Software Simulations – Learning benefits

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Are you sure they have enough training on the new software to operate it flawlessly? Did the training course include simulations? Let me tell you about the benefits of simulations in software training so that you can have an informed discussion with your training partner.

What Computer Should I Buy?

Adobe Captivate

I want my computer to be able to run well for at least three years of new versions and software updates, preferable though, I want it to last five years. If you do a lot of video demos and software simulation and the desktop you need to be capturing is a PC, this makes the decision easy.

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The Fantastic Four – Factors That Help Keep your E-learning Outsourcing Costs Under Control

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You wanted to reduce your e-learning development cost, that’s why you thought of outsourcing. Now how so you ensure you actually reduce costs? Let’s check how these four aspects play a key role in saving e-learning outsourcing costs.

Just in the nick of time!

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It is very handy for creating software training materials. I recently used the demo version of Camtasia to complete a software simulation project and it worked out great. Just as I was looking into purchasing Camtasia Studio by Tech Smith I came across a blog posting on Tony Karrer's eLearning Technology blog just in the nick of time. Tony posted links to free downloads of Snag It and Camtasia. I have been a long time user of Snag It and love it for screen shots.

eLearning Development: Articulate Versus Code

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Time and cost. Build duration impacts on cost. Maintenance costs. Easily include media and simulations. Create screencasts and software simulations.

Important Factors of E learning in Skill Development

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But all e-learning courses are not same for example; it can be a software simulation which shows the click path through an application or any other. It is a cost-effective and consistent approach.

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Top 10 Authoring Tools for Developing Simulation Based E-learning – Part 1

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By using these rapid authoring tools, we can develop simulation based e-learning courses too quickly, at low cost. Choosing the tool that suits your requirements will not only reduce the course development time but also the costs.

How Effective are Video-Based Training Courses?


There are several specific instances when employers should use video-based training: to provide product education, to effectively onboard new workers, to summarize a course, to simulate new software, and to train workers in essential soft skills. Software simulations.

10 Training Tracking Tool Options To Boost Team Learning


If you’re in the market for a new learning software provider, a training tracking tool is a must. So take a look at the key features, which companies are already using these platforms and what each system will cost you. Provides quizzes, assessments, and software simulations.

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Developing Online Instructional Modules for ERP Training

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For example, Articulate Storyline does not provide responsive output, Adobe Captivate has its limitations for developing quizzes and Lectora Inspire lacks quality in its simulations. Developing software simulations using Adobe Captivate.

Articulate Storyline 2, Adobe Captivate 9 & Lectora Inspire 16: The Infinity War

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We looked at each feature such as their ease of use, possibilities in animations, developing software training simulations, built-in interactivities and the ease of customizing them, flexibility of characters, recording and editing audios/videos, creating assessments, and publishing options.

iSpring – The One-Stop Shop to Build Online Courses in PowerPoint

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iSpring is a comprehensive e-learning authoring toolkit; a PowerPoint add-in, this tool makes it extremely easy and cost-effective to develop online courses from classroom PowerPoint resources. Software/ERP Training: Rest your quest for a tool to build software simulations.

Gamification doesn’t mean developing games and there’s more!

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I’ve taken part in some Gamification events where I’ve noticed that some of us get confused between the terms Game, Game-Based Learning, Simulations, and Gamification. How much does it cost? Simulation. Who can develop Simulations? How much does it cost?

The 10 Best MindTickle Alternatives


Besides using Continu as an LMS, the platform is also a knowledge base or Intranet system which helps cut company costs and save time. Provides quizzes, assessments, and software simulations. Provides quizzes, testing, and software simulations.

Adobe Captivate or Adobe Presenter: Which One Is Right For You?

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But, as is typical with any kind of software, the easier the software is to use, the fewer choices you have about certain things. This software allows you to focus more on the content than on eLearning functionality. With this software, the feeling is that you are designing your content, and the software handles the work of deciding things like how the learner advances to the next slide. Adobe Captivate is powerful, stand-alone eLearning development software.

Want to Simplify Software Training – Use Watch Try Do Simulations

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Training with simulations does exactly that. Without disturbing the functionality of the newly implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or any other software for that matter, you can train employees to work on it effectively, using simulations.

How to Create an E-Learning Portfolio

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Identify a few common course types such as interactive scenarios, compliance training, software simulations, etc. The cost for these sites is nominal. In recent posts, we discussed why you need a portfolio for personal development and to manage your professional career.

Too Little Time to Develop E-learning? Go for Rapid Development!

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Projects that require extensive simulations, or any end-to-end e-learning development for that matter, usually take time. Lower cost of development. Rapid e-learning development costs almost 50% less than traditional, bespoke e-learning development.

Online ERP End-User Training – The Starter, Main Course, & Dessert

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Instead of a bland bulleted list, you can use videos effectively to demonstrate the functions of the software or any concept that needs keen observation. Interactive Screen Simulations For Practice (Main Course). Mistakes committed on a live software might become costly to rectify.

Storyline, Captivate, Lectora – An Evaluation Checklist of 3 Rapid Authoring Tools

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You need to consider various aspects such as cost, built-in features, flexibility of the tool, and the output it gives. Analyzing all these features can cost you a lot of time and effort. Cost of one license (as of 22-Sep-2016). Games, Scenarios, and Simulations.

7 reasons why the new Articulate Storyline is a Game-Changer for eLearning

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Articulate in my experience builds software that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also intuitive and easy to use. I remember the first time I installed Articulate Engage, I thought this is how software should be built, it’s beautiful and engaging. Storyline approaches making software simulations in a whole new ways as compared to Adobe Captivate. First, let me start by congratulating everyone who works for Articulate for the launch of Storyline.

How to Make People Love Your eLearning

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In the grand scheme of eLearning costs, professional narration is extremely cheap, and it can really add to your courses’ professionalism. One of the activities was supposed to simulate a group brainstorming session. Software Training. Simulations.

Need Screenshots for Your E-Learning? Here Are 3 Tools That You Already Own.

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I use them for a lot of my software training. I’d stick with a paid tool because they don’t cost that much. Here are three easy ways to do screenshots and they won’t cost you a bit. This is perfect for creating quick interactive software simulations.

The Top 5 Best Bridge LMS Alternatives


This may be more cost-effective in the beginning, but is not the best option overall and can actually be more costly in the end. Besides using Continu as an LMS, the platform is also a knowledge base or Intranet system which helps cut company costs and save time.

5 Ways to Kickstart Your E-learning Career

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Another less costly way is to get a certificate (especially if you already have a formal degree). Software Training. Most organizations do some sort of software training. Show your skills with screencasts and software simulations. Learn to Use E-Learning Software.

E-learning Development Software that Add Zing to Simulations

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However, the hurdles in implementing this is the cost of potential mistakes learners may commit during practice. To overcome this problem, corporate training has turned to simulations which help the learner experiment in situations that are as close to real life as possible.

How to Make People Love Your eLearning

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In the grand scheme of eLearning costs, professional narration is extremely cheap, and it can really add to your courses’ professionalism. One of the activities was supposed to simulate a group brainstorming session. Software Training. Simulations.

Six Sizzling Benefits of Simulations in ERP End-User Training

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Well, ‘Training Simulations’ can be your answer. Wikipedia says a Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time. Simulations can be used in many contexts. Training simulations are that flexible.

How to Pick the Best Authoring Tool to Convert Legacy E-Learning Courses

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No matter what technology is used, it takes considerable time and effort to develop an e-learning course, not to mention the high costs involved. Browser compatibility means your course will look perfect and function with equal proficiency across all types of devices and software.

How to Choose the Right Tool to Develop a Web-based Course

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Cost of the Tool. Ensure the cost of the online course development tool fits your budget. Ask the following questions when you calculate the cost of a tool: Does the authoring software come with in-built tools for audio and video editing?

Top 21 Online Learning Websites You Should Know About

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It has delivered high-impact training for Product Sales , Software , and Compliance to 100+ organizations in close to 30+ countries. You choose a wrong tool and it can cost you your e-learning dream. Are you new to e-learning courseware development?

Capitalize on Blended Learning to Deliver Top Notch ERP End-user Training

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To train your end-users or employees effectively on new the ERP software, you need a blended training approach. However, these will eat away your precious time and costs, and besides, the communication may not be consistent at all times. End-user Training with Watch-Try-Do Simulations.

Sales Training Best Practices: Providing a 360 Degree View of Your Customer

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According to the report Front-to-Back Office Integration , proper connectivity between various functions helps manage customer relationships more effectively and reduce costs, leading to a better bottom line. Check out this insightful post on simulation-based training for more information.

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Using Assessments Effectively in eLearning

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Yet it could be an activity of some sort like performing in a software simulation. Most everyone does this, however, because it is extremely low cost to implement and gather data. Assessments Mean the Difference Between Training and Learning.

9 Elearning Authoring Tools: Comparison and Review


Good for screen recording and simulations. Reasonably powerful show me/try me/test me software simulation elearning capability. Want to learn more about software like Articulate Storyline? Good for screen capture and simulations.

20+ eLearning Tools and Resources

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With Articulate, you can create interactivity to a presentation by adding slide layers, drag-and-drop interactions, quizzing, screen recording, and software simulation. The Adobe Captivate software helps you create a wide range of interactive eLearning and HTML content. Audacity is a free, open-source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds. Camtasia costs more at $299, but is one of the best screen capturing tools for Windows or Mac.

Important Features of an Ideal Rapid Authoring Tool

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The eLearning Guild had come up with a report 1 that lists the most desired features in rapid e-learning courseware authoring software. So, you need to balance the cost aspect with other important parameters listed below while selecting a tool. Games, Scenarios, and Simulations.