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The Role of OCR Converters in Digital Publishing

Hurix Digital

Let’s say you want to convert a physical book into a digital format. OCR is a software program that converts handwritten, typed or printed text and images into machine-encoded text. Pen computing. Making scanned documents searchable by converting them to searchable PDFs. The role of OCR converters in digital publishing.

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Going back to iFEST after two virtual conferences

Rustici Software

Be sure to check out our poster, When to Migrate Legacy SCORM Content to cmi5 , which outlines key questions to ask when deciding to convert content and provides use cases of when to put cmi5 into practice. Have your pens and paper ready. This year, we get to return to having a hallway filled with easels and foam boards.

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6 Ways The Speech-To-Print Ebook Feature Helps K-12 Educators


Speech-to-print technology helps in converting audio signals into text data after training them with speech samples from speakers such as politicians or celebrities whose voices are already well-known by users. What is Speech-To-Print? Speech-to-print ebook feature is one of the most effective tools teachers have at their disposal.

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How To Show Your Culture When Virtually Onboarding

Roundtable Learning

Solution: Convert Materials Into Multiple Modalities . By taking the time to convert your content into different modalities such as virtual instructor-led training, eLearning, videos, or others, you can increase the effectiveness of the material. . Read More: Converting Instructor-Led Training to Virtual Learning .

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Self-publishing Checklist for New Authors


Either take a clean break or go through what you have already penned down and introspect on it. Convert it into a PDF and then ePUB files which are compatible with all readers and devices. Authoring a book is not just penning a story. Writing is easy when your creative juices are flowing. Concept Edit. Download Now! Book Cover.

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How to Prepare for the End of the Flash

Magic EdTech

content will be usable if the Flash content is converted to some other technology. . have reached a midpoint in 2019, so companies have a mere six months to convert all Flash content. . have reached a midpoint in 2019, so companies have a mere six months to convert all Flash content. . The answer is yes and no.

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5 Thanksgiving Gifts Your Employees Will Love

CommLab India

A fountain pen for elegant executive writing. This magnificent fountain pen from ZenZoi comes with a gift case and ink refill converter that draws ink directly from the ink bottle. The Planner can be used to manage their time till December 2017. Price : $19.90. Source: