A Q&A with the Queen of Customizable Courseware

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Today I sat down with Chris Willis, Senior Product Manager for Customizable Courseware , and got the scoop on this growing catalog of fully built, fully customizable training courses. When we first brought up the idea of Customizable Courseware to you, what was your reaction?

Put Down That Stress Ball! Customizable Courseware Can Help

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That’s why we created our Stress Management Customizable Courseware. Build an entire custom training program with Customizable Courseware. Learn more about our Customizable Courseware library and preview the entire Stress Management course now. Customizable Courseware.

eLearning Brothers Launches a First in the Training Market – Customizable Courseware

eLearning Brothers

Salt Lake City Utah – eLearning Brothers announced today a first in the training industry – Customizable Courseware. You can buy ‘canned courseware’ but then you are constrained to what someone else thought was best for your company.

Implementation of Effective Blended Learning Program for Employee Onboarding


Induction programs are an integral part of the training calendar of any organization. However, it is a challenge to develop an effective induction program that covers distant geographies and conflicting learners’ schedules, and at the same time retaining the learners’ attention.

Stop Committing These Presentation Crimes

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Our Soft Skills Customizable Courseware presentation skills course will help participants prepare a compelling presentation and overcome common presentation issues. Our Presentation Skills Customizable Courseware helps you: Create more compelling presentations.

How Digital Content can Support your Blended Learning Program

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eLearning online learning coursewareWhat is blended learning? Blended learning uses two or more training methods combined together to achieve the desired learning outcomes. An example would be a mix of traditional classroom training supported by prerequisite digital learning modules.

Office Themed Articulate Storyline Templates for Corporate Induction Training

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We have developed an eLearning courseware in Articulate Storyline 360 on a Staff Induction Program for one of our clients from Middle East (Dubai – UAE) who holds more than 10,000 employees across the globe. Elearning templates create an ease in developing interactive eLearning courses. This eliminates the course developing from scratch and saves plenty of time.

How to Reuse Content with Learning Objects in eLearning Courseware Creation

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One key component to building effective learning programs is the use of learning objects. If you’re creating multiple eLearning programs , this simplifies the process and cuts development time drastically. If you’re just embarking on your online course creation journey, the plethora of unfamiliar terms and methods of development can be daunting. Fortunately, learning how to reuse content with authoring tools like MyEcontentFactory is much easier than it initially appears.

Is Gagne Relevant for eLearning Courseware Design?

Tony Karrer

I completely understand his point about the misapplication of this model and the fact that applying it without some creativity leads to boring courseware. But, wait, maybe we can convince the compliance office to allow us to ask learners if they've noticed any questionable behavior (which is actually one of the goals of more enlightened compliance programs - they do want reporting of possible incidents)?

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous eLearning for Business Training Programs

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If your company is redesigning a training program or building one from the ground up, you may not be sure what your next move should be. You might share eLearning courseware videos then discuss the content.

How Apple Killed Flash for eLearning (and What to do with All That Non-Compatible Courseware)


But with so many learners using their tablets as educational machines, it could mean that much of your current courseware is effectively DOA if your developer utilized Flash during authoring. Common Sense Options for Outdated Courseware.

Teaching Kids Programming

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Lynn Langit and her partner Llewellyn Falco firmly believe that programming should be a core skill taught in middle and high schools across the globe. Together, they combined years of professional programming experience to create Teaching Kids Programming (TKP).

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Programming Is Back The Rise of HTML5 for E Learning

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“Just program it in HTML5.” I would present at conferences and proclaim that attendees needed some of these programming skills. People would smile, shake my hand, and agree to learn more programming skills—and then they would hire me to create their programs for them.

Best Practices for Effective Soft Skills Training

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Here are a few best practices I’ve collected over the past couple decades leading award-winning, custom developed training programs. Take some time to learn more about our Customizable Courseware Professional Soft Skills Library.

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E-Learning, the Cathedral and the Bazaar: Courseware Development Approaches

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Note that some users have advanced programming skills, and furthermore, each user's machine provides an additional testing environment. in extreme programming ). the starkly different economies have given rise to starkly different programming cultures.

Trend Towards Open Educational Resources and Publishing

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Colleges and universities all over the US are participating in programs that give their students access to open educational resources (OER) in the form of free or very low-cost course materials and tools. eLearning OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES online learning metadata courseware Publishing

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Quickly Assemble your Ideal Training Program

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Easy access to appropriate off the shelf courseware can help you deploy the training program quickly. Discover what your A players need and want to learn, and you’ll identify the core training that will best fulfill your organization’s vision, mission and strategy.

Trend Towards Open Educational Resources and Publishing OER

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Colleges and universities all over the US are participating in programs that give their students access to open educational resources (OER) in the form of free or very low-cost course materials and tools. eLearning OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES online learning metadata courseware Publishing

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The Evolving Role of E-Learning in Corporate Training


Benefits of E-Learning to Large Organisations : This post by Elcom CMS analyses how an enterprise or government organisation can benefit from deploying an e-learning program on their Learning Management System (LMS). THE QUOTE: “ The future of e-Learning is wide open!

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MOOCs In Workplace Learning – Part 1: Some Points To Consider


While we still think in terms of “courses”, IMHO corporate MOOCs will consist of shorter programs designed following micro-learning principles and good instructional design basics. can be put together to design a “program”.

Awesome Quotes On The Evolving Nature Of Learning


Employees are eager to manage their own learning than spending time with structured learning programs. Yet, for our adult learners, we still make learning programs that include tightly packed instructions. QUOTE. “

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IBM Launches New Skills Programs

CLO Magazine

5 IBM has announced an array of programs and resources to help students and IT professionals develop new technology skills and prepare for jobs of the future. The initiatives include new training courses and resources for IT professionals, technology and curriculum materials for educators and expanded programs to directly engage students with real-world business challenges.

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Reach Explosive Sales Success With the Integrity Sales System

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What if we combined a proven effective instructor-led sales training system with our own expertly crafted Customizable Courseware? Create a blended sales training program using customizable ILT and eLearning courses. Recently, we had a big idea.

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MOOCs In Workplace Learning – Part 2: Designing a MOOC


Custom Built – The base content of a MOOC can consist of custom-designed content as required by the org and the purpose of the program. PROGRAM OUTLINE AND OBJECTIVES. MOOCs typically provide an overview of the program along with an outline, a recommended learning path, and objectives.

Top 11 Disruptive E-Learning Technologies For 2013


In the e-learning scenario, Big Data is the data produced by learners interacting with the learning content and collected through Learning Management Systems (LMS), Content Management Systems (CMS) and other media, including social networks via which the learners interact with our learning programs.

Building a better learning and development program


Building a better learning and development program. Implementing a learning and development program provides companies with tremendous advantages and opportunities. There are a handful of mistakes companies often make with learning and development programs.

Effective Translation of E-learning Courses – 4 Tips [Infographic]

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Translations of online courses act as a linguistic bridge, which could otherwise restrict the global relevance of your training program. Related Posts Why Translation Is Crucial For The Success Of Your Training Program? Learning Technology Courseware Translations

The Transformative Journey of Corporate MOOCs


presents another interesting thought on how corporates can effectively make use of MOOCs in delivering embedded performance support in their training programs. .

Master the Work-Life Balancing Act With This Soft Skills Training

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From our Customizable Courseware catalog, this course helps employees hone in on what matters most to them and develop strategies for setting priorities for using time in personally meaningful ways. Customizable Courseware.

Fitting Your eLearning Program into Larger Corporate Strategy


In order to see the results you want from your elearning program, your training strategy can’t exist in a vacuum. Therefore, before you spend a cent on elearning courseware, online books, or any other online learning tools, you need to deeply understand your corporate goals.

MOOCs in Workplace Learning – Part 4: Role in Corporate Universities


CUs also help to build strong customer relationships by bringing customer feedback into the programs, and enabling critical skill building like leadership, which is #1 priority for all orgs across all sectors as mentioned above. Training and programs related to strategic and operational competencies unique to the organization can be designed in-house while more generic industry and academic specific competencies can be acquired via open MOOCs. The world has gotten complicated.

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MOOCs in Workplace Learning – Part 3: Launching a MOOC


This is a continuation of my MOOC series and also a post that draws a lot from the #MSLOC430 Community and MOOC (“C” type) that I am participating in — the open section of the graduate course in the Master’s Program in Learning and Organizational Change at Northwestern University. A MOOC is NOT a linear program (though xMOOCs do give that feeling) with a neat start and en end.

Unity Makes Education Bundles Available to Support Game Development Programs by News Editor

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Certified Developer Courseware, certification exams, and education software license bundles are now available for purchase. by academic institutions to support their game development programs. Unity, the industry’s leading tool for creating games and interactive experiences, is very excited to announce that Unity. Games & Learning Professional Development Training Strategies

Overcoming Generation Differences When Building Learning: Part 2

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Whether creating a training program when all three groups are in the room or accessing courses online demands the learning designer incorporate specific ways of delivering information with the appropriate assets, techniques, and technologies.

Employee Training Metrics: 7 Ways HR Experts Use Them


How do you measure the effectiveness of a training program? It is admittedly a difficult task, but there are multiple ways to track employee training metrics to measure the effectiveness of your training program. Sure, assessments are one way of doing it.

What you need 2 know: 3rd Party Content

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Then: The usual content included Business Skills (I include Sales here – some folks have it as a separate category), Compliance, Software – usually Microsoft related, and some technical programming stuff depending on who you went to, Leadership Development, Health and Safety. 3rd party content providers content courseware LEP LMS Uncategorized Content ProvidersThere may come a time, when you need content.

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Mobile Learning Moves the Evolution of Authoring Tools

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In the early 1990s, the industry was largely dominated by PC-based applications that required programming to “author” computer-based training (CBT). While powerful for their time, these tools were not easy to use, requiring complex programming skills. Using Authorware , learning professionals could create learning programs with hyper-simplistic designs, primarily through dragging and dropping icons.