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Benefits of gamification in training


Thanks to the benefits of gamification in training your employees will be able to find again the inspiration and excitement within their online training programs. Gamification in e-learning is not just wishful thinking. Contact us to know the best gamification LMS!

Gamification in Corporate Training – Infographic


By definition, Gamification is the use of game logic and mechanics in non-game contexts to engage and motivate learners in solving problems. Gamification has proven to be particularly effective in the world of eLearning and corporate training. In our latest infographic, we present the latest gamification statistics, gaming techniques and the benefits of using gamification […].

Gamification in Corporate Training

Designing Digitally

If you want to take advantage of gamification, you need to start with the essentials. The definition of gamification is to apply the core concepts of gaming in another context like employee training. Gamification engages employees in a meaningful and direct way within the workplace.

6 Ways to Powerfully Engage and Educate Millennials with Corporate Training

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Well, statistically speaking, the millennials represent 25 percent of the total workforce in the US, and the numbers are rising steadily with each passing year. It would be more effective if the training program could be optimized for mobile.

How Two Businesses Scored Big with Gamification (Case Studies)


Gamification in Simulation Training, the Current Need of the Hour! How McDonald’s got it Right with Gamification ? How the SAP Community Network leveraged Gamification ? The statistics saw a drastic change after deploying gamification.

The Evolving Role of E-Learning in Corporate Training


THE JOURNEY: After publishing our post ‘ E-Learning Forecasts & Trends for 2014 ’ a couple of months ago, we received a thought-provoking question from one of our readers, “How is e-learning faring in corporate trainings around the world with respect to ‘effectiveness’?”

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6 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Gamification In The Workplace


In recent years, gamification has become somewhat of a buzzword. So, what is gamification really all about? Gamification creates opportunities for friendly competition and overall higher achievement by using gaming techniques to boost interactivity and engagement.

8 Corporate Learning Trends in 2017

Enyota Learning

Corporate learning has now become one of the main business elements in organizations that want to focus on employee training. Over the years, corporate training has come far from classroom training. Gamification. So why is gamification here to stay in the list of trends for 2017?

2019 eLearning Predictions – Hype Curve

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Around New Year’s Day each year, we issue our predictions for the top eLearning trends of the coming year. Here is this year’s eLearning hype curve: About the Hype Cycle. How we Built the eLearning Hype Curve. Previous eLearning Predictions on the Hype Curve.

What Are The Real-Life Benefits Of Gamification?

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Why does gamification work? Gamification is effective due to it being a type of behavior enforcement training. Gamification has very little to do with games, and more with the psychology that games use to get us addicted to them. Gamification harbours elements used to gamify an eLearning course, such as points, levels, badges, power-ups, leaderboards and star bars. It is not a magic pill and there are a number of gamified eLearning projects that fail.

3 Ways to Make Gamification Work for Training

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Gamification is classically characterised by gaming elements, such as leaderboards, badges and points, however, despite contrary belief, it is not about ‘making’ games. Essentially, it is about applying these gaming elements in ‘non-gaming’ circumstances, like making gamification work for training. Here are three ways to make gamification work dynamically in your company for successful employee training.

How Can You Combine Mobile Learning And Gamification To Create High Impact Training?

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Mobile learning and gamification are 2 leading trends that are used extensively in online training. Combine Mobile Learning And Gamification For High Impact Training. Similarly, the usage of gamification for serious learning is on a steady increase. Gamification

How Can You Combine Mobile Learning And Gamification To Create High Impact Training?

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Mobile learning and gamification are 2 leading trends that are used extensively in online training. Combine Mobile Learning And Gamification For High Impact Training. Similarly, the usage of gamification for serious learning is on a steady increase. Unlike traditional eLearning techniques, gamification provides a learning environment that is fun to go through, is challenging, and does not appear to be preachy or prescriptive to the learner.

5 predictions about gamification in learning

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Take a glimpse into the future of elearning gamification with insights from some of the leading experts in the field. Following the second annual #gameweek , we anticipate which gamification trends will continue and which will change over the next year.

How to Fireproof your elearning Journey in 2018

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As 2017 draws to a close, many have started to wonder how elearning will shape up in 2018 and beyond. With multiple trends predicting the growth of eLearning industry, online training indeed has a bright future ahead. In simple words, eLearning is powerful. Gamification.

Mobile Learning Strategies For Corporate Training


Mobile learning for corporate training refers to the anytime, everywhere training that is available on mobile devices. It’s right here that effective training and in-depth learning turns out to be crucial. Statistics suggest. – Gamification for better engagement.

Busting 5 Pesky Corporate eLearning Myths


You’ve probably heard repeated at some time or another that there are three kinds of lies: “Lies, damned lies, and statistics” We beg to differ. In this post we’re gonna examine and shoot down 5 pesky corporate eLearning myths.

Playing to Learn: 3 Ways Gamification Engages Employees


When it comes to teaching a new skill or behavior, it doesn’t have to be boring, especially when we include gamification elements. Gamification is the incorporation of game-like features into a non-gaming activity. At CoreAxis, we utilize gamification when creating cutting-edge employee training. Studies have proven that gamification works: not because it makes tedious activities fun, but because gamification increases both employee engagement and knowledge retention.

Neurology Should Drive Corporate Training Design


When it comes to designing engaging and effective corporate training, the best place to start is by looking at how the human brain works – neurology. In this article, Pulse Learning presents four statistics that prove neurology should lead the way for corporate training design. Information transfer and retention in corporate training can be increased by using a combination of complementary delivery mediums in a learning experience. 2014 eLearning survey.

Why you’ll have to work harder at gamification in the future

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An interview with leading gamification consultant Pete Jenkins. “I I live and breathe gamification and apply it to anywhere it can be useful,” says gamification consultant, Pete Jenkins. Do you think businesses and organisations have accepted gamification as a learning technique?

The New Corporate Learning Ecosystem: Coexistence at Work

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Recently, the concept of corporate learning ecosystems has grown increasingly popular — and with good reason. In corporations, audiences are not created equal. Typically, groups tied closely to profit centers are considered essential to serve efficiently and effectively.

The 2018 eLearning Trends You Can Expect To See & What You Need To Know


All customers want their products to keep getting better, and the eLearning industry isn’t any different. On that note, below is what we think are the Top Trends in the eLearning Industry for 2018, which might also be our plan for total market domination, depending on how you look at it.

5 Ways to Utilize E-Learning Games in Employee Training


Simplifying the training experience is pinnacle to both effective learning and knowledge retention. . Gamification in Business. Gamification is a buzzword these days as one of the most popular learning styles for both learners and educators. 5 eLearning Games.

6 Effective Ways To Increase Employee Productivity


By the way, while we focused on monetary compensation in this tip, a kind word and a sign that you appreciate what they do is also an effective way to motivate your employees and increase your team’s productivity.

Employee Engagement: Gotta catch ’em all


A further surprise in the mobile app’s arsenal of record breaking statistics is its ability to transcend age. But these aren’t just any users, this is corporate America. E-Learning Engagement Gamification LearningIt’s 10:00pm on a Tuesday night.

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Which Learning Content Trends Matter Most to You?

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I’ll discuss preliminary statistics at the August 22nd webinar , but we’ll keep the poll open until November 30th, so we can include more responses in our annual trends analysis next January. Gamification. 15) Gamification.

8 Types of Content to Include in Your eLearning Training


Learning management systems are a great way to conduct corporate training and help your staff improve their skills. That’s why it’s important to include several types of content in your training to offer engaging, effective learning opportunities. Articles Course Design eLearning

5 eLearning trends to wave goodbye to today!


The eLearning industry is not safe from changes either. Similarly, instruction and eLearning course design ideas come, stay and move out to make way for new, more effective ones. Are you ready to say goodbye to some eLearning trends?

Engaging Millennials Through Virtual Training


It’s not only advised, but essential that training programs are designed with this statistic in mind as more millennials continue to populate organizations across the globe. Adding as much visual stimuli as possible is also advised, since millennials are hard wired for consuming video, effective infographics and gamification. In order to ensure the knowledge is transferred effectively in the shortest time frame possible, focus on just one concept. According to the U.S.

10 LMS features that you should in an eLearning platform


However, moving deeper into the concepts, we cannot rest on an eLearning platform capable of only teaching the stuff. What is LMS integration for a person, company, corporate, or an organization in 2019? A corporate will look for the features for collaboration and distribution of the courses. Just Google the phrase “LMS software” and you will see thousands of links to different products, services, and articles claiming to offer an eLearning platform or an LMS tool.

How should team-leaders use Micro-learning to train their team?


Therefore, micro-learning proves to be an effective way of imparting learning to your team. “As Micro-learning comes in many forms and has elements of short to-the-point videos, interactive interface, quizzes and assessments, gamification and infographic representation of information.

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Is it Time to Talk About Learner Experience?

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And then there is the statistic that shows that companies that invest in employee training and learning and development initiatives enjoy 24% higher profit margins as against companies who don’t. At eNyota we strive to help deliver eLearning that makes a difference.

5 Major Factors that Contribute to the Phenomenal Growth of E-learning [Infographic]

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E-learning is making quick inroads into corporate training. Related Posts E-learning Development: To Outsource or Not to Outsource [Webinar] How Does Gamification Help Financial Firms Impart Effective Training [Infographic] 6 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Invest in E-learning [Infographic].

mLevel’s Top 3 Learning and Development Lessons Of 2017


Hear from a few of our team members on what they’ve explored about learning, microlearning, gamification, corporate challenges, and more in 2017. That could mean Instructor-Lead Training (virtual or in person) in a workshop, on-boarding class, or eLearning module. It is very likely that that content was also delivered in multiple formats using gamification. That sounds silly but it is exactly what is carried out in corporate America every day.

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Can Training and development be Fun? L&D with Added Engagement

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Although Shakespeare never set foot in the corporate world, he knew a thing or two about the effect of morale on productivity: “A merry heart goes all the day.” You wouldn’t put an athlete in a classroom, lecture them on performance statistics and then expect them to win a gold medal.