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Top 11 to 20 Authoring Tools for 2013

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20 Lectora Inspire. where Lectora is based). Tin Can API support, HTML5 output, ADA 508 and SCORM. HTML5 integration, SCORM. Output to HTML5. Another wonderful authoring tool that adds the “social learning” component to it. Publishes to HTML5.

Times are changing – trends in the content authoring tool market

eLearning 24-7

Remember when only a few offered the PPT to Flash option in their tools? It has blown past social learning, and continues to roll. Going back into 2010, there were less than nine, of which there was one who could output to HTML5, although it wasn’t really true HTML5 output. Output to HTML5HTML5 across the tech space is continuing to grow – at a strong clip. They output only to HTML5.