When Are Different Corporate Learning Methods Most Appropriate?

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An exciting feature of supporting corporate learning in our time is the variety of methods and techniques we have at our disposal. From traditional training to online courses to learning in the flow of work , each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Microlearning.

Corporate learning and development with the help of microlearning

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These days companies are transforming digitally where employees their actual learning after being employed, for which they develop skills, required for finding and retaining knowledge because the work environment changes very quickly. Informal learning with microlearning.

Top 10 Predictions for Corporate Learning in 2019

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The world is undergoing transformations and so are the methods to learn, especially in the corporate setting. Previously, the corporate mindset was all about providing work-related training to the employees and getting work out of them. Gamification in learning.

Modern Microlearning Learning Examples For Effective eLearning

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Microlearning has gained huge popularity in the Learning and Development industry. But do these short nuggets of learning content actually work? Here are 4 best-practice microlearning examples and our tips on how to make your microlearning-based learning effective. Microlearning Corporate Learning And Development Microlearning Best Practices Microlearning Examples Modern Learners

Agile Microlearning Explained

Personalized training is a powerful and effective approach that assesses an individual’s. 2THE COGNITIVE SCIENCE BEHIND OTTOLEARN OTTOLEARN COPYRIGHT © 2018 NEOVATION CORPORATION INTRODUCTION Disruptive technologies are critical to growth and success. learn and achieve mastery.

Significant Signs To Measure The Effectiveness Of Microlearning For Your Corporate Training Strategy


Today, microlearning has set a niche as one of the hottest topics in training the new-age learners. It has been adopted as the latest approach to employee training, resulting in a major shift of learning & development landscape. Manage Learning to Align with Training Needs.

Millennials Are Terribly Unhappy With Corporate Learning (This Is Why)


Right this moment, however, 70% of millennials are unhappy with the way corporate learning is done. . Just as how our tastes in food and entertainment have changed over the decades, so too have learning needs. YES to Mobile Learning . YES to Microlearning .

What Are The Features Of Corporate Microlearning And Who Is It Good For?

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Microlearning is no longer just a passing trend in eLearning and has become a tried, tested and true method to educate learners efficiently in corporate eLearning. Microlearning Corporate Learning Best Practices Microlearning Best Practices Microlearning Examples

8 Corporate Learning Trends in 2017

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Corporate learning has now become one of the main business elements in organizations that want to focus on employee training. Over the years, corporate training has come far from classroom training. Today’s learners have moved beyond just a passive learning experience.

Microlearning Trends To Adopt In 2019


As microlearning-based training moves to center stage, I outline what is driving its rapid adoption. In this article, I also share microlearning trends in 2019, and how you can leverage them to boost employee performance. Discovering All About Microlearning Trends In 2019.

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Corporate Learning: Make It A Daily Habit In These 5 Ways


Do you find it difficult getting an organisation to learn something new every day? Do corporate learning initiatives fizzle out after a while? How can we make corporate learning a success? . Effective corporate learning begins with adopting a digital mindset.

Top 6 Benefits Of Microlearning Explained And Why It's Effective

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Find out the top 6 benefits of microlearning, and why it's becoming increasingly popular. We explain the approach of microlearning's technique—and why it's an incredibly effective way of learning, retaining, and applying new knowledge through repetition. Microlearning Corporate Learning Best Practices Employee Training Micro Learning Best Practices Micro Learning Examples

5 Steps to a Successful Corporate Learning Program

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A successful corporate learning program must be made up of various interdisciplinary components for a holistic approach to an effective employee training strategy. We have laid out five steps to drive your corporate learning program to success. Setting out a path on which employees can reach specific goals on the way sets up your workforce for a motivated approach to employee learning for personal and professional growth.

6 powerful examples of companies that are revolutionizing corporate learning


Learn how a retailer, grocer, distribution center, contact center, pharmaceutical firm, and financial institution are modernizing learning at their organizations and driving real business results. We’ve spent a few weeks now talking about the concept of modernizing corporate learning through our webinar and blogs series. For instance, earlier this month you learned that in order to remain relevant and competitive, organizations must begin to modernize learning.

LearnTrends: Microlearning

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These are my live blogged notes from Janet Clarey’s LearnTrends session on Microlearning. Official description: Microlearning: Beyond Learning Objects and Just-in-time Performance Support. The need and pressure to learn continually, coupled with limited time available to learn, make new digital media viable for professional development. Let’s discuss how microlearning might address the realities of learning in a digital age.

Reducing Corporate Learning Costs with a Blended Learning Approach

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CLOs and learning directors from all industries have achieved tremendous savings with blended learning. Understand the basics of blended learning, and you can, too. What is blended learning? The case study below is an example of distributed blended learning.

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The Brain Science Behind Scenario-Based Microlearning

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From a learning science perspective — the marriage of psychology and brain science — the goal of corporate learning and development platforms is lofty. The Prevalence and Effectiveness of Microlearning for Hard Skills Training. Scenario-Based Microlearning.

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Have We Forgotten What Microlearning Means?


Let’s take a walk around the modern corporate learning ecosystem. Think gamification, adaptive learning or, more recently, machine learning). It’s time to set the record straight on one of the more malicious examples: microlearning. Microlearning in practice.

This Is Why Microlearning Tools Are The Future Of Learning


New microlearning tools are changing the way we receive and deliver information. What Makes Microlearning Tools So Great? We already know that millennials are unhappy with corporate learning. Corporate training is difficult.

The Brain Science Behind Scenario-Based Microlearning

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From a learning science perspective — the marriage of psychology and brain science — the goal of corporate learning and development platforms is lofty. The Prevalence and Effectiveness of Microlearning for Hard Skills Training. Scenario-Based Microlearning.

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Microlearning Madness: 25 Great Resources

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Over the last five to ten years, corporate learning professionals have scrambled to engage their learners in an increasingly digital world. Recently, these learning trends and delivery methods have converged to make a new trend, microlearning , possible.

The First Rule Of Microlearning

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Microlearning is getting rave reviews as the next “big thing” in Learning and Development, but what are the rules of the road for its design and implementation? The "first rule of microlearning" is a springboard for articulating effective practice of this evolving instructional approach. Microlearning Corporate Learning And Development Instructional Design Tips Micro Learning Best Practices Micro Learning Examples

Improving Employee Engagement with Effective eLearning Solutions

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Learning is not a one-time event or a periodic luxury. Great leaders in great companies recognize that the ability to constantly learn, innovate, and improve is vital to their success. – Does your Organization Have a Learning Strategy?

Finding The Best Microlearning Methods For Your Team


By now, you’ve probably heard of how microlearning is shaping up the future of learning and how much your team can benefit from it. You can try a variety of different microlearning methods and see how your team responds to them. Microlearning Methods.

4 Ways Your Corporate Learning Content Can Be Better


Running your company’s learning programme? You probably need a lot of learning content. Limited resources and a small team size are likely to be some of a learning manager’s biggest pain points. Learning should never be intimidating.

Make Corporate Learning Entertaining with These Gamification Examples

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Gamification is an eLearning strategy which utilizes game mechanics and dynamics in eLearning courses, essentially turning them into a fun-filled, entertaining learning experiences! Here’s why you should make corporate learning entertaining. Studies have shown that almost 80% of individuals who participated in gamified eLearning courses believed that it would help them learn better and be more productive. EdApp Gamification gamification microlearning

Megatrends in MOOCs: #4 Microlearning Paths

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In the previous article, I explored how corporate training is moving away from seat-time and toward competencies. This larger picture here is not just a shift in how learning is measured, but an entire re-visioning of what effective training looks like.

What Suffices Microlearning Training?

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Microlearning training is learning acquired through the release of information in small bursts, with lessons designed to be consumed in a few minutes. To sweep away the distractibility in the process of learning, microlearning training is a savior for learners. Why Is Microlearning Training Effective in a Corporate World? Microlearning training is more suitable for every employee from higher level executives to new graduates.

Microlearning: The Emerging Instructional Design Strategy in Elearning

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Microlearning is an emerging instructional design strategy and has been a buzzword both in eLearning Industry and Learning & Development landscape. In this blog, we will dive deep into microlearning to find its characteristics. What is Microlearning?

Is Micro Learning Shaping the Future of Corporate Learning and Development?


This is one of the key reasons why microlearning is the preferred choice nowadays. What is microlearning? Well, microlearning is all about offering small and digestible morsels of information to learners so that it is retained for long. Learning & Training

What's really ready for prime time in corporate learning?


We can imagine implementing machine learning, chatbots, Virtual and Augmented Reality, the list goes on. However, the organizer made a comment that stuck with me, to the effect of “to you it’s old, but to many it’s still new”. The outcomes are better effectiveness and efficiency.

How Microlearning Helps Companies Become Competitive

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The corporate training market is valued to be around $130 billion worldwide. This market is slowly being disrupted with corporates moving from traditional Learning Management Systems towards digital learning tools. A recent Deloitte research among HR and business professionals gave the corporate L&D a Net Promoter Score of -8. Employees today are looking for five minutes of training at a time to reflect on the learning.

Transform corporate learning through e-Learning tools


Involve me and I learn. . – Benjamin Franklin. .

4 most effective corporate applications of micro-learning?


Everyone knows what microlearning is, it a more focused bite-sized learning to achieve specific objectives. But often, micro-learning is incorrectly implemented leading to undesirable outcomes for the course. The best fit cases for microlearning in a corporate environment are.

4 ways to maximize microlearning effectiveness


4 ways to maximize microlearning effectiveness. The concept of microlearning makes sense. However, whether it is for use in the academic environment or corporate training, there are certain strategies and elements that make microlearning programs successful.

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Have We Forgotten What Microlearning Means?


Let’s take a walk around the modern corporate learning ecosystem. Think gamification, adaptive learning or, more recently, machine learning). It’s time to set the record straight on one of the more malicious examples: microlearning. Microlearning: What is it good for? As one of the early innovations in the corporate eLearning space, microlearning was one of the first victims of gross mishandling. Microlearning in practice.

9 Experts Explain Why eLearning Success Depends on Microlearning


Well, you should go for microlearning because it drives knowledge retention and improves performance. We asked 9 eLearning experts to share their opinion on why elearning success depends on microlearning so that course creators and instructors understand this approach and reap the benefits.

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