Adding Social Learning to Your Existing Training Strategy


Imagine for a moment that your organization has invested the necessary time and funds into creating the most cutting-edge training program possible. Working with other learners adds another layer of learning, practice, and retention.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Training and Development

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In a perfect world, the effectiveness of employee training and development programs would be measured by a simple formula which would give us the Return on Investment, or ROI. Traditionally, a company maps out employee training programs and then implements a policy to measure the Return on Investment. The business goals of the organization should always stay the focus – after all, this is no charity work! Cost Assessment.

5 Key Ways to Improve Training and Development


It’s no wonder that it’s a strong trend, with companies moving to video solutions to save cost and increase flexibility. This adds flexibility for the client and can save on material and instructional cost and travel expenses.

How is Corporate Training Different from Academic Learning?


Lower cost in both devices and services paired up with an increase in mobile internet speeds have made this possible. The benefits of lower costs , more independence for the learner, and even personalized lessons are just too good to pass up on.

Why Content Curation Should be in Your Skillset

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Instead of satisfying art lovers, corporate curation saves enormous amounts of time, keeps teams on the same page, and equips everyone with the latest insights. In a minute I’ll give you the story of a company that saved over fifty million dollars with a low-budget curation program.

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Do You Know How to Create an Actionable Learning Strategy?

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Building Competitive Advantage With Talent — Part 1: An Introduction to Talent Strategy,” an April 2015 Bersin by Deloitte report, showed that only about 10-15 percent of companies possess learning and development programs that are properly aligned with strategy and outcomes.

9 Things You Need to Know about Organizational Change


The costs can be daunting, and the return uncertain. By worrying about the cost of taking action to get their workforce through change successfully, they end up costing themselves more. The organizations at the highest levels of effectiveness are 3 times more likely to spend time and effort considering behaviors which drive success rather than program cost. Only 1 in 4 organizations say the training they give to managers is working. .

How to Replace Top-Down Training with Collaborative Learning (3)

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Work and learning are converging, and as this change happens, the infrastructure of the old corporate learning must go – things like traditional one-size-fit-all in-person training seminars. So how do you find the right social platform to enhance your corporate training program?