What Makes Scenario-Based Microlearning Content Cutting-Edge?

Dan Keckan

Both scenario-based training and microlearning have been successful L&D strategies that are known to increase knowledge retention and boost employee engagement. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

How To Implement Microlearning In Your L&D Strategy

Dan Keckan

Implementing microlearning in your L&D strategy can be very challenging, but these 4 steps are going to make that road much easier. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.


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Microlearning 101: An Evolving eLearning Trend

Dan Keckan

Microlearning has a promising future in the Learning and Development sphere. It is a highly efficient strategy for anyone looking to improve their knowledge and skills in a short space of time, and organizations can implement it with eLearning and training courses.

5 Microlearning Benefits And Applications L&D Managers Cannot Ignore

Dan Keckan

Microlearning has been gaining popularity recently and for good reason. Microlearning is a strategy that addresses the needs of modern learners. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Agile Microlearning Explained

2THE COGNITIVE SCIENCE BEHIND OTTOLEARN OTTOLEARN COPYRIGHT © 2018 NEOVATION CORPORATION INTRODUCTION Disruptive technologies are critical to growth and success. techniques, deliver an extremely effective adaptive microlearning solution. COGNITIVE SCIENCE BEHIND OTTOLEARN v1.1

Take Corporate Learning To The Next Level With Artificial Intelligence

Dan Keckan

This post was first published on eLearning Industry. eLearning Software Artificial Intelligence Corporate eLearning Best Practices Corporate Learning And Development eLearning eBooks LMS Microlearning

How To Boost Corporate Training ROI Through Microlearning

Dan Keckan

Well, that might not be true in all cases, especially in the eLearning industry. In the latest trends in corporate online training, smaller is often considered a better approach to delivering top-notch training. By boosting your corporate training Return On Investment (ROI) through the microlearning approach in eLearning. In this article, we will explore the different ways to boost your corporate training ROI through microlearning.

ROI 61

The 8 Biggest Microlearning Mistakes L&D Managers Make And How To Avoid Them

Dan Keckan

Learn how you can get the most out of your microlearning strategy by avoiding these 8 common mistakes. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

6 Microlearning Tactics to Include in Your Corporate eLearning


Microlearning is one of the most effective types of corporate training employers can leverage. Whereas traditional training can be draining to some learners, microlearning is a different story. eLearning and Corporate Training microlearning

What Makes Microlearning a Great Corporate Training Solution?

Infopro Learning

As opportunities for career development continue to become a high priority for today’s top talent and as organizations work towards closing skills gaps microlearning is quickly becoming a popular learning solution. Microlearning can also help employees learn the skills they need faster.

5 Examples Of Microlearning In Corporate Training That Boost Learner Engagement And Performance

Dan Keckan

In this article, I showcase how microlearning can simultaneously engage learners and boost performance. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Microlearning Corporate Training Employee Performance Microlearning Examples

Microlearning, xAPI, And Training ROI (And Other Jargon) Is Not A Thing

Dan Keckan

This post was first published on eLearning Industry. eLearning Articles Corporate Learning And Development eLearning Best Practices eLearning ROI MicrolearningAre you desperately seeking to build business credibility for your learning initiatives?

ROI 90

Best Practices to Switch From Instructor Led Training to eLearning

Swift eLearning Services

As new learning… Corporate Learning eLearning Instructor-Led Training digital content development Elearning eLearning course Gamification instructional design strategy Instructor-led training Microlearning Online training scenario-based learning story-based learning traditional ILT method training and development training programs

PPT 84

Custom eLearning: 4 Fundamental Ingredients to Set Your eLearning Content Development on Fire

Swift eLearning Services

They cook the dish of quality eLearning in all formats – custom eLearning, rapid eLearning, mobile learning or microlearning. Whichever may be the eLearning format, the core ingredients they use determine the learner’s appetite for learning. Skilled Instructional Designers are similar to Master Chefs!

eBook Release: Microlearning Strategies For Corporate Learners

Dan Keckan

Microlearning is considered to be one of the most modern and famous eLearning strategies for corporate learners. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

eBook 84

Top Microlearning LMS Software For Corporate Training

Dan Keckan

Those of you on a mission to transform your organization's online learning experiences will find these carefully selected microlearning platforms handy! Microlearning is an eLearning tool that ties really well with mobile learning and gamification.

Gamification + Microlearning: 7 Steps To Deliver Top-Notch eLearning

Dan Keckan

Gamification and microlearning is a great combination in order to deliver top-notch eLearning content. This article familiarizes you with the steps to delivering great eLearning content using microlearning and gamification.

Key Efficiencies In Microlearning Instructional Design

Dan Keckan

Microlearning is one of the most discussed trends in corporate training nowadays. This article aims to explain what microlearning is and provides examples of 4 distinct efficiencies afforded by microlearning Instructional Design as compared to that of traditional training.

How to deliver eLearning content using microlearning and gamification


Microlearning is a holistic learning approach, which involves breaking down your e-learning course content into bite-sized modules, with each meeting a specific learning objective. There are lots of benefits attached to using microlearning to deliver your online training content.

Is Microlearning More Effective Than Macrolearning For Corporate Training?

Dan Keckan

Employees save time at work when completing microlearning training. Microlearning serves as a cost-effective option for companies since evidence suggests that employees would rather learn in shorter bursts on their own time. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

3 eLearning Trends For Corporate Training

Dan Keckan

Technology brings new trends and improvements in all aspects, and eLearning is no exception. There are several eLearning trends of which a few become the norm while a few fade away. Read about 3 trends in eLearning that are dominating the scene.

Trends 100

Key Steps to Integrate Microlearning in Training Strategy


The success of any corporate training is measured by high knowledge acquisition and retention rates. This is the essence of Microlearning. What Is Microlearning And How To Implement It In Corporate Training? Microlearning is taking small steps to win big!

Game-Based Strategies In Action: Microlearning Success Stories

Dan Keckan

Here we will be discussing seven examples where corporate microlearning has played a major role in changing an organization’s learning methods. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Top Custom eLearning Trends 2021 that you Must Know

Infopro Learning

Unlike traditional classroom training, the eLearning approach is more flexible, personalized, cost-effective, and perfectly caters to the training needs of Gen Z and the millennial workforce. Here comes the role of microlearning. Blog Corporate Training Custom eLearning

Custom 350

Improve Your Corporate Training Experience Through Microlearning

Ninja Tropic

Microlearning is changing the way people train in the workforce. Learn How it can make the Corporate Training process much more rewarding. Learn More Now!

The Benefits of Microlearning

Cobblestone Learning

With screentime constantly increasing because of the rise of remote work, corporate trainers are trying to grab employee attention long enough to educate them and ensure the information sticks. The post The Benefits of Microlearning appeared first on Cobblestone learning.

Microlearning: A Harbinger Of Constructive Change To Corporate Training

Dan Keckan

MicroLearning and its benefits in the eLearning process. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Microlearning Corporate eLearning Best Practices eLearning Best Practices Microlearning Best Practices Microlearning Examples

Start this 2019 by the hand of the Top eLearning Companies in India


The Top eLearning companies in India are ready to receive 2019 with new versions of their products and releases of new specialized services for companies that are interested in increasing their workforce and training capacity. We have prepared this list with the companies that we think, are the better options to look for training , content , development , IT solutions or eLearning matters in India. Top eLearning companies in India.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Corporate eLearning


With the eLearning industry projected to reach $350 billio n by 2025, it’s clear that one-off training is a thing of the past. Compare your current strategy with eLearning, and you’ll find ways that it can fit into your L&D for better results and more satisfied employees.

10 Best eLearning Authoring Tools


Corporate eLearning has grown by an impressive 900% in the last 16 years. The global eLearning market is projected to reach $325 billion by 2025. These numbers indicate only one thing – the eLearning industry is only gaining ground with time. Responsive eLearning.

When To Use Microlearning: 6 Microlearning Examples And Learning Modalities To Leverage Your Learning

Dan Keckan

Microlearning isn’t a silver bullet. This article clarifies some circumstances in which microlearning may be the ideal option. Equally important, it considers some situations in which microlearning may not be the best choice. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

7 Signs That Your Microlearning Library Needs An Overhaul

Dan Keckan

Is your microlearning online training repository still suitable for your modern workforce? In this article, I highlight 7 signs that your microlearning library needs an overhaul. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

20 Microlearning Examples

Ed App

Microlearning is sweeping the world of learning and development. Here are some fantastic implementations of great microlearning. Below are some of the EdApp Instructional Designers ’ most effective microlearning examples. Start Building Courses Using EdApp Microlearning Examples.

8 Creative Ways To Incorporate Microlearning Into Retail Online Training

Dan Keckan

This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Microlearning Corporate eLearning Best Practices Microlearning Best Practices Microlearning Examples Sales EnablementAre sales slow and customer satisfaction scores dropping?

Why Microlearning is Essential for Training


Don’t be fooled by the small size of microlearning. Its uses range from K-12, to continuing education, to corporate training. Blog Elevate Microlearning elearning LMS microlearning trainingIt is a giant in L&D.

Microlearning: The Emerging Instructional Design Strategy in Elearning

Swift eLearning Services

Corporate Learning eLearning Frontpage Article Microlearning Mobile Learning bite-sized learning corporate learning eLearning return on investment instructional design strategy learner engagement micro-learning mobile learning modern learners ROIDo microleaning approach have a control over today's millennials workforce with better learning retention and higher completion rates?

Top 4 Proven Instructional Design Strategies to Enhance eLearning for Corporate Training

Adobe Captivate

And the same applies to eLearning design for corporate training. eLearning when designed correctly with sound instructional design strategy has the potential to bring organizational excellence with a positive eLearning ROI. ” For instructional designers, designing eLearning content that keeps the learners engaged throughout the course is a challenging part. How to create Story-Based eLearning? Microlearning – Providing Just-In-Time Performance Support.

Microlearning: The Pocket-Sized Giant In eLearning Development

Dan Keckan

Let’s explore what microlearning has to offer corporate training and take a closer look at the different microlearning assets that can be leveraged for various training types. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

5 Ways You Can Use Microlearning In Corporate Training

Dan Keckan

When microlearning began to be viewed as a useful methodology to be applied to increase retention during online corporate training, many believed that it was just a fad, and it would soon become obsolete when it failed to provide results. But as we now know, not only has microlearning being proven to be an effective addition to any organization’s corporate training, it is also one of the top trends in eLearning for 2019.

When And How Should Organizations Use Microlearning?

Dan Keckan

However, microlearning isn’t a magic bullet—it's just one digital learning strategy, albeit a very useful one in the modern-day scenario. Like all strategies, microlearning has to be used in a certain way and only in certain moments of a learner’s learning journey to get the most out of it.