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May Newsletter 2017

Global eTraining

After 3 years of engaging with Global eTraining as a customer, Evan is now running the Customer Delivery team. In this capacity, his team will be ensuring that each client receives the highest level of service and value from our delivery team. Newsletter

7 Popular Email Marketing Services Compared


The single-most important thing you can do is cultivate an email list of current and prospective customers for your online courses. What you might not know however is which email marketing service is best for you. Below are the most popular email marketing services available today.

Customer Training – Best Practices

eLearning 24-7

If your company, business, association and firm are one of the hundreds of thousands places out there that provide customer training, this post is for you. Whether you offer it for free as a benefit for them purchasing your product/service/membership, and so forth, or you charge them, attracting, attaining and growing the base is crucial. Some folks like to refer to customer training as customer education. Nowadays, the term is customer onboarding.

Designing Elearning without Audio

The Learning Dispatch

Contact us to learn more about our elearning development services. Creating Engaging—but Silent—Learning Courses. Consider using non-audio quiz-based methods to create interactions. This commentary originally appeared in our June 2018 Learning Dispatch newsletter.

Audio 61

The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Online Course in 2018


Therefore, creating and selling courses online can be quite profitable with many professionals achieving 6- and 7-figure incomes. – How can I create a profitable course? Well, we created this massive guide to answer all those questions for you. Health and related services.

Guide 107

With a little help from our friends: the services we use to build our business


In this post, we’ll have a look at a non exhaustive list of tools, products and services that our various teams use to get their work done. Their service understands developers needs — and that shows in every possible way. Mailchimp – Newsletters.

4 Keys to Successful Branding


Sixty-four percent of customers say they choose brands based on shared values. Successful branding incorporates your company’s values into every aspect of your customer-facing copy, service and operations. So how do you create that strong, successful branding?

Voice 78

How to Create a Business Quiz To Meet Your Marketing Goals


According to Econsultancy Research, Portland Monthly magazine, which has roughly 500 visits per post, created a quiz “What’s Your Portland IQ?” Improving customer engagement. Collecting valuable customer feedback. Creating a buyer persona.

Quiz 59

Evolving From Service Provider to Course Creator to Software Entrepreneur with Sam Brodie from Offsprout Page Builder


Learn about the journey of evolving from service provider to course creator to software entrepreneur with Sam Brodie from Offsprout page builder in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. And then after that, created and released my course on Udemy.

Employee Motivation Is The New Customer Engagement. Top Tips On How To Keep Staff Motivated

WalkMe Training Station

But money by itself is not enough to create real employee motivation. Jordan Fliegel , Founder and President of CoachUp, explains: “The best coaches on the ball field and the best leaders in the office understand that to build a truly winning culture, you need to create intrinsic motivation.

How to Create an Impactful Virtual Learning Environment


Key Tactics to Create an Impactful Virtual Learning Environment. For example, a product manager may not regularly pick up the phone to respond to a customer request, but learning best practices around customer service could help enhance their understanding of the business as a whole. This can create a more engaging learning experience, and give employees a more positive outlook as they complete required training courses.

How to Attract a Loyal Learning Audience, Even on a Tight Budget

Talented Learning

We also engage in training as consumers, business customers or partners. Instead, we offer webinar content at no charge, as a window into the kind of value we (and the sponsor ) provide through paid services. How do you communicate with potential customers and draw them in?

Budget 113

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Zone Alarm Listen UP!! This is NOT Customer Service!

Mark Oehlert

This is NOT Customer Service! My problem, beyond the obvious, is that the response from Zone Alarm acts as if this is just something that happens all the time (probably does) but worse than that - that it is somehow acceptable to create a product that routinely kills multiple hours of customers time fixing the problem! Now click the Service Tab, place a check in "Hide All Microsoft Services." This is NOT Customer Service!

Create More Income, Impact, and Influence for Your Online Courses and Personal Brand with Professional Self-Made YouTuber Sean Cannell


Learn how to create more income, impact, and influence for your online courses and personal brand with professional self-made YouTuber Sean Cannell in this episode of LMScast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. And for me though, I got so crystal clear on wanting to create passive income.

Your Association Members & Customers Have an Ear for Podcasts

WBT Systems

By adding podcasts to your online learning curriculum and communication strategy, you will attract the attention and loyalty of members, customers, and prospects, while enhancing the impact of your educational content. Inexpensive and easy to create. They’ve created podcasts as standalone units and incorporated them into broader programs. Planning out the shows and creating an outline of the discussions should take upwards of an hour a month.”.

Quality assurance in elearning

Sponge UK

It’s a way of maintaining standards and making sure customers get a consistently high standard of service or product. First of all, there are a lot separate aspects involved in creating elearning which cut across a variety of disciplines; words, images, videos, interactions, technology.

Top 5 collaboration tools

Sponge UK

Creating effective elearning requires many different skills and collaboration between team members is crucial to success. Creating groups for different teams is easy and provides a great way to get input from a team of people quickly and efficiently.

You Just Selected a Shiny New LMS. Great! Now What?

Talented Learning

4) Create a project game plan. But if you create a tactical roadmap and relevant rules, you’ll be better prepared to adjust without losing momentum. Create a coherent storage structure, but save it all.

Creating Online Social Learning Membership Sites with Web Development Agency Owner, BuddyPress Expert, and StudyChurch Founder Tanner Moushey


Learn about creating online social learning membership sites with web development agency owner, BuddyPress expert, and StudyChurch founder Tanner Moushey in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Tanner offers web design services at

Site 56

Big Niches and Creating an Ecosystem Around Your Tribe with Avery White of Third Person Creative


Big niches and creating an ecosystem around your tribe with Avery White of Third Person Creative in this episode of LMScast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Avery created a course on his site that walks people through how to get to a functioning WordPress site from nothing.

Developing Training Material for Hi-Tech IT Products – Our Expertise, Your Advantage

Origin Learning

Besides doing all this, an IT organization also has a parallel need to simultaneously create courses that can educate the end-users or customers about how to use these products. People must be explained why using a particular new software product or service will add value to them.

Are Your Employees Stuck? How to Create a Culture of Learning to Keep Them Motivated


So, now that you’ve seen the stats, here’s how to create a culture of learning at your organization. Perhaps it’s based on outreach or other services successfully provided. For example, a larger learning goal might be: By the end of the quarter, I will read three business communication books and create a tactical presentation informed by my reading for the team sales meeting. Consider hiring learning experts to create custom learning solutions for your employees.

The Training Manager’s Guide to Accessible Elearning

The Learning Dispatch

For those who create training or administer training programs, that means considering and meeting the needs of learners with disabilities. A Guide for Creating and Buying Accessible Online Training within Your Organization’s Training Program. Ensure Vendors Create Accessible Training.

Scenario-Based Learning in Higher Ed

Experiencing eLearning

After all, if you’re getting a marketing degree, what’s more valuable–knowing how to write an essay or how to create a PowerPoint presentation? Instead of writing an essay on cognitive dissonance, students wrote an article for an internal newsletter.

Email Marketing Tips for Online Course Creators


Simply creating an online courses and putting a price onto it will only get you so far. It helps you build your customer base and is one of the most effective ways to get repeat business and referrals from happy students. Grow Your Customer Base with Effective Email Campaigns.

Market 179

Marketing Training to Your Employees: Building Excitement and Buzz

Association eLearning

Launching a new training program is a lot like launching a new product or service at your organization. Your marketing team knows that promotion begins well before a product or service launches. Taking popular movie posters, they created spoofs based on the training that was coming out.

Market 222

10 Reasons to Join The eLearning Guild

Web Courseworks

I remember the days when Web Courseworks’ customers did not have online course instructional developers or designers and LMS administrators on staff. Other publications include an eLearning Weekly Newsletter and other publications.

2017 Year-End Review

Association eLearning

At Digitec Interactive we’ve been busy forming new partnerships, enhancing our technology, creating new solutions, and winning awards. How can we make our products and services even better? What a year it’s been!

5 Transformations Underway in Learning & Development Industry in 2019


In 2015, Udacity created the Nanodegree program as an alternative to conventional, university-grade education. Each nanodegree program comes with expert feedback, community support and involves creating sample projects so that users can build their first portfolios.

Using Video to Move Through the Sales Funnel


Engaging and leading the audience will help to create a successful guide through the funnel that allows customers to move at their own speed. Email newsletter sign-ups and online quizzes are just some ways to make people aware of your product or service.

Sales 76

Elucidat certified as Preferred Provider by Brandon Hall Group


Brandon Hall Group confirms that Elucidat is living their mission, by enabling their clients to create, manage and measure high-quality elearning , that delivers a real-life impact on personal development and business performance.

InFocus Issue 3 - July 2019

Unicorn Training

Authored in partnership with award-winning financial services consultants, FSTP, InFocus is essential reading for anyone working in an FCA regulated firm. Advice Matters added to your platform, please contact your Customer Success Manager for more details

Issue 52

Why This? Why Now? “Working Out Loud”

Learning Rebels

Organizations have long struggled with breaking down knowledge silos that create information hoarding. Working in silo’s is what has created the destructive workplace we have right now. ” Share what you are working on the company blog and department newsletter.

5 Mobile Learning Trends: How M-LearningIs Changing the Workplace

Origin Learning

Service support. Mobile devices are a boon for on-the-go support, particularly to customer service or sales representatives who have to directly interact with customers on the sales floor. Subscribe to our newsletter for best learning solutions & practices.

Trends 271

How Quiz Maker Can Help Businesses to Generate Leads


Marketers can now create a quiz from “zero” or use ProProfs library with 1,000,000+ ready-to-use questions and 100k+ customizable quizzes. Get ready to create personality and scored quizzes or, surveys from more than 15 question types. Get ready to know your customers better!

Quiz 83