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7 Best eBook Converters for Bulk Conversion


Kitaboo allows you to convert your PDF documents into ePUB3 and Mobi/KF8 eBooks with various interactive features such as video links, external hyperlinks, audio files and more. Learn how to create an interactive ebook . based custom eBook readers, and more. It is a paid service. Cannot customize the output. Guide: How to Create a DRM Protected eBook. It can view and create new eBooks. File size limit is 25MB.

6 Factors to Consider while Digitizing Books at Scale

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The ASCII format helps to reduce file size and allows text to be searched, reformatted or processed by third-party applications. By making books available online you can target new customers who are unable to travel to a brick-and-mortar store to make a purchase. In this method, the binding of the book is cut off to create a sheaf of loose leaf papers, which are then fed into an automatic document feeder for scanning. What is Book Digitization?

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UNINETT Spreads New Technologies Across Norway With eCampus Program

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UNINETT eCampus provides many centralized services including Mediasite , Matterhorn , Adobe Connect , Box , FileSender and Camtasia Relay. UNINETT already provided the physical network and a division for centralized administrative systems for academic institutions among other services, but its reach was limited to the outer brinks of education— it was time to delve into the classroom. “An Centralized tools and services are important mechanisms to achieve this.”.

Introducing Tech Tuesday toolbox

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KPIs from cloud services, spreadsheets, database in one place. Pick an existing quiz or create your own for review, formative assessment, and more. Quickly find media that is inflating the file size and reliably and easily replace fonts throughout your presentation.

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Comparing Video Hosting, Transcribing, and Captioning Tools


This can be a time-consuming process, but fortunately several tools have been created to make this easier for online teachers and instructional designers. As for captioning videos, many DIY tools and paid services are available to help you make your video content more accessible. Department of Education, the company’s CaptionSync service offers transcription as well as automated captioning services. Good customer service. It is a FREE service.

How to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint


You can crop the thumbnail, but the entire video will play as large as it can within the crop frame you’ve created. As soon as you’re in slide show mode, the thumbnail, or custom poster frame is replaced by the preview of the video with the player controls. Essentially, any online video is simply a window in your PowerPoint slide to the service’s website. Insert > Video > Video on My PC > Insert drop-down arrow > Link to File.

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More Than 100 PowerPoint Tutorials & a Free Template

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With as many PowerPoint questions that I get, it’s a good thing that over the past year or so the elearning community has created about 300 PowerPoint tutorials. Create interactive animated scenarios. Create a click and zoom effect to view images. Create a lightbox effect.

Complete Guide To Promote Your YouTube Video


It is highly unlikely that viewers will use symbols like “ © ®” to look for a file. Instead of naming your file “final_video.mp4” or “final_video.avi”, make sure that you rename the video including the same keywords. The file name will be an indicator for search engines describing the contents of your file. Using a Custom Thumbnail and a Call To Action If you have a personal or company website, you can use your YouTube video to promote your website.

mLearning Content Types - Level 4: Reference

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This is an ideal format for organizations creating large volumes of content for their employees to access remotely. text files, PDF documents, images) and doesn’t require much time or effort. access, encryption, security) services

Easy to Use, Easy to Love: Adobe Captivate Prime is Ideal for Enterprise Training

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It creates duplication of content. Trainers and instructional designers want the content they create to be used across courses and for multiple purposes, without its duplication coming into play. #4. This will save you money, time, and effort while increasing the value of the content created. #2. Create playlists so that staff can jump back into learning where they are left off at any time, without having to restart the whole course if they didn’t have time to finish it.

mLearning Content Types - Level 5: Courseware

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As with elearning, HTML provides a platform to create content from the simplest of page-turners to a highly interactive learning experience. access, encryption, security) services

100+ Learning, Design & Technology Resources to Help You Get Sh*t Done

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This low poly generator creates a great looking in a matter of seconds. Files.Design – Professional resources for digital designers including templates, sounds and other files made by Great Simple Studio. Moose by Icons8 — Interesting new option for free stock photos that match each other [link] You can even download them all as a file. Grab this free downloadable library of 150 Custom Color schemes for Microsoft #PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

Video Statistics, Habits, and Trends You Need To Know [New Research]

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Don’t make users spend their time pouring through long, wordy training manuals or documentation to learn about your product or service. The type of content you create matters just as much as the information you are trying to share, this includes video. Right-size your video.

The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


An eLearning content authoring tool is a software package which content developers use to create and package eLearning course content using SCORM or xAPI standards. Functionality in a learning management system that is used to upload and create courses. Customer Training.

Tips for Adding Visuals to Your Social Media

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billion people use Facebook daily, this creates an unprecedented opportunity for marketers to get their video content in front of potential customers. Everything a user has ever liked, clicked, watched, or interacted with is utilized to create an incredibly detailed personal profile.