Webinar: Customizing a Customizable Courseware Scenario in Storyline

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Many companies turn to pre-made courseware for their professional soft skills training needs. For one, in most cases, you aren’t able to customize them to your company branding guidelines. Enter Customizable Courseware Professional Soft Skills Library from eLearning Brothers.

Customize Your Customizable Courseware In the Cloud With Lectora Online

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Our Professional Soft Skills Customizable Courseware is now available with Lectora Online source files. You can now collaborate online with your team as you customize these training courses to your heart’s content. What is Customizable Courseware? Managing Customers.

Webinar: Get a $5,000 Credit For Our Customizable Courseware

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In this webinar, our own Drew Norton gave a demonstration of how Customizable Courseware can save you more than one full year of work. Watch the recording below to learn: -What problems can be solved by Customizable Courseware. How Customizable Courseware can save you $$$.

Customizable Courseware for Creating Compassionate Customer Service Courses

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For most businesses, one could argue that their mission is to serve those that patronize their products and services. If that is the case, such businesses ought to make customers and clients their top priority.

What People Are Saying About Customizable Courseware

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In May of 2017, we launched a product that changed the eLearning industry—Customizable Courseware. Now, no one has made that day a global holiday in recognition—yet—but our customers have let us know how much they love Customizable Courseware. Customizable Courseware.

A Q&A with the Queen of Customizable Courseware

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Today I sat down with Chris Willis, Senior Product Manager for Customizable Courseware , and got the scoop on this growing catalog of fully built, fully customizable training courses. When we first brought up the idea of Customizable Courseware to you, what was your reaction?

Put Down That Stress Ball! Customizable Courseware Can Help

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That’s why we created our Stress Management Customizable Courseware. Build an entire custom training program with Customizable Courseware. Learn more about our Customizable Courseware library and preview the entire Stress Management course now. Customizable Courseware.

Webinar: Using Lectora to Personalize Your Customizable Courseware

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Enter our Professional Soft Skills Customizable Courseware Library ! This webinar was the first of a 3-part, hands-on Customizable Courseware rebranding series. For a recording of another webinar discussing our Customizable Courseware Scenarios, click here.

Teach Soft Skills With eLearning Brothers Customizable Courseware

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We offer a pre-built, interactive, easily customized course all about interpersonal skills in our Customizable Courseware Library. What is the Customizable Courseware Library? Enter our Professional Soft Skills Customizable Courseware Library.

Everything You Need to Know About Why Customizable Courseware Rocks

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You’ve probably heard about our Customizable Courseware at this point. But on the off chance that you HAVEN’T heard all about our new and amazing Customizable Courseware and you want to know all about it, then the following articles are for you!

Interactive Soft Skills Training with New Customizable Courseware

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We’ve done this by creating amazing templates for you to kickstart your projects and custom solutions for some of the biggest companies in the world. But between Templates and Custom Development, there is a huge pay gap, time gap and resource gap that has never been filled… until now.

Webinar: Once Upon a Scenario: Making Customizable Courseware Fit Your Brand

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Last week we held a fantastic webinar about our new Customizable Courseware. Chris Willis joined us in a demonstration of how scenarios can benefit your eLearning, and how they are used in Customizable Courseware.

eLearning Brothers Launches a First in the Training Market – Customizable Courseware

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Salt Lake City Utah – eLearning Brothers announced today a first in the training industry – Customizable Courseware. Two things differentiate the product from any other offering available today. Managing Customers. Customer Service.

A Conversation about New “Agile Courseware” Book

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I received a notice in my in-box the other day about a new self-published book that discussed the idea of something called Lean-Agile Courseware by Raytheon. Kapp: You’ve just released an eBook called Lean-Agile Courseware, what is the book about?

5 Professional Soft Skills for Rock Star Customer Service

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Chris Willis, Product Manager for Customizable Courseware, wrote a great article for D2L on developing soft skills for customer service. The post 5 Professional Soft Skills for Rock Star Customer Service appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

Why Custom Courseware is the Future of Enterprise Learning

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Almost without exception, these corporate leaders proceed to explain how their products and services are faster, better and more cutting-edge – whatever the unique qualities are that distinguish their business from industry rivals. With this knowledge, we have just uncovered an ideal subject for your first piece of custom courseware. You can use a custom courseware initiative to define what makes your company unique and why somebody would want to do business with you.

Considerations in Developing Accessible Courseware

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So that’s the first consideration; regardless of the customer – whether federal or state agency, or an association or non-profit, or a company from another country – they may well have their own version of the Accessibility requirements. While a custom CC function can be created using creative layers and triggers, it is far from ideal. The post Considerations in Developing Accessible Courseware appeared first on ICS Learning Group

Looking for Business Ethics Training? Look No Further.

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The definition of “ethics” varies dramatically among industries, and rules change when dealing with governmental agencies or international employees or customers. Businesses build a loyal customer base by acting with integrity and high ethical standards. Customizable Courseware.

5 eLearning Trend Predictions for 2018

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If you’re interested in developing responsive design but don’t have the man-hours to devote to in-house responsive learning development, contact our Custom Solutions team to learn how we can help develop the responsive mLearning of your dreams!

Why You Should Attend Our Upcoming Webinars

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Things you can expect from an eLearning Brothers webinar: Learn about at least one new product or a better way to use a product you already have. Using Customizable Courseware to Prevent Workplace Harassment. Get a $5,000 Credit For Our Customizable Courseware.

The Secret to Running a Good Meeting

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Every organization struggles with meeting productivity. That’s why we created our Meeting Management Customizable Courseware soft skills course. This course is a great way to help your employees or colleagues become better at leading efficient, productive meetings.

A Gift For Our Favorite Rockstars

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In the spirit of giving we want to say thank you to all members of eLearning Brothers by giving you a: FREE Customizable Courseware lesson of your choice—worth $4,500! . Customer Service. Handling a Difficult Customer. Are you ready for the holidays?

Slips, Trips, and Falls: Safety Training Is Here to Catch You

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That’s where our new Customizable Courseware Safety Training comes in. The best part about this library of fully built safety training courseware? That means you can customize it to fit your organization’s exact needs. 5,190 workers were killed on the job in 2016.

This Fire Safety Course is Hot

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eLearning Brothers Customizable Courseware Safety Training is here to help save the day! These courses are unlike any other off-the-shelf courseware you may have purchased in the past. That means you can customize it to fit your organization’s exact needs. In the United States….

Put the Pedal to the Metal With Your Storyline Development: Part 2

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Here you can customize and create multiple Master Slides for your project. Did you know you can customize the look/feel of your quiz question feedback? Simply go to View – Feedback Master , and customize away. Customizable Courseware.

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Blend Outside of the Box – Part 1

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That’s why eLearning Brothers Customizable Courseware comes ready to mix and match in both formats. Here at eLearning Brothers, we share our webinar recordings with our internal team and broader eLearning Brothers customer family. Customizable Courseware.

Webinar: Control Your eLearning Universe with the Master Suite Toolbox

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The Training Arcade is a library of fun, mobile-ready, casual games that can be rapidly customized with your content to reinforce educational material, assess knowledge retention, measure overall teaching effectiveness, and improve learning outcomes. Customizable Courseware.

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5 Considerations Before Choosing an LMS

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In today’s world of incredible technology, there seems to be a myriad of products for every need. I have evaluated dozens of different tools, products, and packages in my 15+ years in the industry.

Best Practices for Effective Soft Skills Training

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Savvy organizations take time to customize soft skills training so that it not only addresses their desired learning objectives, but does it with highly targeted, interactive courses that look and feel professional, and make good use of employee time.

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How Apple Killed Flash for eLearning (and What to do with All That Non-Compatible Courseware)


In 2010, Steve Jobs singlehandedly started one of the biggest–OK, maybe the only–software feuds by stating that Apple products wouldn’t support Flash, citing reasons like a high fail rate, lag time, and the overall unnecessary nature of the platform.

Word on the Street: A Time and a Place for eLearning

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In fact, our Customizable Courseware includes instructor-led training (ILT) support materials. We also provide custom eLearning development if you don’t have the time or staff to create your own content.

How xAPI Benefits the Learner

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Mike Hruska, President and CEO of Problem Solutions, wrote a great guest post for us talking about human capital analytics and how xAPI is rapidly changing and catalyzing technology and product development in learning, education, and training. Talk to our Custom Solutions team today.

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Enhance the Productivity of Your Employees with Online Training

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But, these are not customized to his needs. When organizations overlook the gaps in skills and neglect the importance of training, it can make a big dent in productivity. So, let’s see how e-learning can enhance the productivity of corporate organizations.

Custom E-Learning: How Does it Benefit Organizations

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Do we opt for off-the-shelf learning programs or custom learning solutions? This would be possible only through a custom e-learning solution. Read on to know more about how organizations can benefit through custom e-learning solutions. eLearning Design Custom eLearning

The Learner, 70:20:10 and Customer Experience

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And not to hold you in suspense, I am advocating we begin to think of learners as customers and every aspect of the learning experience as a customer experience. In the customer experience (Cx), world companies look at their service by way of touchpoints.