The Cost of Misinformation in Customer Service


This is costly to your bottom line in three key capacities: lost revenue, weak customer relationships, and negative brand sentiment. A bad customer service experience costs your business revenue through abandoned transactions, lost customer relationships, and wasted time and resources. With up-to-date reference content on hand, representatives can seamlessly troubleshoot tech problems, answer product questions, and provide price quotes without leaving the customer waiting.

Webinar – How to Refer an LMS Client and Get Paid


Everyone is welcome to attend this webinar to learn more about how you can earn a commission for referring over a company that is looking to improve their learning and development efforts with a new learning management system (LMS) or to replace an old LMS. There is no obligation or costs associated with this opportunity. The post Webinar – How to Refer an LMS Client and Get Paid appeared first on TOPYX. Sign up for this FREE webinar on Jun 22, 2016 at 1:00 PM EDT.


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Cloud Cost Optimization: 6 Best Practices for Cloud Cost Optimization

Hurix Digital

The concept of the cloud came with the promise of lower IT costs and unlimited storage. This conundrum of resources used vis-à-vis resources ordered opens up a possibility of cloud cost optimization to free up more working capital. What is Cloud Cost Optimization?

Cost 63

What You Can Expect When Asking a Vendor for Client References

Absorb LMS

It’s pretty common for prospective clients to ask software vendors for references prior to signing a contract. If you’re evaluating new applications such as a learning management system (LMS), you may be considering asking the shortlisted vendors for references. Here’s what you should know: When you applied for a job and the prospective employer asked for references, did you give them the names and contact information of people who like you or your arch enemies?

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

be referred back to at any time. refer to the assets and features your learners see and use as they navigate your courses. training data, you’d have had to pay a variable fee, with the potential for spiraling costs as your business. sound complex and potentially costly but.

Fewer Full-Sized Courses. More learning snacks, ePubs, Videos, and Reference Tools

Bottom-Line Performance

As tablets and phones enter the workplace, we also see clients getting excited by “just-in-time” access to ePubs and reference tools. Online Reference Tools replacing courses. ePubs and web-based reference tools offer a terrific alternative – at a fraction of the cost of eLearning course production. This is an excerpt from Sharon Boller’s newest white paper, Learning Trends, Technologies and Opportunities.

ELearning Development Cost Drivers


While many people know that elearning often costs less than the traditional instructor-led training event , it can sometimes come as a shock that elearning development costs can also fluctuate quite a bit. That’s not to say that elearning can cost more than live-training. Elearning (in most cases) will be your most cost efficient way to delivery training given that the content is a good fit for online instruction. What Drives ELearning Costs?

Cost 152

2020 LMS pricing guide: Here’s what makes up the cost ??


When you look at what an LMS costs at the forefront, it can look more intimidating than it should. All this to say, once you have a more tangible cost associated with your problem, the cost that comes with a solution will feel reasonable and, for your boss, more justified (no sweat needed).

Cost 207

Seven Secrets of Cost-effective E-learning Translations

CommLab India

Brian Nichols, in his article 10 Ways to Cut Website Translation Costs points out that localization of online content is an afterthought for many organizations, and this often results in a “meet-the deadline” attitude, resulting in poor translations. It is essential to provide the translator the necessary reference material containing. You need to recreate the image if the text is to be translated, and this increases the cost of the online course’s localization.

Cost 43

Cloud Cost Management – All You Need to Know About Cloud Cost Management

Hurix Digital

In addition, the one factor which proves to be a major hindrance in the adoption and integration of cloud services is – cloud cost management. What is cloud cost management? This is why most of them rely on the creation of a comprehensive and unique cloud cost management strategy.

Cost 52

Agile Microlearning Explained

the cost of personalization. minimum duration has elapsed), it is referred to as valuable; a proficient completion of that Activity will now increase the. COGNITIVE SCIENCE BEHIND OTTOLEARN v1.1

How Much Should A Pest Control Solutions Cost?


For many home or business owners, the question of “How much should a pest control solution cost?” Knowing what to look for and how much should a pest control solution cost is key to being able to address the problem appropriately.

Cost 41

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Online Course?


But, how much would it cost? But, how much does it cost to create one? Knowing all about the course creation and development costs upfront can help you come up with the right plan to create a course, and deciding on the best price tag for your courses. Business Costs.

Cost 100

Cost-cutting Training Without Slaying Quality: Startup Hacks

Your Training Edge

By doing so, business owners can deliver valuable training to their employees, without having to struggle with low completion rates and high costs of delivering training. Blended learning refers to the practice of delivering training with a mix of digitally accessible lessons and instructor-led training (ILT) sessions. Aside from being more effective than traditional corporate training strategies , blended learning practices can effectively bring down the cost of training.

Do Your Learners Value or Throw Away Your Lesson References?

Vignettes Learning

Read more about references.  Two Types of References: Must-Learn Support and Details There are two types of references: (a) must-learn support and (b) detailed references. Since the goal of the must-learn lesson is to make it short, succinct and focused, inserting the must-learn support references may interrupt the succinctness of the must-learn lesson. The must-learn references may also be part of this detailed reference.

Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

picture of the costs of. team members to reference each. Developing a. Results-Driven. Curriculum. 3C O N T E N T S Contents Introduction PA G E 4 Five Steps to a. Results-Driven. Curriculum. PA G E 5 1 Create a project. charter. PA G E 7 2 Know your. audience.

7 Tips to Avoid the Hidden Costs of LMS Implementation


This is often the case with the hidden costs of LMS implementation. This article can help you cut costs of Learning Management Systems and steer clear of surprises. This will help you choose the best LMS from the start instead of going through costly trial and error. If you don’t have your objectives in order, you run the risk of runaway costs. You can also refer to your objectives list and ask how the system can address each point.

Cost 148

What Untrained or Under-trained Employees Can Cost You

Jigsaw Interactive

The answer to that question is twofold: 1) effective virtual training is far less pricey — it can save the company up to 40% in training expenses, and 2) untrained or under-trained employees can cost far more than effective training does. Proper, cost effective training (i.e.,

Cost 52

Training on a budget: Cost-effective ways to grow your employees’ skills


You’ve probably heard it during tough budget conversations: “ employee training is a luxury and we need to cut training costs. Not training employees can yield much higher costs in the long run. Compliance and safety costs. Invest in a cost-effective LMS.

The 4-Letter Word Learning Practitioners Hate Most.Cost!

Dan Keckan

Learning practitioners get very defensive when business leaders refer to training as a 'cost' center. Even though 'cost' is a 4-letter word, it's one of three ways financially-educated leaders account for internal business activities. The time has come to embrace the 'cost center' label—and here's why. Corporate eLearning Corporate Learning And Development eLearning Budget eLearning Cost eLearning ROI

mLearning Content Types - Level 4: Reference

mLearning Trends

Level 4: Reference Materials & Static Content NOTE: This is part 5 of 7 in a continuing series; please see earlier posts for more background information. Level 4 formats include content typically considered “reference” or supplemental material; it is not specifically learning-oriented, though it often accompanies ILT events or online learning courseware.

What is the True Cost of Custom WordPress Plugin Development?

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

The cost of developing a custom WordPress plugin does depend on a lot of different factors. Think of it as trying to figure out how much building a house would cost you. Estimating the cost of your plugin isn’t all that different. WordPress Plugin Development Cost.

Cost 56

3 Practical Ways to Lower the Cost of Employee Training


Since leadership and development expenses can increase an organization’s bottom line, many corporate leaders want to lower the cost of employee training for their companies. The High Cost of Cutting Out Employee Training . They soon discovered that 40 percent of employees who are not thoroughly trained within the first year of employment leave their positions, and that it can cost up to $2,500 for companies to replace a frontline employee.

Cost 169

eLearning Costs : eLearning Technology

Tony Karrer

Personal Learning Informal Learning Corporate eLearning eLearning Design Authoring Tools Rapid e-Learning Tools eLearning (e-Learning) e-Learning Software Blended e-Learning e-Learning Tools Learning Management Systems (LMS) e-Learning ROI and Metrics Search via eLearning Learning for first time visitors Thursday, September 10, 2009 eLearning Costs : eLearning Technology A reader sent a note asking my opinion on the vendor pricing in The Great eTrain Robbery?

Cost 115

Using Webinars to Remotely Train Your Staff for as Little as Zero Cost


Using Webinars to Remotely Train Your Staff for as Little as Zero Cost. You do have options, however, options that you can deploy very quickly and for minimal – and sometimes zero – cost. The coronavirus emergency has dramatically, albeit temporarily, changed the way we live and work.

Extended Reality System (XRS): What it is, Costs, Pros and Cons

Roundtable Learning

Often referred to as Immersive Learning , XR training refers to training solutions that extend reality through a headset or other device. Costs of an XRS. Considering the wide range of features an XRS can offer, the next logical questions are, “How much does an XRS cost?”

Cost 82

Using E-Learning to Cut the Cost of Training New Employees


Using E-Learning to Cut the Cost of Training New Employees. It’s understandable, therefore, that companies look to reduce the cost of training new employees. What is the Cost of Training New Recruits? As part of this process, it’s important to understand the costs involved in training new employees. Some of these costs are obvious, but there are hidden costs you need to be aware of too. They could make more mistakes too, which can also be costly.

Cost 58

Shift in eLearning from Pure Courseware towards Reference Hybrids

Tony Karrer

The shift I'm seeing is away from the design of pure "courseware" solutions and much more to "reference hybrid" solutions. Reference" is static content - meaning no interaction other than allowing the user to link from page-to-page and to search. Reference sometimes comes out as "job aids" or "online support" or "online help" or various other things. Thus, "reference" to me is a good umbrella term. Am I missing an alterative term for "reference?"

8 Ways to Cut Costs on your Next Compliance Online Training Course


Here are 8 ways to cut costs on compliance online training courses. How To Cut Costs On Your Next Compliance Online Training Course. Outsource time-consuming or costly tasks. Repurpose online training resources to create a reference library. Invest in a rapid eLearning authoring tool to gain access to eLearning templates, themes, graphics, and other online training assets that allow you to cut costs. Outsource time-consuming or costly tasks.

Cost 42

Are you overpaying for employee training?


Rogue spending, also referred to as “maverick or tail end spending,” refers to the unexpected and unpredictable spending that can happen outside of negotiated contracts. If there are similarities in the topical areas, you can choose one based on cost-value or user feedback. .

Zero switching cost

Jay Cross

Here are 86 references to web tools. Or 11 references to brain science. When my Internet Time Alliance colleague Harold Jarche switched from Delicious to Diigo, I figured I should probably do the same. After all, saving one’s tags is a cornerstone in Harold’s Personal Knowledge Management scheme of approaching the world. He has probably researched this a lot more than I ever will. Diigo has made it drop-dead simple to swap your tags from Delicious into their app.

Diigo 41

E-learning course development: How to balance between size, cost and time? Pt. 1


As a e-learning course creator you have to learn to balance between size (scope), cost, and time, and this is what this mini post series is all about, beginning with… Cost. Cost might seem like an easy thing to manage. Managing costs is all about estimations. If you are a large enough organization to have budget specialists and accountants, you can refer to them for help, but if you are a small shop, it’s by no means impossible to do it yourself.

Cost 81

E-learning course development: How to balance between size, cost and time? Pt. 2


In the previous post we discussed how e-learning course creators can plan and manage their costs (or budget, if you prefer the fancier term). However, cost itself, is just one element of the cost-size-time triad, and when one changes, the other two change as well (e.g. wanting your e-learning service to be deployed faster (time) makes it more costly (cost) or scales down what you can offer (size) ). E-learning course depelopment… how do you do it?

Cost 79

Cutting Costs Without Cutting Quality Of Employee Training

Ed App

We are here to tell you how to cut costs without cutting the quality of your employee training strategy! We have set out to provide you with 4 of the best ways to boost the quality of your employee training, while cutting costs. It is a no-brainer than online training costs less than seminars and the provision of 40-page documents to every single employee. The post Cutting Costs Without Cutting Quality Of Employee Training appeared first on EdApp Microlearning Blog.

Is Your LMS License Model Misaligned? How to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Talented Learning

An LMS license model depends on two key elements: 1) How a vendor calculates usage and 2) The related costs for that level of usage. For example, do they browse the catalog, buy content, register for classroom training, consume online courses, use on-demand reference materials and/or interact with other learners through private communities or public social channels? The cost remains the same for each active learner whether she interacts once or a thousand times.

5 Ways Augmented Reality Training Can Save Your Organization Money

Roundtable Learning

Just like any XR training , organizations can expect to experience high upfront development costs for an AR training program. . When used strategically, though, the benefits of AR training can outweigh the costs without sacrificing quality. . Are You Ready To Cut Costs With AR Training?

How Leading Medical Device Manufacturers Can Build Expert Sales Teams


Highlight patient benefits, cost savings, or more in tangible ways, and illustrate the value that your product provides in interactive demos–conducted in person or online. Discover how Inkling can help your medical device sales reps with our field technical reference solutions. . Field ReferenceAs medical device sales reps travel in and around their territories, it’s important to arm them with the knowledge they need to excel in their roles.

Expert 100

Cut to 30% eLearning Development Costs

Vignettes Learning

Assuming a typical one hour eLearning costs $35,000. for the 80% references type of content. As you can see, the step of separating “must-learn” from “reference-type” of content from the very start allows you to focus the least expensive media and tools to the references and the more costly development and creative time to the 20% content. Your cost goes down to $10,500. Armed with the per unit costs, you can then now plug the numbers in each unit.

Training Mojo: Stretching Your Training Dollar by Mixing Internal and External Tools and Programs

Your Training Edge

Examine your course materials thoroughly – do you have informational courses that could be transferred into an online course, a PowerPoint accessible by all employees, or a paper-based quick reference guide? A thorough search for external tools and costs will give you an excellent comparison of your resources versus the outsourcing channel. Now that you’ve created and ranked your list, you must come back to the reality of cost.

Reducing Corporate Learning Costs with a Blended Learning Approach

Obsidian Learning

Online course and quick reference tools such as infographics , booklets , or apps. For a one-time training event or a course that is offered only once a year and requires heavy content updates each time, Instructor-Led Training (ILT) led by a single expert can be very cost-effective. With blended learning, after the initial development, the cost to deliver training drops off quickly and significantly. Where and how blended learning reduces corporate training costs.

ILT 65