Is Your Cloud-based LMS the Ideal Platform to Train Employees?

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Highly Cost-Effective: A cloud-based SaaS LMS is more cost-effective because the cost is based on the user-metrics, i.e. the number of users actively using LMS via the online portal. The privacy of the data of every user is ensured through encryption.

Delivering Online Training Securely


Moving your training online can dramatically reduce your costs and make training more convenient and enjoyable for your trainees, but it can also introduce concerns about security. Course Development E-learning Employee Training engineering mindflash security privacy security

How Docebo LMS is Compliant With GDPR


While there’s a ton of info available about GDPR itself, it’s important as an LMS user to know how your learning activities could be impacted by this unprecedented data privacy regulation. The GDPR introduces also the of the concepts ‘ Privacy by Design ’ and ‘ Privacy by Default ’.

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Breakthrough eLearning: Compliance Training: Going Through the Motions

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There is a raft of health and safety, environmental, human rights, privacy, and financial reporting guidelines that must be adhered to, and training is seen (and often legislated) as a key component to remain "in compliance."

3 Critical Questions To Ask A Learning Technology Vendor


SaaS solutions are often more cost-effective because they eliminate the need for: Dealing with infrastructure provisioning. Ensure your vendor regularly undergoes independent verification of security, privacy, and compliance controls and has achieved certifications against global standards.

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Do Virtual Workspaces Mean the End of the Traditional Office?


Originally designed to give workers in open-office settings a sense of space and privacy, cubicles, originally called “action offices,” soon became a means to cram more middle managers into smaller spaces. Consequently, companies could recover costs quicker than if they built offices.

Learning Analytics: A great boost for creating Learner Centric eLearning


Managing data privacy, security and associated cost is also a challenge. I am sure you already know about ‘analytics’. This term has been creating a lot of buzz for the past few years.

How to choose the right type of LMS for your organization


Whenever companies take into consideration buying a LMS for the first time or replacing the old one, there is an overwhelming amount of details to take into consideration. Read more: When it’s time to let go of an LMS.

What You Can Expect When Asking a Vendor for Client References

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Relevant questions may touch upon the responsiveness of technical support, any unexpected uptime disruptions, how often the vendor makes updates to the system, cost increases upon renewal, etc. Here’s why: Client privacy. Rather, it’s in respect for the client’s privacy.

Managing Minds in the Workplace While Big Brother is Watching

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In an attempt to increase productivity and lower costs, companies are installing technology that monitors and controls employee behavior. However, the tools could also be used to spy on employees and collect data about them violates their privacy.

WhatsApp For Learning?

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No user IDs, no passwords- just the benefits of messaging, at a fraction of the cost. Would that be too much invasion of privacy? You probably say “WhatsApp” just as often as you’d ask someone “What’s up”. Or may be even more. WhatsApp hardly needs an introduction.

Gamification In Learning

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Gamification is not ‘gaming’, we needn’t create digital games costing thousands of dollars and hours to benefit. They are less concerned about privacy, share openly, and are mostly mobile.

Host Your Corporate Training Videos on Your LMS – Why & How

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Ensure the privacy and confidentiality of organizational information. It has better streaming features and costs are based on the usage. These video hosting providers have their own security and privacy features, so your training videos are hosted in a secure place.

Paradiso brings you the best Multi-Tenant LMS Feature


Privacy between LMS tenants. Lower cost of operation and an effective & affordable solution for organizations. You got an LMS and you realized that you have more than one group of users and you need different content, features, and roles for each of them.

3 Tips To Achieve Effective General Data Protection Regulation Training


In the scramble for compliance , it is important not to lose sight of what GDPR really is: A privacy law that aims to protect European Union citizens as their data is handled, even if processed offshore. Privacy and confidentiality obligations that apply to those processing personal data.

How Big Data Will Shake Up eLearning


One-to-one coaching and active use of big data offers the best combination to deliver a personal learning experience that is just as effective as costly one-to-one training while being available 24/7.

GDPR: Docebo is ready – are you?


In an effort to harmonize its data privacy laws, the European Union (EU), after lengthy negotiations, in April 2016 finally adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”, EU regulation 2016/679), which will come into force on May 25, 2018.

Is Blockchain the Future of eBook Distribution & Sales?

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These include network integrity, distributed power, value as incentive, security, privacy, rights preserved and inclusion. Challenges include lack of clarity on regulatory status, as well as the need for massive computing power with tight security, privacy, and controls.

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Ethical Issues with Learning Analytics


Location & interpretation of data, informed consent, privacy, classification and management of data are some issues that still lack a a solution as of now. Let’s take a look at some of the most pressing ethical issues with learning analytics today: Privacy: Questions like who has access to data, if it is in safe hands, and how students can access their data are pertinent to the privacy concern of learning analytics.

Top Benefits of a Healthcare LMS

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The LMS provides the foundation by which healthcare facilities can organize learners and groups, training courses and materials, track learning progress and improve the overall learning experience – all while reducing administrative costs.

4 Reasons a Compliance Manager Changes Their Compliance Training Program

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The costs of noncompliance can be staggering. When executed effectively, e-learning can be an efficient and effective way to improve performance and decrease costs. As technology evolves, modern workplaces are changing too.

Using Video in eLearning

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Realistically, we understand that not all organizations have the budget or the timeframe for creating a professionally edited video (these can be costly and time-consuming). That doesn’t necessarily mean that they should cost a fortune. Video is a learning game changer.

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7 Reasons the Death of the Custom LMS Will Never Happen

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Custom-developed applications are high cost, slow to get to market and have ROI challenges that don’t hold up to “out-of-the-box” solutions.

Why is Compliance so Hard? And Why it Doesn’t Have to Be!

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Non-compliance can result in hefty fines, seizure of company assets, litigation costs, jail time or even forced closure. From import and export rules to customs declaration, GDPR, food-safety and product quality – failing to meet any regulatory compliance requirements can further drive costs and impact share price, analyst opinions, and customer sentiment. With the cost of non-compliance pegged at 2.65

Big Learning Data

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Collecting data through interviews with learners’ managers, for example, costs more but yields more data. • Privacy, security and transparency issues : Strategic, legal and codes of conduct elements. • Values sensitive : Alignment to an individual’s beliefs about privacy, openness and individuality. • Privacy : Organizations may want to define areas where privacy levels are different.

Making Spectacles of ourselves

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Well, it failed largely because of two factors - it looked ridiculous on the wearer, and it cost a lot of money, even in its development stage. As with any other wearable technology that captures and shares images and video, there are issues around privacy and misuse.

Why Hospitals are Switching to Virtual Training Software to Deliver EMR Training


These challenges included absence of computer skills, time, training, cost, technical support, workflow disruption, and security/privacy concerns. The Institute of Medicine study found that physicians were extremely concerned about costs.

Benefits of a Mobile-First LMS Platform in Employee Training

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Needless to say, this also translates in cost savings for the company in terms of travel and accommodation costs. All of these activities are conducted in a personalized environment that provides authentication, security, and privacy.

Degreed Does Data: Data Science


Of course, don’t forget to keep the data safe, by talking through specifics security threats and privacy protections. For example, data science can predict how costs will change, when products will wear out, or what trends will become popular.

Standard Options Apply


If SCORM taught us anything, it was these two things: First, it taught us how to make real money in learning technology by formalizing how we commonly approach enterprise software; Second, it taught us how costly it is to not be mindful or deliberate about our choices, technical and political, at the specification and standards level. The EU may not be interested in xAPI as one document that reflects the current specification because of its ambiguities around security, privacy.

Quick Tips to Rollout HIPAA Awareness Training

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Related Posts Online Compliance Training to Ensure Patient Data Security E-learning for Training Your Medical Staff on Patient Data Security [Infographic] Data Breaches Losses to Cost Trillions.

Transition Doesn’t have to be a Challenge


Performitiv uses modern software security, integration and data protection and privacy protocols. They not only save material costs and have a modern technology using API and AI but the change itself is easy and not a disruption to their business.

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Using Blockchain in Educational Sector

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Management of privacy of students and parental opt in/opt out permission. Bitcoins costs are fluctuating and still too hard to buy, transactions take enough time, and it is reliant on users to save the public and private keys used to track the transactions permanently and safely.

5 Essential Qualifications to Look for in an Instructional Designer


Often times, instructional designers leverage content that they have already created (to an extent, as they need to be mindful of privacy).

Thank You for Sharing: The Next Generation of Extended Enterprise Learning


Successfully upskilling your customers, partners, and distributors is linked to increased revenue and decreased costs, according to a Brandon Hall Group survey on the topic.