How happy employees create happy customers

Rustici Software

Last month, I presented to the Nashville Network of Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) and shared how we’ve built a remarkable place to work at Rustici Software and how that leads to providing exceptional service to our customers. Culture Customers Office

The Importance of Listening to Your Customers (+How It Will Benefit Your Business)


So, what about what our peers, managers, and customers have to say? In business, listening is one of the most important skills that you can have , especially if you take care of a team or have a customer-facing role. Why you Should Listen to Your Customers.

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Create custom 3D models for PowerPoint


From first experiments rotating objects with Morph to ambitious plans to recreate Star Wars in our favourite presentation software, we were determined to push boundaries. Step 1: Create your cube’s faces. Open PowerPoint and create a new presentation.

Training Vision 7: Presenting the Vision and Strategy

Your Training Edge

Summary: You will most likely have to present your training vision and strategy to your executive sponsor and possibly to a financial executive, as well. Let’s examine some ways to effectively present your vision and strategy for 2018.

Agile Microlearning Explained

combine to create an atmosphere where the learner wants to. OttoLearn promotes high engagement by: › Creating a regular, daily training cadence, which normalizes. are created for each Concept. is able to create multiple associations and exercise the. Present elaborated.

Creating Custom Themes: Tips & Takeaways

Adobe Captivate

Earlier this month, I gave a presentation on Creating Custom Themes at our local Adobe Captivate User Group. In this article, I will share some of those lessons learned – as opposed to the step-by-step technique of creating a theme. Next, Create the Master Slides.

Creating a Corporate University Structure

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Regardless of the name, your corporate university is still based on creating value and not just delivering academics. But in the meantime, you should definitely create a structure that includes policies, procedures, and standards.

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iSpring Suite 7: Create Online Presentations with Branching

eLearning Brothers

It is an open secret that with branching it is possible to create a clear-structured presentation to help learners grasp the material faster. There are two easy ways to implement branching in your PowerPoint presentations. #1 Guest post written by Polina Khizhnyak from iSpring.

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How To Create Custom Lesson Layouts for Your LearnDash Courses


Most people want to create an online course that is not only useful, but that is also visually appearing. With WordPress, it’s simple to add media, create various layouts, implement buttons, dynamic text, and so on.

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6 Tips To Create Customized Online Training Content For Your Corporate Learners


If so, then customized online training is your best bet. In this article, I’ll share 6 tips to create customized online training content for your corporate learners. How To Create Customized Online Training Content For Your Corporate Learners.

4 Ways to Close the Learning-Doing Gap for Front-Line Managers

companies to build their own custom solutions”. little emphasis on creating an environment in which. create their own journey to proficiency, we can create. should start before the presentation of knowledge. transfer back to the job—and ultimately to create.

Empower your company trainings with Custom LMS by Paradiso Solutions


Most learning management systems can offer custom LMS solutions that could include features like changing the logo or the colors of your LMS. You’ll need to decide if including branding elements like a logo, company colors and custom URL is enough. Why you need a Custom LMS solution?

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How To Create Successful Infographics?

Origin Learning

However, creating an infographic is not a random process. You must have a clear objective as to why you are going to create this infographic. Do you want your sales team to know the factors that affect customer loyalty? Present your data/findings. Create your infographic.

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Excellence in Customer Training: A Roche Case Study

Bottom-Line Performance

In markets where the products being sold are highly complex, customer training is essential to help make the sale and retain customers. That’s why a huge component of a large product launch is often a refreshed approach to customer training.

mysimpleshow VS. Presentation Tools


mysimpleshow is the online, DIY software that empowers explanation for any presentation. Of course, there are options for choosing keywords and scribbles manually in order to customize videos to any standard of perfection. How do other presentation tools compare?

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Creating Great Custom eLearning Courses Using Varied Interactivities

Adobe Captivate

Learners are presented with a series of items that they think are applicable to a situation. Learners are presented with two pictures and asked about which one is correct or a better way is of performing a procedure. We created a course with a series of interactivities.

How To Make An Effective Customer Testimonial Video

Your Training Edge

A customer testimonial video is a wonderful piece of social media that converts audiences who see it. You will do well to include lots of personal details of the customer to make it realistic and interesting. Identify the Potential Customer.

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Learning to Face Customers


Dealing with customers successfully is a critical skill for an organization, yet developing these abilities is not a given. How can you systematically develop and deliver great customer experience skills? Facing customers is complex. What goes into good customer relations?

Using Your E-book to Create an Online Course


If you have created an e-book then you are well on your way to an online course (and more profit)! If you have an e-book (whether it is selling or not), the following steps outline how you can leverage your e-book to create an online course. Step 3– Create Your Content.

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Adobe Captivate: Custom Freeform Shapes

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

The ability to create a Smart Shape and change it on the fly is awesome. To customize a Smart Shape, right-click a drawn shape and choose  Convert to freeform. Drag the points to create any kind of shape. by Kevin Siegel.

How to Train Your Customer Facing Employees


You ask the salesperson if it’s available, but he asks you to wait and attends another customer instead. That one salesperson- who could have asked another staff member to assist the customer or could have answered the customer’s query for a minute before politely excusing himself to attend to the new customer. This shows how important it is to have quick-thinking and proactive customer facing employees. This is how long-term customer relations are built.

Course Expiration and Custom Routing!


Custom Course Redirection. Many of you using LearnDash are developers creating an LMS for your client and have requested some more flexibility around course redirection. Mark Complete redirection - Create custom routing for any ‘Mark Complete’ button.

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Use PowerPoint to Create Custom Videos

Rapid eLearning

It’s easy to use, almost everyone has a copy so it’s easy to share what’s created, and it does more than create presentations. In fact, I regularly use PowerPoint to create the graphics and custom assets for my e-learning courses.



Srividya Kumar, Co-founder of Learnnovators, took the stage at FocusOn Learning 2016, and presented a case study session to attendees. Chennai (India).

Customer Training – Best Practices

eLearning 24-7

If your company, business, association and firm are one of the hundreds of thousands places out there that provide customer training, this post is for you. Not only that, but it will resolve and solve for that matter a lot of challenges, issues and even worries on the part of each and every one of them – i.e. your customer base. Some folks like to refer to customer training as customer education. The term back in the day was simply providing customer training.

Design Learning Experiences – Not Instructional Presentations

Origin Learning

Continuing the line of thought, our blog post today looks at how we can ensure that the eLearning that we create transcends animated presentations to offer a powerful and engaging learning experience. Design Learning Experiences Not Animated Instructional Presentations.

Elevating customer experience and employees confidence


We try to automate as many things as we can so associates can focus more on serving the customer. We want to be able to give them what they want, when they want it, how they want it, so we can better ensure they serve the customers the way we need them to.

Creating a Positive Course Experience


Any course you create needs to have solid content. Each one presents a unique “feel” that is conducive to the content being offered. One of the biggest aspects in creating this experience are the design elements.

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Optimising your presentations for people with colour blindness


Many of us consider it a key tool when designing presentations – but what effect does this reliance on colour have on people with colour blindness? Why should this affect presentation design? Here at BrightCarbon, we are brave champions of the visual presentation.

How to Customize Free Stock Photos For Your Presentations

Rapid eLearning

Most of us are scrambling to find free assets to use in our presentations and elearning courses. The challenge with all of these free stock photos is that it’s not always easy using them for your presentations or elearning courses as they are.

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Creating a custom question slide with True/False options

Adobe Captivate

Captivate tries to provide a sufficiently flexible environment to create unique quiz interactions but it is really easy to get lost in the user interface trying to find just the right combination of functions. Creating the questions.

How to Make A Thousand Training Videos for YouTube FAST (Customer Story)

TechSmith Camtasia

Avaya, a global provider of business collaboration and communications software and services, created a video library of resources for customers and employees. He was tasked with creating and implementing a library of training videos for Avaya products and services. At a glance.

Presenting The Current Trends In eLearning


or you can even create an e learning platform from various custom eLearning development companies. These can be effective only if they present. In this way, you can create a high impact and immersion.

Customer Shares Inspirational Anniversary Video

TechSmith Camtasia

Following on the heels of the TechSmith anniversary , John Canady, a past participant of TechSmith’s Technical Preview Program*, shared the anniversary video he created with Camtasia Studio 8. “I The post Customer Shares Inspirational Anniversary Video appeared first on TechSmith Blogs.

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Social Learning & The Benefits of Employee Generated Content [Customer Story]


In June 2017, Swisscom Enterprise Customers switched from a top-down L&D content generated approach to a social learning marketplace. In other words: our nearly 5,000 employees conceptualize, create and deliver all of our organization’s corporate learning content.

How to Create a Custom Review Results Slide in Articulate Storyline

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I love the versatility of Articulate Storyline 2 and the ability to forego the default options for navigation in favor of truly custom courseware. Below, you will see the Results slide, which I also customized to my preferences. Create 10 Variables.

Supercharging PowerPoint interactive presentations with VBA (Part 2)


PowerPoint has evolved into an app which is the Swiss Army knife of content creation, not only for presentations but also printed collaterals, videos and even interactive presentations. Not what you want for your interactive presentations.