Does Your Online Course Need a Forum?


Course forums can give learners a reason to come back and stay engaged, but they’re also a lot of work. We’ve talked in the past about the importance of community in creating a thriving course. This is why, for many course creators, the preferred solution is a forum.

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Online Course Forum Tips


Many online courses today have some component of online forum for discussion about the course material. This is especially true for the educational environment as students are often encouraged to provide feedback (and answer questions) based on course. But creating an effective forum takes more than having the proper technology in place. Be Supportive - Ask questions of the learners that relate back to key objectives of the course.

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Do Niche Online Courses Sell?


How do you know if there is a market for your specialized online course? One of the biggest struggles first-time educators face when they launch a new course lies in finding a promising subject. As a result, the temptation for these course providers is to go broad.

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Does Online Training Work?


In recent years, online learning has been on the rise. E-learning courses have become increasingly more popular because they are so much more convenient than traditional face-to-face classes. Another reason why online learning has become so popular is that it’s much cheaper.

Why Discussion Forums Are Helpful In Training

Dan Keckan

One of the most important social elements added to an eLearning training course is the discussion forum. A discussion forum enables instructor-to-student and student-to-student interaction. eLearning Best Practices Employee Training Online Discussions Social Learning

Will Learners Pay for Your Online Course?


There’s a lot of free content online, but it can’t replace instructor-led learning. Our commenter wanted to know whether a certain type of course content was still relevant, given the number of tutorials learners could find for free on the same subject on YouTube.

6 Top Selling Points for Online Courses


What are learners looking for in an online course, and how can you show them you deliver? What’s harder: creating or selling your course ? Some course creators know their material backwards and forwards and don’t have any trouble turning it into amazing content—but then struggle to communicate the value of their course to their prospective learners. Of course, not every course will have the same benefits and attractions.

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Add Private Forums to Your Courses!


We are excited to announce today the release of our latest integration, one that is sure to add an element of life to your courses. Which brings us to our latest update, an integration… Course Specific Forums with bbPress. For those of you who are not familiar with bbPress , it is a free forum plugin offered by Automattic (the same folks behind WordPress). It’s the same forum plugin we use for our LearnDash support.

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The Fully-Threaded Forum Concept

Dan Keckan

Replicating the traditional face-to-face classroom inside an online forum can be quite difficult, if not impossible. The "fully-threaded" forum concept may help solve this problem and highlight student interaction.

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Why Make Discussion Forums Part of Your Online Courses?

CommLab India

Discussion forums are integral to collaborative learning. Find out why you need to make them an integral component of e-learning courses. Learning Technology Online Courses

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7 Ways to Market Your Online Course


For a lot of course creators, marketing is a love it or hate it activity. However, if you’re serious about building your online course, there’s no way around it: this is not an “if you build it they will come” situation. DON’T spam professional groups with your course.

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6 Tips to Help You Plan a Successful Online Course


Success in online education begins with thorough and thoughtful planning. The fastest way online courses run into trouble is when they’re launched with insufficient planning. Here’s what students will look for before signing up for your course: How do you stand out?

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6 Tips for Creating Your First Online Course


Your first course is a learning experience for you, too, so know what you want to learn from it. For many of those starting off in online education, the biggest challenge is creating their first course. Others struggle with writing their course material, while still others grapple with the mechanics of getting their course in front of a large audience. Otherwise, these tips are here to help you gain traction with launching your first online course.

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EduNeering Leadership Forum Resources

Kapp Notes

Here are my slides from the EduNeering Leadership forum on the topic of Blended Learning. Online Learning: Better Than the Classroom? Check out my Gamification course on Get a free 7 day trial of The Gamification of Learning and other Courses! Related Posts. Think Like the Caveman: Campaign, Not Event. Designing an Interactive Training Event. The Gamification of Learning explores how to use game concepts to make your learning design engaging.

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Best LMS For Teaching Courses Online

Academy of Mine

If you’re thinking about offering a self hosted online course then you’ll undoubtedly come across the need for some type of Learning Management System (LMS). An LMS is essentially the background processes that allow you to administer, teach and learn online.

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6 Tips to Improve User Registration for Your Online Course


Give your learners an excellent course experience from the moment they register. Setting up your registration page is one of the nuts-and-bolts tasks you have to accomplish in order to run an online course. Create an online orientation walkthrough for your course.

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The Good and Bad of Support Forums


This decision often comes down to one of two choices: forums or a help desk – but which is best? As we got more customers they started requesting that we implement forums. We were reluctant at first to implement a forum. But we went ahead and added forums as another option for support due to the demand, and looking back I am so glad that we did. Our Forums have become a HUGE Asset. Without the forums, this would have never been possible.

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How to Vet Your Online Course Idea


Will your online course idea make money? You’ve finally come up with what you think will be a great idea for an online course, but you’re not sure if it will turn a profit. Starting an online course is an exciting endeavor, but to ensure success, it’s best not to jump in blindly. Researching your online course idea can help you avoid common pitfalls and improve your topic, but most importantly, it helps you understand your market.

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How to Incorporate Flexible Learning Into Your Online Courses


Is your online course adaptable to learner needs? Flexible learning is naturally suited to e-learning and online courses. With the focus on mastering the material and online studies, flexible learning naturally lends itself well to this type of educational course.

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Top 5 Online Course Platforms for Educational Institutions

Hurix Digital

Educational institutions across the world are increasingly shifting to online teaching as an essential means to support both classroom and distance teaching. Also Read: Learning in the Times of COVID-19 – How to Develop Your Online Learning Material.

Golden Rules of Forum Posting


Nearly every online course or training program today has some way for students to comment on the material, most often in the form of forums. Online forums have been around for a long time now, so most people are generally aware of the proper etiquette when interacting on them. It seems like there are always some individuals who lack the general understanding of forum protocol. Here at LearnDash, one of our support avenues is a community forum.

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5 Tips for Better Online Course Management


How to keep your online course management from overwhelming your life. One of the most appealing ideas about online courses for instructors is the assumption that, once the course content is created, instructors can leave their courses to run on autopilot and reap the benefits of passive income. As a result, they have a harder time attracting new learners, have fewer high-value course items to offer, and struggle to get their course off the ground.

Should You Take an Online Course Before You Teach One?


As an online course instructor, what can you learn from taking one? Most of today’s college students graduate having taken at least one online course. Many other adult learners seek online education to further their careers, or for self-improvement. But despite its rising popularity, many adults haven’t yet taken an online course—even though they may be interested in teaching one. Familiarize yourself with online course formats.

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How To Create An Effective Online Course In 2020- Detailed Guide


With the advent of modern technologies, online teaching and learning have become an important part of education. The digital method of content delivery enables these sectors to store and manage their course information on online websites or applications. . How Big Is Your Course?

Surf’s Up: Riding the Waves of eLearning Trends

Association eLearning

Learners enjoy the flexibility to take their courses on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, whenever and wherever they happen to be. Mobile accessible courses can be delivered on any device but the user may need to use that pinch motion to make content larger or smaller so they can read and interact with the content. Mobile responsive courses fully adapt to any screen resolution. How do you make online learning collaborative and social?

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Benefits of Online Certification Courses


Online learning is an increasingly popular option for adults who have chosen to return to full-time or part-time study. Whether you are looking to boost your resume, or find a more fulfilling career or simply increase your future prospects, online courses are available and easily accessible in a variety of diverse subjects. One of the most obvious benefits of online study is the ability to manage your own schedule. elearning online learning

5 Ways to Improve Online Course Completion Rates


Understanding the factors that affect course completion rates can help you retain students. When you first recruit students for your courses they are enthusiastic and committed. But over time that commitment wanes and some students end up dropping out without completing the course. How can you prevent drop outs and increase your online course completion rates? Students enjoy completing lessons of a course.

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Using Your E-book to Create an Online Course


If you have created an e-book then you are well on your way to an online course (and more profit)! The next logical step involves converting your e-book into an online course. It is also an excellent way to build your credibility online, establish yourself as an expert, and boost your income. If you have an e-book (whether it is selling or not), the following steps outline how you can leverage your e-book to create an online course.

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How to Sell Courses with Zapier and WooCommerce


Automate your course sales using WooCommerce and Zapier. So, you’ve created a course on LearnDash. Your first steps will be to set up the order fulfillment system that will allow you to list courses as products, have a checkout process, and get paid. As perhaps the most popular e-commerce plugin on WordPress, WooCommerce offers a robust system for monetizing your course content. Create products for your courses in WooCommerce. Trigger: Enrolled Into Course.

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7 Ways to Engage Your Learners After Course Completion


Your learners have completed your course. However, in online education, it’s all too easy for recipients to get what they came for and walk out the door never to be seen or heard from again. Micro courses. Use your course to cultivate lifelong learners.

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How to Avoid Alienating Learners in your Online Course


One of the biggest struggles online educators have in growing a successful online business lies in engaging and retaining the learners who have already signed up for their course. Online learners frequently feel out of touch and disconnected , and these feelings can be enhanced by unintentional communication mistakes from the educators themselves. Here’s just a few ways you can avoid alienating learners so that you can build a stronger online course.

What Are the Signs of a High-Quality Online Course?


You want to create a quality online course for your learners. Most online course providers instinctively understand the value of a quality online course. They also know that a poor-quality course won’t sell. The problem is that, with the focus on creating a great course, it can be difficult to know when you’ve arrived. How do you know you’ve created a course that’s ready to launch ?

8 Tips to Help Your Learners Succeed in Their First Online Course


Here are some online study tips to help them out. Many universities around the country are finishing their semesters online. Don’t underestimate the amount of time online coursework requires. Many learners underestimate the time it will take to cover course material.

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Email Marketing Best Practices for Online Educators


You want to build your email lists to better market your online course offerings. I’ve written already about how to use email to improve your course , and in that post I talked about how to avoid the spam folder. Business Sell Online Courses email marketing

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The Membership Forum Dilemma: How to Build Community and Discussion Areas for Students


Ahh engagement… it’s a shiny metric in the membership site and online course world. Online teachers and membership website owners are constantly thinking up ways to increase engagement, and building a community where members can engage with each other is a natural way to do that. Yet the membership forum dilemma remains: are discussion forums… Blog Creating Membership Sites

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5 Ways LMS Forums Can Be Used By Educators

Dan Keckan

This article outlines 5 interesting approaches to using forums for online courses. Examining the potential uses of forums helps educators to develop online class environments that have clear pedagogical intentions which keep the student experience at the core of course design.

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Top Buyer Objections to Starting an Online Course


You want to increase sales on your online course, but something’s holding your learners back. In online sales, we refer to these concerns as “buyer objections,” and they can include anything that might prevent a learner from singing up to your course. “It’s Instead, they’re an opportunity for you to present your course in its best light, to challenge some of the worst misconceptions a learner might have, and truly make the case for your online program.

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