10 Astonishing Corporate Training Statistics and What You Can Learn From Each

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This is where corporate training comes into play. In this article, we will show you a different side of corporate training that you might not have seen before. Here are ten amazing corporate training statistics that will blow you away. eLearning Featured Featured Posts

What the Online Learning Consortium’s 2016 Statistics Mean for the Future


Online learning statistics aren’t merely dry facts; they are gusts of wind that blow companies in one direction or another. Statistics help businesses discover whether or not what they are doing is working. A Summary of the Online Learning Consortium’s 2016 Statistics.

Why eLearning Works: 3 Stunning Statistics For 2017


eLearning is one of the single most powerful methods of instruction. We’ve put together a simple list of some of the most stunning eLearning statistics for 2017! eLearning Requires 40-60% LESS Time Spent, Compared To Classroom Instruction. .

How Has The eLearning Industry Affected The World Economy?

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The eLearning industry has impacted the world in several ways, bringing with it an ocean of opportunities to expand, grow and develop. In this article, we'll discuss the positive effects of eLearning on the world economy. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

The (Not So) Curious case of Corporate eLearning


There are multiple benefits that online can offer over traditional corporate learning media: Self Paced - Your employees would really appreciate if they can take a course at their own pace. It can help you re-design trainings effectively.

The Evolving Role of E-Learning in Corporate Training


THE JOURNEY: After publishing our post ‘ E-Learning Forecasts & Trends for 2014 ’ a couple of months ago, we received a thought-provoking question from one of our readers, “How is e-learning faring in corporate trainings around the world with respect to ‘effectiveness’?”

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2019 eLearning Predictions – Hype Curve

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Around New Year’s Day each year, we issue our predictions for the top eLearning trends of the coming year. Here is this year’s eLearning hype curve: About the Hype Cycle. How we Built the eLearning Hype Curve. Previous eLearning Predictions on the Hype Curve.

How Effective are Video-Based Training Courses?


While it’s good that employers provide training for their employees, it doesn’t mean that training is always effective. It’s amazing how the same exact training content is more effective delivered through one method as opposed to another. These statistics speak for themselves.

Gaming in Corporate Training: Asset or Liability for Employees?


In the average workplace, gaming in corporate training is becoming more common. In the article Game-Based Learning for the Corporate World, Lorri Freifeld shared some interesting facts that challenge this perspective. Benefits of gaming in corporate training. LMS & eLearnin

6 Ways to Powerfully Engage and Educate Millennials with Corporate Training

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Well, statistically speaking, the millennials represent 25 percent of the total workforce in the US, and the numbers are rising steadily with each passing year. It would be more effective if the training program could be optimized for mobile.

How to create effective online training courses on a budget

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Demand for online training or eLearning courses is growing at a faster pace than ever. Thus, it becomes very crucial for any online training service provider to develop strategies to develop appealing eLearning courses quickly and cost effectively.

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Gamification in Corporate Training – Infographic


Gamification has proven to be particularly effective in the world of eLearning and corporate training. In our latest infographic, we present the latest gamification statistics, gaming techniques and the benefits of using gamification […]. By definition, Gamification is the use of game logic and mechanics in non-game contexts to engage and motivate learners in solving problems.

8 Corporate Learning Trends in 2017

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Corporate learning has now become one of the main business elements in organizations that want to focus on employee training. Over the years, corporate training has come far from classroom training. Adaptive learning works both ways in corporate training.

Presenting The Current Trends In eLearning


eLearning is the modern education system which copes with the busy lifestyles of the current generation. This article discusses the current trends of eLearning including its pros and cons. The Most Prevailing Trends In eLearning. eLearning is a new era in the learning industry.

How E-learning Can Benefit Companies – Corporate Training

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Today, in the middle of the era of innovation, e-learning takes a prominent place in corporate life. Electronic learning is a new wave in a corporate education, which is mostly regulated by the 70/20/10 rule. Large enterprises have the most effective workers. E-learning for business makes world corporations successful. Online training courses are accessible not only within open sources but also in a corporate life. Corporate libraries.

Numbers Don’t Lie: ROI of Corporate Training


Elearning is a great way to positively impact the bottom line of the company, and there are many options available when it comes to formal training. decisionpulse.com/newsletter/7-leadership-development-statistics-you-should-know. elearning training

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Mobile Learning Strategies For Corporate Training


Mobile learning for corporate training refers to the anytime, everywhere training that is available on mobile devices. It’s right here that effective training and in-depth learning turns out to be crucial. Statistics suggest. Corporate training can be engaging and fun too.

HR Tech and Startups in 2018: The year that was


Referral hiring has also become a preferred route but companies don’t find it easy to run effective referral programs, avers Ashutosh. Corporate Learning Best Practices e-Learning Entrepreneurial Success HR Tech Press corporate training elearning HRTech Startup startupIndia statistics

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Busting 5 Pesky Corporate eLearning Myths


You’ve probably heard repeated at some time or another that there are three kinds of lies: “Lies, damned lies, and statistics” We beg to differ. In this post we’re gonna examine and shoot down 5 pesky corporate eLearning myths.

5 Ways of reducing cognitive load in eLearning


So, for you to create an ideal eLearning environment, it’s best you consider reducing cognitive load. Here are the 5 effective eLearning design tips for reducing cognitive load in eLearning. 5 eLearning design tips to reduce cognitive load.

Neurology Should Drive Corporate Training Design


When it comes to designing engaging and effective corporate training, the best place to start is by looking at how the human brain works – neurology. In this article, Pulse Learning presents four statistics that prove neurology should lead the way for corporate training design. Information transfer and retention in corporate training can be increased by using a combination of complementary delivery mediums in a learning experience. 2014 eLearning survey.

Why Microlearning is Made for Corporate Training

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Microlearning enhances the learning absorption process and retention of the three main forms of corporate training; induction, upgrading skills and multi-skilling. This is why the most effective medium of corporate training is, in fact, microlearning.

Everything You Should Know About Agile eLearning Before Investing

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Agile eLearning is a critical attribute in today’s learning that has been greatly enhanced through technology. In agile eLearning , the content of a given course is created by use of short and iterative cycles that are usually referred to as sprint.

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The New Corporate Learning Ecosystem: Coexistence at Work

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Recently, the concept of corporate learning ecosystems has grown increasingly popular — and with good reason. In corporations, audiences are not created equal. Typically, groups tied closely to profit centers are considered essential to serve efficiently and effectively.

8 Examples Of Video-Based Learning For Corporate Training

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Video-Based Learning For Corporate Training. Let me highlight their impact through some statistics: There are 22 billion daily video views: Snapchat (10 billion), Facebook (8 billion), and YouTube (4 billion). While video-based learning is an extremely effective approach to offer formal training as well as performance support intervention, the passivity of videos can sometimes limit the learning takeaways. The usage of videos for learning is an established practice.

Six Reasons Corporate Organizations Prefer E-learning to Train Their Employees

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E-learning is increasingly becoming an established mode, right from enriching students’ knowledge to trainings across corporate sectors, owing to increased technology and ease of access of the Internet. These statistics show the pace of expansion of eLearning in corporate training.

Gamification in Corporate Training

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Gamification in corporate training is a practical solution that can reduce worker apathy and lead to a better overall connection between employees and the task at hand. ELearning has been shown to be a quicker and more reliable method of learning when compared to traditional training systems.

How to Get the Greatest ROI from eLearning


A number of these company leaders are interested in investing in eLearning, or online learning. What holds them back is the unknown about eLearning’s return on investment. Does eLearning have a good ROI? Measuring the Initial Investment of eLearning. eLearning is not free.

ROI 291

10 Random ELearning Facts You Should Know


One thing that I have come to realize in my years as a learning & collaboration consultant is that elearning is fun, effective, and a great industry to take part in. Below is a list of X elearning facts, and tips, to stimulate your brain – enjoy! 10 ELearning Facts.

8 Examples Of Video-Based Learning For Corporate Training

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Video-Based Learning For Corporate Training. Let me highlight their impact through some statistics: There are 22 billion daily video views: Snapchat (10 billion), Facebook (8 billion), and YouTube (4 billion). How Can You Use Interactive Videos Effectively In eLearning.

Interview with Corinne Sowar: Effective Employee Onboarding


Corinne is a manager and responsible for eLearning and training at Safeway Inc. John: Corinne, you are a manager and responsible for eLearning and training at Safeway Inc. Corinne: I have a position that’s not quite the typical eLearning role. Tips eLearning interview onboardin

8 LMS Requirements For Corporate Training


During the last 10 years, improvements in mainstream eLearning offerings, widespread availability of broadband connectivity and developments in web technologies have helped make eLearning not just a useful educational tool but also an essential part of corporate training.

ILT, Elearning, or MOOC? When to Use Common Training Formats

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Corporate training used to mean one thing: “Here’s an orientation pamphlet and a couple of manuals. Below are some guidelines for when to use traditional ILT, elearning, and MOOCs. Both MOOCs and elearning rely at least in part on people’s ability to learn on their own.

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ELearning vs Live Training by the Numbers


Elearning or live training? In most of my consulting projects, the client usually opts for some sort of blended approach – that is, lower-level content being delivered via elearning and more complex topics delivered via live seminars. Corporate Trainer – $60,000.

Open source in corporate learning – The need to take it seriously.

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The world of learning has been buffeted by the GFC and its after effects. In Australia, as in other parts of the world, corporate training budgets have been cut and any training considered “discretionary” (read non – compliance) is being questioned.