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Why EasyGenerator isn’t open source

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Before I joined EasyGenerator we had a series of discussions about a number of topics. The question was: should EasyGenerator become open source or should it stay proprietary. I want to answer the question based on three different outlooks: the business perspective (as a producer of software), the partner perspective and the end user or customer perspective. Everybody else can offer the same services as you. Customer perspective.

Easygenerator 8.3 released


Easygenerator 8.3 Maybe the greatest thing is that it isn't really a seperate edition, in easygenerator terms we added another 'user role'. We added the possibility to add navigation rules based on question score, enabling you to create even more refined branched courses. Based on various requests from customers it will now start with the active page in preview mode. We created a webservice that will allow automated generation of accounts.

Thinking Tree becomes partner of easygenerator for India


We are very proud to announce a partnership between 'Thinking Tree' and easygenerator. Thinking Tree will market and sell easygenerators online e-Learning platform in the Indian market. For easygenerator this is great news: we didn't have a local partner for India up till now. The Indian e-Learning market is a very special one because there a many companies in India providing e-Learning services to companies in the United States and Europe.

Start-up growth Challenge

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That time has come for Easygenerator. Today, Easygenerator is a 30-employee company (divided over four countries), and we are still growing. At our current stage, we employ specialists for product development, marketing, sales, operations, customer success, and finance.

Easygenerator 8.3 is Officially Released, Free eLearning Authoring Software is Now Available!


Easygenerator 8.3 Maybe the greatest thing is that it isn’t really a seperate edition, in easygenerator terms we added another ‘user role’ This means that all future changes and new functionalities will automatically be available to users of the free edition too!

Employee-generated Learning is now mainstream

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Easygenerator started pioneering the Employee-generated Learning approach in 2013. We now have over 1,000 customers in 70 countries. They try to offer products and services similar to Easygenerator’s. Quality and service.

5 authoring tool examples to help you make the best choice


What it really boils down to when choosing an authoring tool is the type of elearning you want to create, what your learners are expecting and the team behind it. . Creating high-quality elearning with exceptional results. Short learning curve and can start creating quickly.

QMlive: The way software should be « Change to learn

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Skip to content Homepage Kasper Spiro Change to learn “ On a mission to make EasyGenerator the best and most successful e-Learning authoring tool in the world ” ‹ Output management Social networks › February 6, 2010 QMlive: The way software should be One of the roles I have at Stoas is the role of Product manager for Questionmark Perception. It is our most important product, both in number of customers, sold services and overall revenues.

New E-Learning Rankings: Authoring Tools

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I’m not a lead gen for the vendors listed – rather the goal is to provide you with vendors that meet numerous criteria including UI, features, support/service, mobile, feedback from current and past clients and future game plans. Everyone loves lists.

Top 75 eLearning Posts - May 2010

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LMS Template - eLearning 24-7 , May 21, 2010 Provides a template you can use when comparing LMS vendors, thus creating an apple to apple process. In a previous post I shared how to create the graphic elements for that course in PowerPoint. continued) - Sana Easy Bloggers , May 10, 2010 Last week we shared our visions on using Google services (such as Analytics) as an alternative to expensive LMS software. will take Sana EasyGenerator as an example.