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With regard to content I took the opportunity to demonstrate Wimba Create , which in itself would act as nice advertisement for my training session. With Wimba Create in mind and the whole area of producing suitable content, the session touched on outlining the concepts of learning objects and the Scorm recommendations, I did find a very useful cartoon style short video clip SCORM Demystified from YouTube for this.

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Training starts for 2013

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The idea that you are going to require staff to carryout major changes to their existing materials is always likely to induce an expected and to be frank understandable level of reticence, however by using Wimba Create , which will convert materials produced in MS Word into Scorm compliant packages, can pretty much neutralise that. Following my rounds of staff meetings before the end of summer term last, I have this week started to get the training for elearning underway.

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What you don’t need to know about SCORM

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About 5 years ago the company I was working for had a product called Wimba Create and the term SCORM started swirling around in my head again. Wimba Create is an add-on for Microsoft Word and can convert content to a SCORM package that can be used in a learning management system (LMS). by Jonathan Shoaf. The first time I heard the term SCORM was about 10 years ago. I never paid it much attention.


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It all seemed to start off with a request to convert some course options for one of the professional programmes to being fully online, in fact students could in theory even take just the online course as part of professional development anyway, and it was that possibility that raised a whole raft of other considerations. Maybe its just coincidence, well of course it is, but this week seems to have been full of requests and postings coming my way on blended online learning.

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In the third phase of the planned Moodle rollout I will be introducing content design specifically using Wimba Create. The exercise will not simply be on how to create or convert existing Word documents, but equally getting everyone to start thinking in terms of Learning Objects and eLearning for future materials and their long term storage in a content repository; we have been running DSpace for some years now and it will be really rewarding to see it being used in earnest.

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Preparing for elearning the first run

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If you have been following the blog here then you will know that this centres on the use of Wimba Create , in the production of learning objects from otherwise standard materials or handouts produced in Word. The objective of the session was to take a typical class handout and see how it could be converted into a learning object with navigation, embedded videos, an embedded website and various question and answer feedback question types.

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Evolving the E-Learning Experience for the 21st Century

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As aforementioned one company called Wimba already has audio – voice capabilities within their social learning product, so that learners can say their comments on a discussion board and other learners can hear the voice comments rather than read them. Converters. Today, people are using video converters, audio converters – and this is not just your learners using these tools, many people in the e-learning side, do it as well.


E-Learning Innovative Products – They are Out There

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It is automatically converted into a single.SWF file, so you can use it with any 3rd party authoring tool. Wimba Collaboration Suite 6.0 – Live. I love innovation. It is what makes any product or service, aspire to new heights. I especially love it when it happens in the e-learning industry. Our industry is made up into four camps.

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Well Played, Blackboard - elearnspace , July 8, 2010 While Blackboard is unable to write a press release that includes clear statements like “we have purchased these companies&# , I have to give the company credit for the acquisition of Elluminate (and Wimba). Best of eLearning Learning. July 2010. Great stuff again this month. The following are the top items based on social signals.

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link] February 11-12, 2010 Converting and Repurposing Content for e-Learning, eLearning Guild Online Seminar, [link] February 11-13, 2010 American Association of School Administrators (AASA) National Conference on Education, 142 nd , Phoenix, Arizona, USA. link] March 20-24, 2010 Wimba Connect 2010 , Disney Yacht and Beach Club Resort, Orlando, Florida, USA. Clayton Wright just sent me his incredible annual list of eLearning Conferences.