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Wikis for Improving Productivity

Experiencing eLearning

I’m liveblogging the webinar Growing in a Down Market with PBwiki. Created a specific template structure for contact info. Wiki solves the problem of creating one central location with easy access. Improves customer service b/c people have the right information–you aren’t working on a mortgage and discover halfway through that the rules have changed. Security levels of PBwiki are sufficient for the financial industry.

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No More Little Sandwiches

Tony Karrer

At the start of the week, I found PBWiki Putting Image Over My Images - at least they were cute little sandwiches. I had spoken to the Founder of PBWiki in the past and had very nice conversations. I created my post and immediately felt remorse when Mark Oehlert immediately (via Twitter) asked, "Did you contact them?" Sorry, David and the PBWiki team. I assumed that didn't mean any changes as I pretty much only use the basics on PBWiki.

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Blog or Wiki?

Kapp Notes

I want to create either a Wiki or Blog to share training tips. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the world's largest voluntary health organization dedicated to funding blood cancer research, education, and patient service, is employing a wiki to share best practices. I have used Wikispaces and PBWiki and WetPaint. My favorite for support materials and informaiton is PBwiki. The other day, I received the following question in a comment on this blog.

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