Mac memories

Clark Quinn

As context, I was programming for the educational computer game company, DesignWare. So I lusted after bitmap screens and mice, and the Lisa (the Mac predecessor). When the Macintosh first came out, however, I couldn’t justify the cost. I finally justified the purchase of a Mac II to write my PhD thesis on. My family is now also on Macs. This year is the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh, and my newspaper asked for memories.

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Taco Mac Secures Fifty Spots in NRAEF Apprenticeship Program


The program, in partnership with the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), is designed to help employees who want to become managers develop their talents and skills while working—an earn while you learn program. Supervisor micro-learning program. “We

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Podcasting Equipment Setup and Software I use on the 10-Minute Teacher


This means that if you choose to buy I will be paid a commission on the affiliate program. However, this is at no additional cost to you. IT Coaches and Directors Librarians Mac Podcasting Teachers Tech Tips Tools Web Tools Windows-PC

Recording Skype and Google Hangout Video Calls

TechSmith Camtasia

First, recording video and running programs like Google Hangouts and Skype need lots of computer processing power. A good microphone doesn’t have to cost thousands or even hundreds of dollars.

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How to Identify the Best Employee Training Software for Your Needs

WalkMe Training Station

The question is, why would you do that when there are so many great software programs out there that can enhance your training sessions, save you time and money, and help you get better results? Some employee training software is created only for specific operating systems, such as Windows only or Mac only. You may decide at some point to upgrade your computers and switch from Windows to Mac (or vice versa), and you don’t want to have to change out your software also.

A Brilliant PowerPoint Tip for Enhanced Custom Graphics

eLearning Brothers

The only draw back is that you don’t have complete control over every aspect of the graphic as compared to software programs such as Adobe Illustrator. The process on a PC is a little different to the process on a Mac, so I will take you through both.

The 33 tools we use to run our remote business

Trajectory IQ

Spark  — personally, I use Spark as my Mac mail client instead of Apple mail. It’s cost effective, pretty reliable, and lets us record calls for future review. A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend who was recently promoted to a C-level position at his company.

5 Screencasting Tools for Online Learning

DigitalChalk eLearning

ScreenFlow for Mac users, easily records your screen and features great video editing options when you need to create a professional video for your online course. Screencast-O-Matic is free for Windows or Mac users.

Things to Consider Before Investing in eLearning Development Tools

Hurix Digital

Online courses are increasingly supplementing traditional instructor-led courses both in educational institutions and business organizations because they help to reduce administrative costs and classroom rentals. and operating systems such as Windows and MAC. Overview.

Tools and Tips for Transcribing Videos Faster and Easier

TechSmith Camtasia

The following transcription programs have limited free versions with affordably priced upgrades: Express Scribe by NCH Software (Mac or PC). InqScribe (Mac or PC). For example, you might tell the program to expand “tsm” to “thanks so much.”

Creative screencasting

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

A screencast is a classical way of explaining computer programs and software. with paid software programs. If you make sure you don't need to edit, it costs a lot less time to produce a screencast. Screencasting software There are many different screencast recording programs.

DiscoverLink Awards Winners of Best Custom Login Page and Success Story of the Year


Out of six stories submitted, the DiscoverLink team selected three finalists, including Taco Mac, Rubio’s Coastal Grill, and Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group (LVRG). Taco Mac secured 20% of the available restaurant apprenticeship spots and $50,000 in grants for the inaugural year.

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What is Elearning?


This machine allowed educational establishments to deliver programmed education to their learners, however the first computer based program for teaching wasn’t introduced until 1960. Employees have to spend less time away from the office which means reduced travel costs.

Software Training Labs in the Modern Enterprise


Many organizations have built training programs around interactive labs. Some students will access the training platform from a PC, but others will inevitably prefer to use a Mac, Chromebook, or some other device.

How to Prepare for the End of the Flash

Magic EdTech

In a former life as a product of FutureWave Software, Flash was known as SmartSketch, graphics editor pen computing on the Mac. Developers first discovered how to use Flash to build interactive websites and then the program evolved to using it to build games, movies, and experiences.

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Desktop and Cloud-Based Authoring Tools: A Clash of the Titans

CommLab India

As training managers and SMEs, we are often involved in discussions with e-learning developers to choose the right authoring tool for our online training programs. Cost-Efficiency. For every upgrade or new version, an additional cost of purchase is involved.

Differences between CBT and WBT

CommLab India

These days, smart CBT and WBT programs have made learning highly focused and effective. From educational institutes to corporates, such training programs are being used everywhere. CBT makes use of special training programs which are delivered using computers.

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Why Author eLearning Content to Industry Standards?


At OpenSesame, we receive inquiries from subject matter experts and content authors who have developed training programs but are unsure about how to monetize them in the today’s online world. Course building tools on these platforms are available without cost but not without limitations. Articulate has a variety of tools for Windows or Mac users who are willing to take a few extra steps. Additionally, there are some open source products available at no cost.

Reformat your training sessions to increase their impact


My advice is to balance convenience and cost. Instead you could buy a decent microphone, at a cheap cost, for best results. If you use a Mac, you can use Quicktime or iMovie. For Windows users, you can trim videos with a host of free programs.

How to Record Google Hangout Video Calls

TechSmith Camtasia

Record Skype meetings and Google Hangouts (Windows/Mac). Mac: Record your Screen with Snagit. First, be mindful that it takes a lot of computer processing power to record video and run programs like Google Hangouts at the same time.

Snagit vs Camtasia: Which Screen Recording Software is Right for You?

TechSmith Camtasia

This is priceless when you’re trying to capture online maps, interestingly-shaped images, and nested tables commonly seen in programs like Excel. When you hire an outside company, the average cost for a 60-second explainer video is $7,972 ?

Make eLearning for the iPad for FREE

eLearning Weekly

Because the Mac iOS doesn’t support Flash, many of my colleagues haven’t been able to take advantage of the best elearning tool ever: the iPad. My app did not cost that much ($7,000 developed in 2010 and $4000 for upgrades in 2011). Still, even those costs are not readily available to many training teams. There are many tools for doing the small bit of work involved, but I will focus on the easiest method I know, using the word processing program on my computer.

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6 Essential Tools for Creating an Awesome Online Course


It costs $15 per year for the full-featured product, which has the watermark in the corner removed. It will cost you, but it’s a must-have, and one the online course creation tools which successful course creators prefer. If you have a Mac, iMovie is feature-filled and free.

E-Learning 101: Straightforward Answers to Fundamental Questions—Part 2

ATD Learning Technologies

I am not aware of any plans for a Mac version. However, many Storyline developers (including several at Artisan) successfully use Storyline on a Mac using a Windows emulator, such as parallels. If you are looking for a Mac-specific authoring tool, then I would recommend Adobe Captivate.

The Complete Guide to Lecture Capture

TechSmith Camtasia

Whether they have a Mac or PC, iOS or Android device, the content should always be readily available. Licensing and support costs. The more sessions a student misses, the more likely they are to drop a class or even drop out of the program. What is lecture capture?

The Top 10 Most Used Online Employee Training Tools: Part 1


What’s a little more difficult however is picking the right tools to help you with course design, content creation, learning assessment and all the other tasks you need to run a successful eLearning program.

85+ Top Tools & Resources for Course Creators


Another excellent choice that plays well on both Mac and Windows. iMovie is the iconic tool for Mac – for all apple mobile devices, offering unique features including studio quality titles, extra special effects, filters, built-in music and voiceover. Final Cut Pro is also a tool for Mac only, offering advanced features such as editing, audio, motion graphics, a VR headset playback, advanced color grading and built-in controls to create, edit and deliver closed captions.

LearnBrite and Microsoft: A Match Made in Virtual Reality Training Heaven


With other programs, browser choice matters. You can walk through, interact with materials, and chat with bots all programmed to instill essential knowledge. When considering ROI for your company, hardware costs are often at the top of the expense list.

There's more to learning than a quiz

Clive on Learning

Luckily, they are usually so cheap that you can afford to take a gamble - it cost me 59p to test out the marketing claims in this case. For the iPhone and iPad that means programming in Objective C on a Mac.

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Open Source Web Conferencing Solutions – FREE

eLearning 24-7

No license fee, even though it is integrated into your solution, no extra cost – since it is integrated with your solution. Xmeeting - video conferencing, offers built in PIP (Picture in Picture), address book – MAC only. Bosco’s Screen Share - just a screen share program, open source. Linphone - VOIP, works with Mac, Windows and Linux.

DevCorner: The Keyboard Layout Less Traveled

TechSmith Camtasia

QWERTY keyboards are largely a hangover from the mechanical typewriter days when jamming was a problem to be avoided, even at the cost of 20x the mileage on your hands. Programming, which requires careful thought and makes heavy use of symbols, was even more difficult.

How to Train Your Customers

CLO Magazine

” The Business Case for Training Customers Companies take different approaches to training customers or business partners, but Leh said employers looking to train external audiences generally have one of four goals: trimming the time or cost for launching products, reducing dependence on help desks, building brand awareness and generating revenue. ” Werner, which makes ladders and climbing products, offers free online training programs to its customers.

How to Start and Grow a Podcast and Build an Online Course Empire with Joe Casabona


” I have stats about who my listener is, how often the show gets download … downloaded, and then I sell on the cost per acquisition. Most big podcasts will talk about CPM, or cost per milli, which is cost per thousands of downloads.

What Online Video Platform is Most Popular for Screencasts?

TechSmith Camtasia

Your video will need to reach a pretty high threshold of watch hours and subscribers to be eligible for their Partner program. You never need to worry about additional cost (or problems) if your video goes viral – its top ten videos (9 of which are music videos) have billions of views.

The Complete Guide to Lecture Capture

TechSmith Camtasia

Whether they have a Mac or PC, iOS or Android device, the content should always be readily available. Licensing and support costs. The more sessions a student misses, the more likely they are to drop a class or even drop out of the program. What is lecture capture?

Using Silverlight/Expression Blend for eLearning Development

Upside Learning

With the growing popularity of Flash for elearning, many elearning vendors developed their Rapid authoring tools which were aimed to publish Flash based elearning content without requiring major programming. How to Develop Cost Effective Game Applications for the iPhone.

FlipCon14 – It will be out of this world!

TechSmith Camtasia

With over 75 hours of total programming, you won’t be able to say that FlipCon14 isn’t “over the moon” this year. When you register, specify Mac or PC, because TechSmith is once again providing screencasting software at no cost.