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Franchise Custom Elearning Development


Franchises, with their diverse populations and geographically spread locations, can greatly benefit from custom elearning solutions. While franchises vary in types and sizes, success for every franchise business is always dependent on driving brand quality and service consistency.

eLearning Glossary: Definitions for the Most Commonly Used Terms

Association eLearning

If a customer service agent has had to sit through dry lecture videos that were filmed ten years ago, which are now online, that may be their image of eLearning.” Pedagogy- The art or practice of teaching.

Government of the Principality of Monaco Chooses Coorpacademy to Help Train its Community of Public Servants


For Frédéric Genta, Interministerial Delegate in charge of Digital Transformation in the Principality of Monaco: “In order for our public services to be a model in the digital world, we must help everyone, starting with our people in charge of carrying out our public policies.

E-Learning Design Part 6: CDSM’s Active Learning Model™


This is known as our ‘ pedagogy ’. So it’s important for us to distinguish our skills, expertise and service from other providers in the marketplace. CDSM E-learning Insights Learning Pedagogy Software Active Learning Model CDSM’s Active Learning Model™ Learning Theories

Free e-Learning books


His guidance is as applicable to classroom-based as it is to e-learning based training." — Patty Crowell, director, Global Education Services, LSI Logic 20 webtools applied to teaching by Ana Maria Menezes Theory and Practice of Online Learning - Athabasca University Awarded the Charles A.

How Data Analytics Helps Boosting Your E-Learning Experience


They are created to gather data, analyze and formulate decisions in order to optimize a specific criterion. Creating dynamic course structures by collecting data from peer learners. Whitepaper on Analytics in Learning.

Little Whinging

Clark Quinn

Services. The employees need a performance ecosystem that’s integrated, if you’re going to be able to deliver a good customer experience. And authoring tools should make it easy to do good pedagogy and difficult to do info dump and knowledge test!



Education in India is taking giant leaps forward, both in terms of pedagogy as well as the technology used for imparting learning. Scores of digital learning solution providers have started offering services that leverage technology to create an inclusive learning environment, helping companies achieve greater efficiency and ROI. Chennai (India).

7 big opportunities that MOOCs offer corporates

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While corporates are increasingly realising that classroom delivery is not necessarily the most effective pedagogy for employee development, neither is delivering the training in exactly the same way via a webinar or converting the PowerPoint slides into an online module.

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7 Things to Avoid when Choosing a Video Platform

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If they’re not easy to use for faculty of all skill levels, overly-fancy features can actually deter faculty from creating video altogether. Tom Rosenberger, Director of Online Learning Services at The College of Saint Rose, shares his need to implement solutions with limited staff.

New MOOC Research: What the Findings Mean for Corporate Training

Your Training Edge

Pedagogy is more important than technology. Employee retention, sales, revenue generation, customer service results — these are all metrics that L&D departments should be using to measure the effectiveness and the ROI of their training programs.

The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


An eLearning content authoring tool is a software package which content developers use to create and package eLearning course content using SCORM or xAPI standards. Functionality in a learning management system that is used to upload and create courses. Customer Training.

Learning Management In The Age of Learning Engagement


The fact that we’re still using LMSes two decades into the era of search engines and big data is a testament to how serviceably they’ve stored content and user data until now. Those twin benefits are what create an engaging learning experience.

“Had I not played Battles, I wouldn’t have been amongst the 4 laureates of the Paris Airports MOOC – Discover Sory Fofana’s interview, the player of the millionth Battle on Coorpacademy


The MOOC Paris Airports is an online training platform powered by Coorpacademy which will allow this new learners promotion to specialize in airport services jobs, from welcoming tourists to airport security and assistance to people with reduced mobility. We are proud to help creating jobs in what is the first showcase of France in the world with our pedagogical expertise. The pedagogy is great, and it’s playful at the same time.

The Mobile eLearning Express: A Brief History of Distance Courses

eLearning Brothers

Though the famous mail service only lasted from April 1860 to October 1861,” it was a reflection of early communication methods. Design of mobile pedagogy requires guidelines for a thorough audience analysis, and knowledge of the device delivery and its shortcomings.

2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

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A better system would (1) quantify the educational value provided by CE providers, (2) create a race to the top in which CE providers were awarded an allowance of credits that they could market in return for the value they created.

Moving from Teacher to Facilitator | Social Learning Blog

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It’s in your mind One of the pioneers of adult learning theory, Malcom Knowles , explored the role of adult education and facilitation (andragogy) versus the traditional style of teaching children (pedagogy).

People, Process and Product. P3 in eLearning


Khan (2004) of Khan Academy developed a list of foundational elements that combine to create a complete eLearning framework. Pedagogy refers to teaching and learning. ELearning program development is best explained as a customized learning experience for all stakeholders involved.

Podcast 10: The New Face of Nonprofit Leadership Development – With Meera Chary of Bridgespan

Talented Learning

EPISODE 10 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: What does it take to create a compelling facilitated team learning experience? KEY TAKEAWAYS: Innovative learning technology is helping consulting firms provide high-value advisory services to a much broader audience.

Learn by Walking in Their Shoes

Training Industry

Similarly, a consumer may perceive a customer service representative as apathetic or inept, while the representative views the consumer as difficult and demanding. Here are eight critical elements for success with this approach: Create a video that is robust enough to develop an engaging story arc. Base the product on solid learning pedagogy and neuroscience principles. “Don’t judge a man until you have walked in his shoes.”

Reality Meets VR, AR, and New Learning Technologies

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One characteristic of VR is that it is typically re-creating a real environment – though not always – and is highly immersive. Computer software creates and adds digital elements to the existing environment. New Learning Technologies Offer Powerful Advantages.

Ultimate eLearning terms you should know: Part 2 (M-Z)


One of the main benefits of open source platforms like Moodle is that they’re free and can be highly customized. Understanding who learning content is created for, and what they should learn from it, will shape how it’s designed and presented.

10 Data-Science terms and their applications

Playware Studios

From conventional systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Accounting Information Systems (AIS) to new sources such as Social Media, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Knowledge Management Systems (KMS). GBL pedagogy.

The Challenges of Executive Education

Training Industry

It’s not enough to simply digitalize your offering; new ways of passing on knowledge must be considered, including educational after-sales service, co-development, follow-up and on-demand virtual classes. While digital technology has its own added value as a tool offering greater flexibility, customization and more suitable formats, classroom learning is and will remain necessary. Today, we need to know everything, right away, at all times, whenever it suits us.

People, Process and Product. P3 in eLearning


Khan (2004) of Khan Academy developed a list of foundational elements that combine to create a complete eLearning framework. Pedagogy refers to teaching and learning. ELearning program development is best explained as a customized learning experience for all stakeholders involved. This dimension creates a learner and organization centered eLearning program. Your learning management system providers can also customize your landing page according to your preferences.

School of the Ether

Clark Quinn

All told, there are considerable issues in distribution of devices, and the cost of and uptake of data services, in many locales. However, data services might not be practical for either availability or cost issues.

The Pulse of Mobile Learning

Allison Rossett

While some raise questions about the quality of the pedagogy that drives Khan’s programs, I like the increased access to STEM education and that the effort is catalyst for conversations about quality in technology-based learning. Yapp makes it easy to create an event app, no fuss, no bother. Committed to performance improvement for instructors, customer service reps, drivers, auditors, engineers, and first line supervisors? A faint pulse today.

What the Future Holds for Learning and Development

CLO Magazine

Nicholson: In the insurance and financial services industry, L&D trends tend to develop much more slowly than in other industries. An L&D team’s role should focus on solving business problems, not on creating a course. Elkins: Start creating a portfolio now.

Any e-learning professional

CommLab India

You can personalize your training by tailoring pedagogy, learning styles, learning environments, and curriculum, to meet the needs of individual learners. Organizations that can’t or won’t-customize training, career paths, incentives, and work responsibilities need a call, say Carolyn A.

Free L&D webinars for July 2018

Limestone Learning

Kelly will talk about the insights that have come from this partnership and talk about the key areas where evidence-based science meets improvisational pedagogy. We share knowledge, create resources, give feedback and so much more. Create a click-to-play audio interaction.

Brent Schlenker: Marketers and Game Developers Know More About Learning Than We Do!

Learning Visions

We don’t typically create the new tools in eLearning – that innovation is happening in other places – e.g., marketing. Don’t just read learning design and pedagogy books. Put the customer/consumer/learner first. The best stuff is not trickery – it’s an engaging game; it’s a great product or service. Live session with Brent Schlenker: Marketers and Game Developers Know More About Learning Than We Do!

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Clark Quinn – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


With things changing faster, competitors able to be more nimble, and customers getting more ‘clued in’, companies will have to be more flexible and able to adapt faster, which requires agility. The opportunities are huge and exciting; to create a performance ecosystem where the network is vibrant, performance support is ‘to hand’, and when courses are needed they’re deeply engaging, but we’re not seeing this except in isolated pockets.

Free-form responses on MOOCs+Business

Jay Cross

Pedagogy in xMOOCs. Companies are happy to have their staff attend MOOCs for professional development but I have yet to see if a corporation would create a MOOC. There may be a possibility of the ‘crowd’ seeing through any hidden agendas – is the corporation trying to sell their products and services? It could be a great opportunity to connect companies with their customers? In corporate learning, many companies want customized training.

5 Ways to Prepare & Be an E-Learning Winner

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All you have to do is confuse your employers with words like pedagogy and tell them to consider whether or not the process is legitimate peripheral participation. Many were created by community members and blog readers. Instead see yourself as a vendor who sells elearning services.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Messy Learning OK. Messy Training Not OK.

Learning Visions

Im just back from two this week, and presented yesterday at USQs Pedagogies and Learning Conference in Brisbane. Creating Social Presence in Online Classroom (ID. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff.