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Cornerstone OnDemand 3Q 2018 Earnings

Bluewater Learning

The acquisition of Workpop and Grovo Learning. Cornerstone describes Workpop as “an easy-to-use, robust web and mobile solution for candidates and hiring managers in service-based industries.”. Grovo is known for workplace learning and their Microlearning© platform.

Zooming In on Purpose-Driven Microlearning

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Traditional educators have always been challenged to streamline complex concepts into easier-to-digest parts as well as to create multiple learning modalities to suit different preferences.

Excellence in E-Learning

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The first course they created, Insights for Innovation, consisted of five self-paced modules featuring short instructional videos, discussion and projects that can be completed over six weeks. Grovo. Working with Grovo, IHG cut onboarding time from five weeks to two.

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Microlearning—Is it a Good Fit for Your Training Program?

The Learning Dispatch

Organizations are finding that microlearning creates effective training more quickly and less expensively than traditional courses. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to our Sales Team for any questions you have about developing custom training for your organization.

How Microlearning Makes Better Marketers


Lessons may be as varied as public speaking, branding across platforms, creating innovative campaigns, and more. Your employees quickly get ahead of the learning curve and stay there, delivering better service to your customers. Being a marketer means wearing many hats.

2016 LMS Market Trends, Observations and Predictions

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To address the culture shift, hundreds of learning technology providers are taking bold and unprecedented leaps and are creating net new opportunities in the market. After some trial period the free trial customer can optionally convert to a paying customer.

18 Top Learning Systems Trends to Watch in 2018

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Instead, these are precision tools, aimed at customers who are grappling with well-defined issues. This has opened the door for small and medium-sized buyers to invest learning platforms to support education programs for employees, channel partners, customers and other external audiences.

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Learning Management In The Age of Learning Engagement


The fact that we’re still using LMSes two decades into the era of search engines and big data is a testament to how serviceably they’ve stored content and user data until now. Those twin benefits are what create an engaging learning experience.

Why Your Best Individual Contributor Isn’t Ready to be a People Manager


Your best individual contributor is a Maker—they focus on creating a specific product or owning a specific service. A Grovo survey of 500 managers found that 87 percent of managers wish they’d had more training before their promotion.

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The New Corporate Learning Ecosystem: Coexistence at Work

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Imagine creating a dynamic, intelligent learning infrastructure that engages your far-flung workforce, wherever those individuals may be. In corporations, audiences are not created equal. Customers and Prospects.

Learning Experience Platform – WRONG

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Before diving into the functionality they all possess, I’d add a few points: They are ideally suited as a “bolt-on” to an LMS, while they can be a standalone, in nearly all cases the vendors have told me, that the majority of their customers already have an LMS. They are Learn Amp, Degreed and Grovo. . Categories of content always include sales, compliance or similar nomenclature, customer service, tech, leadership development.

Top Learning Systems Trends – A 2019 Extended Enterprise Market Guide

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Cornerstone OnDemand acquired Grovo. That’s because each category involves distinctive use cases, technical requirements, professional services and licensing models. Often, different groups share common content requirements, yet each creates and maintains its own content.

Who will become the Uber of packaged elearning content?


Organisations, more than ever, need to think about how they learn and how they create this culture. In a similar way, the elearning content vendors are sharing content with each other and providing this as a subscription service to corporates. CSOD acquired a leading packaged microlearning provider based in New York, Grovo, for $24m. Another leading LMS, Totara Learn , has also announced its plans to create a content marketplace.

Early Look – Top 50 Learning Systems 4 2018

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The second version or update if you will, includes a link to Find an LMS too. The mini report will include some info on who I am (in case you are wondering or someone else is wondering) and my services (for consumers and vendors). Unless you have like 10-25 customers. Create LMS.

The NexGen LMS Grid

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Vendors in corporate only, regardless if they were employee only, B2B/B2C only or a combination of employee/customer/partner and so forth. Includes free sandbox after customer goes live. Create LMS. Grovo. It’s been a long time coming.

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Types of Learning Systems

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What is a sales enablement platform and why if they pitch it for sales training, does it offer customer service training too? Focuses heavily on “sales training” push BUT also customer service training too. Most customers use them for sales training and customer support training. The biggest name in the micro-learning space was Grovo. Allow administrators to create system roles. Let me ask you an honest question.