requirements. Here are 5 examples of customized components in online training modules developed in Articulate Storyline. Converting any Slide into a Quiz Question.

5 Best Tools to Quickly Convert ILT Material to E-learning

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When converting your ILT material to e-learning, you consider various aspects such as the format of the training material (micro module or video), the platform on which it will be delivered, whether to build it in-house or outsource, the duration of the course, and the authoring tool to be used.

Simple Ways to Convert ILT Courses to E-learning

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A manufacturing firm wanted to convert its instructor-led compliance training program to an e-learning course. They converted their PowerPoint decks into an online course using Articulate Storyline with a full narration of the text in the PowerPoint slides.

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6 Reasons You Need to Convert Your Legacy Courses

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If you are one of those stewards who started eLearning very early in your organization, I am sure you will be now wanting to convert your legacy courses for one of these reasons. Recently, a manufacturing major in USA, converted 100 Flash courses into Articulate Storyline 2 output.

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Code of Conduct Training – Challenges in Converting Manual Resources to Online Training

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Converting manual resources into e-learning courses comes with its own set of challenges. It is not about converting PowerPoint slides into an e-learning module or posting a recorded lecture online. Converting content that is already out of date will not serve any purpose.

Tips To Convert Your PPT into an Effective Online Learning Course

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One big risk in using “converted” PowerPoint presentations as the basis for online learning is that when a PowerPoint is converted into an online course (with maybe only a quiz at the end), it not only lacks instructional value, but also has a negative impact on learners.

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Making the Move: Converting Training into Online Courses

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If you are an expert in your field and have some great training up your sleeve, why not convert it into elearning courses? Just imagine the frustration of online learners if you push that presentation online, with no further modifications, and all the learners see is slide after slide of bulleted points with no supplemental information or engagement to make them stick to the training. Include short quizzes after each module and end your course with a comprehensive final exam.

The DIY Guide to Converting Existing Content into an eLearning Course

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Those new to creating eLearning courses will find this post useful in answering their questions and providing them with a checklist of things to consider during the process of converting existing content, which goes far beyond simply transferring content to an online format.

6 Essential Steps for Rapid Conversion of Instructor-led Training

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Many assume converting Instructor-led Training (ILT) into eLearning is moving their PowerPoint slides and other training resources online, using authoring tools. Here are six essential steps you must take to convert your ILT into good eLearning courses, rapidly.

The 3 Phase Process to Develop an Online Curriculum in 20 Days

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Recently , one of our clients in the medical device space asked us to convert a PDF file on the documentation norms prescribed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) into an interesting e-learning curriculum. The content under each head was presented as a micro online learning module.

How to Convert Instructor-Led Training (ILT) to E-Learning


Therefore, many companies are considering converting their text-only ILT materials into e-learning modules that feature funnier and more engaging activities such as role plays, quizzes, discussions, etc. It outlines all the necessary ideas, elements and important moments of each module.

Tips for Writing Narration Scripts for eLearning

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We look at which slides actually explain the concept in the best way. This was one of those ‘aha’ moments I had when I first started out designing elearning modules. I felt the text on the PowerPoint slides was really influencing how I designed.

Aligning eLearning Levels of Interactivity with Articulate 360

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Interactivity is the key that keeps the learner’s interest, and assists them in embedding new knowledge once they have completed a learning module. What do they need to be able to ‘do’ as an outcome of this module? Got a great Level 1 interaction you want to include in your module?

Reformat your training sessions to increase their impact


Let’s dive into a valuable example: How to convert live sessions into on-demand course content. . Benefits of converting. Converting the webinar into an on-demand module means you can make the training session available to access at any time.

Responsive Design Tips for eLearning Courses

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They figure they have already done that process once, now all they’re doing is just converting it over to a responsive model. Break down your course into chunks or modules. A good rule of thumb is one concept per module.

Tips for Adapting an In-Person Course to an Online Course


If you have designed and administered successful in-person, Instructor-Led Training (ILT) modules, you may want to convert those classes into online courses to reach a wider audience. Just take your PowerPoint slides and create a separate web page for each slide, right?

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Here’s What Needs to be in Your E-Learning Portfolio

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If that’s the case, you want to create a few sample modules that demonstrate your skills and get the attention of the person reviewing your portfolio. No one wants to look at 60 slides of the same content. Convert one of those types of courses into something interesting.

How to Avoid These Three Pain Points for Online Learning

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Many of them are very basic–consisting of mostly slides, simple graphics, and bullet points. A slide with bullet point content isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, slide after slide of this type of content isn’t the most effective way to engage and teach people.


A Simple PowerPoint Technique to Make Your E-Learning Courses Look Good

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These are courses that look like a bunch of modules that are cobbled together rather a single course. This file demonstrated common issues with many PowerPoint slides: Inconsistent use of design elements. The subject matter expert created boxes on the slides.

5 Types of Course Conversions You Can Do with Articulate Storyline

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Convert Lengthy Courses into Interactive Microlearning Modules. The best way to make good use of your investment in legacy courses is to turn them into microlearning modules. Convert ILT to eLearning . Convert Legacy Courses to HTML 5. Convert Flash to HTML5.

Instructor-Led Material Development Made Easy

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You can convert presentationsto Word documents, but this usually results in inconsistent layouts and formatting – requiring developers to spend extra time adjusting formatting and image sizes. New post Instructor-Led Material Development Made Easy on Obsidian Learning.

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What Is E-learning? – Is It Just a Glorified PPT?

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So, when you convert a classroom PPT into an online course, you must gather the “missing” 50% of the content to ensure the course has a smooth, logical flow. Content in PowerPoint slides is often not organized effectively. What is e-learning?

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7 big opportunities that MOOCs offer corporates

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While corporates are increasingly realising that classroom delivery is not necessarily the most effective pedagogy for employee development, neither is delivering the training in exactly the same way via a webinar or converting the PowerPoint slides into an online module.

Here Are Your E-learning Tips for 2017

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I couldn’t believe how easy it was to take what I built in PowerPoint and easily convert it to an e-learning course. Some of their customers had PowerPoint slide decks and wanted to convert them into courses. It’s one slide and no layers.

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The SME’s Fault - They Think That All Content Is Important

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We succumb to producing long courses (sometimes never deviating) from the SMEs’ PowerPoint slide decks. When thinking of converting content, we often fall back upon our traditional role and knowledge. Let’s review the PowerPoint deck and review the modules and lessons.

Top PowerPoint Tips

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The selection pane displays the objects on the slide. Then I can apply that to the other objects on the slide. This is one of my favorite features because anything you build in PowerPoint with animations, narration, and multiple slides can be saved as a single video file.

Adobe Captivate: Say Hello to Version 7

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Simultaneously record narration, capture screen motion, and synchronize audio with slides and timed objects. Support for GIFT Format Easily convert offline questions into a GIFT format question bank that you can draw on to create quizzes. Import GIFT format questions quickly and conveniently into Adobe Captivate projects to create assessment modules. by Kevin Siegel. In the good old days, software companies released major upgrades to their products every 2-3 years.

e-Learning budgets: Doing more with less


With the help of rapid development tools like Articulate Storyline, a PPT can be easily converted to an e-module – reducing development time considerably. Effects like fade-outs and slide-transitions can be employed to increase visual appeal.

Making The Jump Into eLearning—12 Tips For a Strong Start

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On the other hand, you can add more information in additional modules with regular testing, which is convenient for users. Module access to users can also be made conditional; they can access it after going through previous module or passing through specified assessment.

Top 5 LMSs for 2017

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While it does slide into the UX/UI, it has components that stand alone. Their coaching/expert module is outstanding, although I wish it was included as part of the system, rather than as a separate entity. . One of the very first vendors where you can upload your video and the system automatically converts it to SCORM 1.2. I love information. Knowledge. Insight. Acquiring facts and ideas from one publication to the next.

Text-to-Speech vs Human Narration for eLearning

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Company-wide training modules by an IT Process & Quality Manager at a Large Global Communications Corporation. Company-wide training modules by a Lead Courseware Developer at a Security Products Corporation. But instead of recording themselves against the slides, they used TTS. I don't have a particularly great voice for adding to the slide so that's a factor. The support provided by Speech-Over for modulation and pronunciation is good.

Getting it Right: A 3-Step Approach to Building Your Online Course

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Follow this 3-step approach to convert your ideas and expertise into marketable courses. If you already have the course content written, you can start by writing a short course description, dividing your content into lessons and/or modules, and developing the learning objectives to go along with each section. During this phase, you need to decide which content would go in the course’s slides and the elements that can go well with the content. Interested in teaching online ?

How to Create Wireframes when Making Your Legacy Courses Responsive

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A wireframe is commonly used to specify the content layout of slides and functionality of an e-learning course. They are used early in the development process, to establish the basic structure of a slide before visual design and content are added.

Top 5 LMSs for 2017

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While it does slide into the UX/UI, it has components that stand alone. Their coaching/expert module is outstanding, although I wish it was included as part of the system, rather than as a separate entity. . One of the very first vendors where you can upload your video and the system automatically converts it to SCORM 1.2. I love information. Knowledge. Insight. Acquiring facts and ideas from one publication to the next.

LMS State of Affairs

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It can offer mobile learning with responsive and on/off synch, social with vast capabilities, gamification, curation, LRS or Tin Can, PENS (type of compliance standard), video courses, video converter and much more. Many modules including compensation, recruiting, performance, etc., Consolidation rates continue to be extremely low and hello (newbie) versus goodbye (leave the market) is heavily sliding with “hello” Wild West. 620 and counting. . Learning Systems.

LMS, LCMS, Content Authoring: Exploring eLearning Tools

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For example, discussion forums can be used to encourage debate and collaborative learning when tied to a particular course or module. PowerPoint Slide Presentations.