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Top 5 Myths About Corporate Training – Debunked!


When it comes to corporate training, 2021 is calling many traditional ways of thinking into question. Unfortunately, many companies allow a fear of modern corporate training methods to get in the way of deeply valuable, high-quality opportunities for employees to learn new strategies and improve their skills. Quality assurance.

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7 Most Effective Ways to Make Corporate Training Engaging


You must try to make corporate training more engaging by utilizing all these training opportunities as a platform to increase the level of engagement. Top 7 Most Effective Ways to make Corporate Training More Engaging - 1. Use Gamification: In recent years, gamification has emerged as a powerful tool to increase employee engagement.


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Voice-over videos for eLearning: A step-by-step guide


Voice-over is an extremely versatile type of video and can be used on anything from movie trailers to college lectures to, of course, corporate training. Using video for learning is very popular nowadays. So it makes sense to want to include more videos in your training. Why use a voice-over video for learning.

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5 Best Practices of creating an eLearning Video


There are excellent tools out there that will help you reduce your videos as much as possible without compromising the quality. By uploading a low size video with good quality, your learners can even get to download the video for later watch offline. Develop or convert videos to MP4.

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Implementing Safety Training In The Retail Industry Via eLearning

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These risks include damage to the spine due to sitting in the same posture for hours at a stretch as well as manual handling of heavy goods, slips or falls from ladders, fires as well as cuts from tools such as box cutters, among others. Use Storytelling. Use Microlearning.

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How to Plan & Create Effective Employee Training Videos (Step-by-Step Guide)

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How to Get Started with Training Videos for Employees. Final Thoughts on Corporate Video Training for Employees. Training Videos for Employees FAQ. In today’s corporate work culture, you need a way to distribute knowledge with employee training that engages the workforce. Educational Videos for Job Training.

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What Is Mobile Learning (mLearning? +Benefits, Tools)


Benefits, Tools) February 6, 2023 Disha Gupta Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Mobile learning has been around since the early 2000s, but soared in popularity post-COVID when companies transitioned to remote work. Back to Blog Employee Training What Is Mobile Learning (mLearning?