Converted in 40 Days


Andrea joins us as the Vice President of Product Management and will play an instrumental role in defining our product roadmap and future direction. After 40 days of talking with Axonify’s customers and partners, I’m converted. The post Converted in 40 Days appeared first on Axonify.

Simple Ways to Convert ILT Courses to E-learning

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A manufacturing firm wanted to convert its instructor-led compliance training program to an e-learning course. They converted their PowerPoint decks into an online course using Articulate Storyline with a full narration of the text in the PowerPoint slides.

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Converting ILT to eLearning: Benefits and Tips


When I first started as an instructional designer in eLearning, one of the services provided by the team I was on was converting instructor-led training (ILT) to eLearning-based content. Benefits of Converting ILT to eLearning. How to Get Started Converting ILT to eLearning.

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How does customizing of learning help to improve competencies?

Origin Learning

Small focus groups were made to record the past and current roles, expertise, experience, and the availability of people for a designated role. By converting the spreadsheet process into an automated tool, the scope of coverage, search and other functionalities expanded.

State of the Front-Line Manager

say they don’t enjoy the role. The role of a front-line manager can seem. a double handful of different roles like: Coach, resource. Role Findings Executives • 79% believe shortcomings in front-line manager. roles. in role This may seem obvious, but a simple.

Adobe Captivate to Convert PowerPoint Presentations to E-learning

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Many organizations prefer to convert their PowerPoint presentations, used in classrooms, into interactive e-learning courses using rapid authoring tools. Here are the steps: Open the PowerPoint presentation you want to convert to an e-learning course. Rapid e-learning is on the rise 1.

A Step by Step Guide to Convert PowerPoint Presentations to E-learning

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Start converting your existing PowerPoint presentations used in classroom training sessions to e-learning courses pepping them with animations, audio, interactivities, and assessments. Identify all the PowerPoint presentations you want to convert to e-learning and place them in a folder.

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Convert Your PowerPoint Presentations to E-learning With Articulate Storyline

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In my previous blog, we have seen how to convert your PowerPoint presentations to e-learning courses using the rapid authoring tool, Lectora Inspire. This feature of Storyline makes it a widely used tool for converting PowerPoint presentations into engaging and interactive e-learning courses.

The CLO’s Critical Role: Nine Areas for Action

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The 30-question instrument detailed specific areas that define this critical role of the CLO. The traditional roles of designer, developer and facilitator are replaced with performance advisors and consultants. This From the Vault article was published in December 2004 on

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5 Ways Video Role-Play Will Transform Your Training Effectiveness


One technique that deserves particular attention is video role-play; in fact, here are five ways in which utilizing online video coaching can transform your training effectiveness. Role-playing is particularly effective in sales training environments, due to the high-pressure situations reps can encounter. Through video role-playing, these situations can be better anticipated and learned. Video role-playing could be the exception.

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4 Reasons to Convert ILT to E-Learning for Product Training [Infographic]

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Product training is very important as successful sales people play a major role in achieving revenues. Here is an infographic that lists 4 reasons to convert ILT to e-learning for product training.

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Tips To Convert Your PPT into an Effective Online Learning Course

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One big risk in using “converted” PowerPoint presentations as the basis for online learning is that when a PowerPoint is converted into an online course (with maybe only a quiz at the end), it not only lacks instructional value, but also has a negative impact on learners.

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Converting Flash-based E-learning Content to HTML5 Why and How

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This highly flexible software could be used to develop wonderful animations, interactivities of a very high quality including drag and drop, simulations, role plays and so on -it facilitated harnessing the creative powers of online course developers.

Mobile Learning should be more than converting Desktop eLearning to HTML5

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users create a project and then use the HTML5 Converter for Adobe Captivate to convert it into HTML5. In other words, while I think HTML5 will play a big role in how we develop and deploy learning and how our learners will consume those learning experiences on mobile, I think mLearning should be a lot more than just ‘converting’ desktop eLearning to HTML5.

7 big opportunities that MOOCs offer corporates

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Consequently, I envisage L&D professionals playing important roles in both curating and supporting MOOCs for their colleagues. Hot on the heels of my 5 benefits of open badges for corporates , I now present my 7 big opportunities that MOOCs offer corporates.

Converting Browsers into Buyers with Video

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Attract, convert, close – and then you can delight your customers. Video plays an important role along this path and can drive significant results for your business. How can you power engagement, generate leads, and drive sales with video? This can be done by guiding prospects through the buyer’s journey. In order to evolve your content strategy, start with light content first when creating your video campaign, and then grow your campaign from there.

Don’t attempt to convert e-Learning to m-Learning – they’re different.


If used judiciously, it can play an important role in your learning strategy. If you are looking to convert your existing e-Learning content to mobile platform or planning to develop fresh m-Learning content, G-Cube can help you achieve the desired results.

How to convert the toughest SME

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How would you describe each person’s role to a 10-year-old? You want to create an action-packed online experience that revolutionizes learners’ behavior.

Don’t Just Transfer Classroom Training to E-learning – Transform!

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When you convert these PowerPoint presentations as they are, you miss all the activities that facilitate better knowledge transfer, leading to gaps in the content. Conduct a thorough analysis to determine which of these training assets need to be converted to e-learning courses.

Are you playing the role of the Subject Matter Expert instead of the Instructional Designer?

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Clark said: [I] just advised SME on converting to elearning, recommended Clive’s 60 mins , Cathy’s Action Mapping , and my own 7 Step program (of course). See what the role of L & D is.

Converted in 40 Days


Andrea joins us as the Vice President of Product Management and will play an instrumental role in defining our product roadmap and future direction. After 40 days of talking with Axonify’s customers and partners, I’m converted. The post Converted in 40 Days appeared first on Axonify. The following post was written by the newest member of our management team , Andrea Curry.

How to Convert Instructor-Led Training (ILT) to E-Learning


Therefore, many companies are considering converting their text-only ILT materials into e-learning modules that feature funnier and more engaging activities such as role plays, quizzes, discussions, etc.

Engaging eLearning Design

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Consider these ideas: Tell a Realistic Story: Immediately immerse the learner in a story that sets up their role or plays out what happens when the desirable action for the course does or does not happen. Then, connect the dots and show them how it pertains to the content and their role.

Tips For Blended Learning Success In The World Of Corporate Training


Undoubtedly, blended learning changes the trainers’ role into a facilitator. It has to be made clear to them that this evolution of their role is not a curbing factor but a chance to move up with time.

Adobe Captivate: More Power to Quiz Feedback

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

In Adobe Captivate 9, you can convert the interactive and non-interactive objects to multi-state objects and easily add additional objects to the states allowing you to quickly build interactions.  by Dr. Pooja

Storytelling—A Powerful Instructional Technique for Attitudinal Trainings


Also, employees may not perceive attitudinal trainings as directly related to their job roles, performance improvement, or upskilling. But, the big challenge here could be converting the training content into a story.

ILT To E-learning Conversion: Why It Works For Code of Conduct Training!

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But you can make them engaging by converting them to e-learning courses. But, when you convert your ILT CoC training manual to an e-learning course, you save your employees’ time and your training costs too.

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Training for Environmental Education: Can E-Learning Really Make A Difference?


Inform and sensitize the employees about the role of different processes within the organization that contribute in CO2 emissions e.g. Transportation.

Why Learner Personas and Learning Design Go Hand-in-Hand

Bottom-Line Performance

If that’s not possible, make sure someone on your design team has firsthand knowledge of the target – either she has been in the learner’s role in the past or the learners report to her. Experience with the company, within the role: What is representational of your learner?

ILT to E-learning Conversion – How to Get Started?

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For example, if the current ILT training is for 2 days and covers 3,000 employees, converting it to e-learning would result in a cost, as well as time benefit. Every hour of ILT can be cut down to half when you convert it to e-learning.

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Chunking Information to Design eLearning

B Online Learning

How do I convert a large training manual into a short eLearning module? This is where chunking plays a role. This blog post covers a recent online conversation I had with an attendee at one of our eLearning Design Essentials workshops.

The Science of Learning: How To Gain Your Employee’s Attention


The only way to ensure that your learner’s working memory doesn’t discard something important is to convert it to long-term memory by making connections. When new knowledge is connected to existing knowledge, the neural pathways become strengthened and that information is converted from working to long-term memory. Microlearning, or chopping information up into smaller, more digestible “bites,” works because learners can experience, convert, and remember information better.

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Try Asking “Which Games?" Instead of "When Games?"

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In those 10 minutes, we played: Cat and Mouse: a game that illustrated how a simple role switch can completely change our motivations and actions. Provide a safe means of practice or "trying on" different roles and getting learners to view things from different perspectives.

Selling Storytelling in Learning

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“Well, I have a classroom training program I’d like to convert to online. We’ve already got the slides built, so it just needs to be converted to an online format. Is it mostly lecture, or do you have some activities or role plays or anything?”

Non-Profit Organizations Also Benefit From e-Learning – An Insight


Using quick and efficient ways of e-learning creation with rapid-authoring tools, all existing material can be converted into e-format. The LMS can be programmed into recommending suitable learning content as per the learner’s role within the organization.

Growing a Model for Leadership

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Each leadership role in Mindtree is linked to a primary and secondary career track, highlighting key skills a leader displays in a current role as well as skills they aspire to hone as they move to a destination role.

Blended Learning: Different combinations that work


The challenge is to convert it into a usable learning format. Instructors can play the role of moderators, providing the necessary direction for fruitful conversations to take place. Blended Learning is in itself self-explanatory, its all in the name.

Screen Readers and How They Work with Section 508 E-Learning

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Screen readers play an important role in meeting this requirement, by rendering content to visually-challenged learners. They present this information to learners by converting text-to-speech and using sound icons or a Braille output device.

How to Avoid These Three Pain Points for Online Learning

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Talk with your potential audience and find out where the content comes into play with their daily roles. Then convert the bullet points into more meaningful content. Worst case, start with a case study to convert the content into a meaningful story.