4 Ways to Improve the Interactivity in Your eLearning Courses

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eLearning courses can be more engaging when they have interactivities and no dull moments for the learners. eLearning courses can be made more interactive and engaging by adding gamification, high-impact graphics, and life-like animations.

Achieving True Interactivity In Your Online Course

Dan Keckan

Nowadays, interactivity in an online course is everything, as it ensures engagement, information retention and makes clients more likely to get back to you. eLearning Best Practices eLearning Interactivity Interactive eLearning Interactive Online Courses Learners EngagementSo how does one achieve it? This post was first published on eLearning Industry.


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Should eLearning Courses be Informative or Interactive or Both?

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It is an exciting part in the world of eLearning which is full of digital trends, innovative ideas, learning techniques to make learners engaged, motivated, and stay connected with the courses. Developing eLearning courses to make learning and training programs successful is nowadays a current hot topic.

Adding Human Interaction to Your Online Courses


Online courses being a “solo” effort are slowly become a thing of the past. For a number of years the biggest downside to online courses has been that they take a lot of self-motivation. It doesn’t matter the topic as this phenomenon impacts all online courses. While it isn’t fool-proof by any means, simply showing learners that you care about their progress and application of course content is a great way to keep people involved in your courses.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

part of a training course, the content naturally. assessments that reinforce the learning objectives, and are interactive, varied, stimulating, and (where. Of course, specific assessment methods should only. of a course • Motivate learners and allow them to apply the.

Convert From Flash to HTML5 Courses Case Study

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An LMS can eliminate all sorts of complexities that faced during the traditional classroom method learning.

How to Design Performance-Based eLearning Interactions

Tim Slade

One of the most important lessons I learned when I first started designing and developing eLearning courses was the importance of building performance-based eLearning interactions. When I first started as an eLearning designer, I remember being constantly reminded of the importance of making my eLearning content interactive. I was told that interactive eLearning equaled engaging eLearning. And so, that’s exactly how I designed my eLearning courses.

Levels Of Interactivity In eLearning

Dan Keckan

Interactivity is any interaction between the learner and the module where the learner gives input, and the module proceeds based on the input given by the learner. eLearning Solutions Bloom's Taxonomy eLearning Courses eLearning Interactivity Learner EngagementThis post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Top 10 interactive training software

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What Is Interactive Training Software? To make learning as engaging as possible, it is good for it to be interactive. Interactivity keeps learners from getting tired of lessons in which content is continually delivered, but learners are never given a chance to respond.

Visually Interactive Courses And Their Core Benefits

Dan Keckan

Creating online courses is challenging enough, but selling them to eLearners? Human behavior indicates that learners will always be more attracted to visually interactive and engaging content. eLearning Design and Development Color In eLearning Fonts In eLearning Interactive Online Courses Online Courses Visual DesignNow that is a challenge that gives everyone a hard time.

4 Tips To Easily Create Interactive eLearning Courses

Dan Keckan

Despite understanding the importance of interactivity in eLearning, most course creators still feel challenged when it comes to actually building an interactive course. This article lists down four practical approaches to overcome this problem and easily incorporate interactivity in learning. eLearning Best Practices eLearning Development Best Practices Interactive eLearning Interactive Online Courses

H5P: Interactive Video For Blockbusting eLearning Engagement

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If you are looking for ways to increase engagement in your courses, H5P may be your answer. H5P’s most popular activities are the Interactive Video , Course Presentation, and Branching Scenario. What all of these activities have in common is the ability to add interactivity to your content. Interactivity is an essential component of successful eLearning as it has been proven to improve attention and activate long-term memory. - 2 MIN READ -.

6 Top Selling Points for Online Courses


What are learners looking for in an online course, and how can you show them you deliver? What’s harder: creating or selling your course ? Some course creators know their material backwards and forwards and don’t have any trouble turning it into amazing content—but then struggle to communicate the value of their course to their prospective learners. Of course, not every course will have the same benefits and attractions. Business Sell Online Courses

Course 189

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Online Course


Ready to take your course to the next level in 2021? While New Year’s Resolutions are notoriously difficult to keep, when it comes to your online course, setting just one or two major goals for the year on top of what you’re already accomplishing can get you a long way.

Course 199

Approaches to Interactivity Building in eLearning


Introduction We all know that adding meaningful interactivity into eLearning courses allows learners to participate in the learning process, thus creating an enhanced learning environment. But building interactivities can be challenging if you don’t have the right resources, time, or […].

Integrating HTML Interactions into a Camtasia Course

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Looking for a quick way to add a game, interactive diagram, or clickable chart to your Camtasia project? Because an HTML 5 interface can improve your learning experience so much, integrating that into your Camtasia course can be an icing on the cake. Currently, Camtasia Studio doesn’t offer an inline HTML 5 integration, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a well-built interaction in your Camtasia course. Try them out by downloading a few free Interaction Templates.


Customized Accordion Interaction in Articulate Storyline 360

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Authoring Tools eLearning Accordion Interactions Articulate Storyline Articulate Storyline 360 Elearning Elearning courses legacy Flash courses Storyline360

Essential Elements ?f Interactive Learning

Dan Keckan

This article focuses on interactivity as one of the best approaches to address this challenge and lists down some of the most essential elements of interactive learning. eLearning Design and Development eLearning Interactivity Interactive eLearning Interactive Online Courses Learners EngagementEducators and trainers across the globe are dealing with constantly dropping learner attention spans.

4 Common ELearning Interactions


One thing that people like about an elearning course is when it contains various interaction points. Without interactions the entire experience is boring and arguably ineffective. If it is your responsibility to create elearning on a particular subject you should look for ways to incorporate interaction points. Some simple and subtle interactions are all you need. Wondering what kind of interactions you can use?

8 Types Of Interactive Quiz Formats To Use In Your eLearning Courses

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Course creators and Instructional Designers are frequently tasked with building quizzes for their eLearning courses. This article talks about 8 interactive formats and ready-to-use templates that could be used to build online quizzes. eLearning Authoring Tools eLearning Course Evaluation Interactive eLearning Interactive Online Courses Quiz Activity

Quiz 87

Tip of The week: Make your Canvas course interactive by adding Raptivity interactions to it


Canvas integration with Raptivity easy integration of Raptivity interactions Tip of the week

Top E-learning Authoring Tools to Create Interactive Training Courses – Rapid E-Learning for Effective Training


HTML5-based training courses are compatible with multiple devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and others. Articulate Storyline 2 – The tool provides a custom workspace with built-in templates to create highly engaging courses as per the bespoke needs of all. Storyline creates Flash and HTML5-based courses, easily accessible on tablets and smartphones (both Android and iOS).

A Wrapper for Raptivity Interactions


Raptivity for many years has done a fantastic job of providing a means of creating interesting, fun and educational interactions that anyone can create. The interactions are stand-alone pieces that can be embedded into web based training, mobile learning, an […].

Spot The Difference eLearning Interaction in Manufacturing Industry

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Authoring Tools eLearning Articulate challenge Articulate Storyline Articulate Storyline 360 Elearning eLearning community Elearning courses eLearning Interaction Manufacturing industry Spot the Difference eLearning Interaction Storyline360

How to Include Interactive Elements in Online Courses


Interactive learning builds long-term memory and helps learner stay focused. Are you using it in your course? In the early days of e-learning, the format most instructors used for creating an online course mimicked the classic lecture format. Many courses were text-based, or included taped lectures from actual seminars. There’s nothing wrong with the basic course model described above. These courses have a lot to gain from a more interactive learning model.

Why Interactive Videos Are Good for Corporate Learning


With increased technological advances, corporations have more access to customized interactive learning than ever before. Here are some of the most important benefits of using interactive videos in corporate training. They’re interactive… duh!

5 Simple and Effective eLearning Interactions

Bottom-Line Performance

Why invest in eLearning courses instead of “flat” media like powerpoints and webinars? The interactivity, of course. Besides the obvious benefits of reduced costs and a virtual training environment, eLearning allows learners to practice new skills and concepts safely through a variety of interactions. The resulting list of five eLearning interactions is a great starting point for structuring content that really helps change attitudes and behaviors.

Custom made Zoom-in Interaction for Better Training Performance

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Zoom-in interaction is one of the best customized elearning interactions in Articulate Storyline 360. This type of interaction can be majorly used for learning and training purpose where learner can be immersed with real time interactions so that to retain the knowledge for a longer period.

e-Learning Templates: Interactive Templates For Quick and Easy Course Creation in Articulate Storyline

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Swift Elearning release the new set of Articulate Storyline ready-to-use interactive elearning templates to help budding developers and instructional designer in custom elearining content development. Interaction- 002 In spite of the simplistic styling pattern, the color combination makes the template very attractive and eye-catching.

Case Study – Custom eLearning Interactivities using Articulate Storyline 360

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When we develop customized eLearning courses, we always make sure that client satisfaction is the ultimate success. As a… Authoring Tools Case Study eLearning Articulate Storyline 360 Authoring Tool balloon bouncing interactivity case study for eLearning custom eLearning customized elearning Elearning case study Elearning courses elearning interactivities engaging eLearning interactions manufacturing company onboard training program onboarding

How to Structure an eLearning Interaction

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Whether you are designing an eLearning course or an instructor-led session, your solution will likely include a series carefully-planned learning interactions. These interactions should be closely tied to one of your instructional objectives: what learners should know, do, or believe after completing the activity. I interviewed our Manager of Instructional Design, Jennifer Bertram , to learn more about what goes in to creating learning interactions.

HTML5 – The Future of Responsive eLearning Courses

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Authoring Tools eLearning HTML5 Responsive Learning accessibility Adobe Flash Authoring tools Elearning Elearning courses eLearning development Engaging Courses Engaging elearning Flash future of eLearning graphics HTML5 courses HTML5 eLearning HTML5 features interactions interactivity mobile learning responsive courses responsive eLearning

Interactive Learning Design: Using An Interactive Learning Software to Increase Engagement In eLearning Courses


Involving learners is the key to engaging them and that can only be achieved by making your course interactive. Interactivity also brings in a plethora of other benefits, like: It bridges the instructor-learner gap and helps in engaging learners. It goes a long way in helping learners retain and apply knowledge after the course. This eBook focuses on the practical aspects of interactive learning design.

eLearning: Interactive vs. Engaging

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by Sally Cox    People love to talk about how they want their eLearning courses to be interactive, but to be really effective eLearning, it has to do more than just interact with the learner; it has to engage them.    Just adding a simple button is interactive, but it's not engaging the learner.   Just as you would review with students in a traditional classroom, it's equally important to review with them in an eLearning course.

Articulate Storyline 360: Timeline Interactivities to Engage the Learners

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There is no second thought that the courses with custom eLearning Interactivities will be engaging when compared to the passive eLearning courses. Most of our stakeholders, go for custom eLearning design, where interactive eLearning elements need to be included to immerse the learners.

Creating Interactive Training Modules: A Step-By-Step Guide


The digital era has relegated static online courses to the pages of history. Fortunately, developing interactive online training modules has become more manageable with the availability of online tools. But first let’s look at some interactive training essentials.

The Evolution of an Interactive Scenario

Rapid eLearning

Originally, the interactive scenario started as a PowerPoint file that was published with Articulate Studio to demonstrate how to create simple branched scenarios in PowerPoint. Interactive Scenario: PowerPoint. Click to view the interactive scenario create with PowerPoint. In those cases, PowerPoint isn’t the best solution for interactive courses. Interactive Scenario: Storyline. Interactive Scenario: Rise 360 Content Blocks.