Open Source LMS: Hidden Costs for Associations

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Many associations have, at some point, considered the benefits of choosing an open source LMS for delivering their education programs. Hidden Costs of an Open Source LMS. ASUM was experiencing productivity issues in managing their education programs for two reasons.

2018 eLearning AWARD for LMS presented to WBT Systems Ltd. and Miele & Cie. KG by eLearning Journal

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KG for the successful implementation of TopClass LMS and its integration into an enterprise-wide infrastructure worldwide. Others, however, had a need, but the cost/benefit calculation was not feasible for a single country. WBT provides TopClass, the flexible learning platform.

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OpenBadges: Increasing Visibility of Association Education

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There has been much discussion lately about the value of digital badges for both association education and certification programs. The social connectivity offered by digital badges aligns perfectly with the nature of association membership and education programs in particular.

Successful Learning Management System Implementation eBook

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The project manager needs to keep everyone focused to avoid scope creep and cost overruns on the budget. What other technology will you require to deliver the eLearning program most efficiently to your learners – content authoring tools, webinar platforms?

Where to Host Your eLearning Catalog and eCommerce: AMS or LMS?

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Where do you want members and customers to search for online learning programs and where do you want them to make their purchase (register/enroll)—in your LMS or in your AMS? By the way, our TopClass LMS offers a turnkey integration with Personify, iMIS and other leading AMS solutions as well as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. If you try to separate those functions, you get into the lengthy and costly weeds of customization.

Podcast 14: Managing Nonprofit Member Education at The Land Trust Alliance

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They’re very heavily subsidized by our funders, but we have to cover the cost of instructors. We have two dedicated people to manage IMS and help our program staff use it effectively. In addition, we just moved from a home-built LMS to WBT TopClass LMS.

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Unlock Your eLearning Differentiator & Iconic Advantage

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Technology continually creates new opportunities for your association’s educational programs, but it also lowers the barrier to entry for competitors to enter and disrupt your market. Once we made our way to Soon Yu’s website, we learned more about iconic advantage and saw how it can elevate the awareness and success of an association’s online learning programs. Identify the pivotal moments in their eLearning experience—ones not shared by competing programs.

Association eLearning vs Free Online Courses

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Why should adult learners concerned with career development consider Association eLearning programs as providing superior value and career opportunities? Lower fees for learners due to the lower costs of delivering education online.

The 5 E’s of Generating Non-Dues Revenue from eLearning

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One great way to do this is to look to your online education and certification programs – with your Association Learning Management System, generating non-dues revenue is easy! Encourage participation in your eLearning program by incentivizing your members to take courses.

How To Design a Digital Badge Strategy

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Digital Badges are a part of these changes and are set to make a big impact on education and certification programs in 2017. Associations and other professional training organizations are uniquely poised to lead change in education programs of the future.

Help Your Members Across the Digital Readiness Gap

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But even when people have access to the web, another type of digital divide may present a challenge to associations with online learning programs—a digital readiness gap. If the target market for your educational programs is on the wrong side of this gap, you need to know and you need a plan for bridging the gap. Pew identified five factors that determine a person’s digital readiness, i.e., their ability and willingness to participate in online learning programs.

Help Members Overcome Obstacles to Learning

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You made your way here because you wanted to read something that will help you do your job, in this case, increase attendance for your online learning programs. Some of these obstacles are self-created, some are environmental, and some may be related to your learning management platform and programs. To induce a little FOMO (fear of missing out), share why prospective students say they’re investing time and money in this program. They might even abandon the program.

How to Create a Really Good LMS RFP

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Associations find out which vendors and products could be a good fit based on functionality, experience, costs, and project approach. Background information : Vendors will immediately go to your website to learn what they can about your organization, members, and online education programs. Business objectives : What are the goals for your online education programs? What do users—system administrators, program managers, instructors, data users, students—need to accomplish?

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