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Empower your company trainings with Custom LMS by Paradiso Solutions


Most learning management systems can offer custom LMS solutions that could include features like changing the logo or the colors of your LMS. You’ll need to decide if including branding elements like a logo, company colors and custom URL is enough. Why you need a Custom LMS solution?

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XML Workflow: The New Content Process Publishers Need

Magic EdTech

XML also allows publishers to easily repurpose content for other products such as collections of articles or custom products. In an XML-last workflow, tagging is done after print files are complete.

2016 LMS Market Trends, Observations and Predictions

Talented Learning

To address the culture shift, hundreds of learning technology providers are taking bold and unprecedented leaps and are creating net new opportunities in the market. After some trial period the free trial customer can optionally convert to a paying customer.

SCORM Cloud API gets its biggest upgrade of the decade

Rustici Software

After 10 years of delivering millions of registrations to learners across the world, it was time to refresh the programmable interface so many of our customers use to integrate with SCORM Cloud. It was “REST-like” at best as it was created before REST became well established. While the API service structure was novel at the time, it has become dated and past the point of sustainability. Tagging. Tagging still exists in the v2 API. Good news fellow SCORMarians.

Think like a publisher

Clark Quinn

Way back when we were building the adaptive learning system tabbed Intellectricity™, we were counting on a detailed content model that carved up the overall content into discrete elements that could be served up separately to create a unique learning experience.

Personalize Learning by Leveraging Geolocation In Mobiles – The Pokemon Way

CommLab India

You know the sensation ‘Pokémon Go’ created using Geolocation and Time tagging. You can come up with location-based learning services based on the GPS in mobiles. It’s not an impossible thing; you just need to have a mobile learning app with geolocation tagging.

Rebranding Solutions with White Label LMS from Paradiso


When it comes to a SaaS (software as a service) product, it is best for an entrepreneur to leave the IT stunts to the experts. Let the adepts pitch in and provide you a customized solution – mainly a white label solution for your software needs.

Clouds Gather For The Spring TalentLMS Update


And while there’s no new jacuzzi here, you’ll find several major eLearning-related features, some of which you might not have expected at all, while others were created in response to your most popular feature requests. Are you familiar with those surprise “home makeover” TV shows?

Moving Microlearning to the Cloud

Ed App

A cloud-based system organizes learners to work as a team and customizes microlearning content to meet the personal demands in real-time. The focus of this system is to deliver customized OERs as microlearning nuggets to satisfy the real-time needs of learners. The need for cloud-based service has arisen owing to the rapid development and distribution of learning resources. These services run on top of a multimedia cloud infrastructure.

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The Benefits of Gamification In Business

Hurix Digital

” These promising traits; which can create an ideal workforce that integrates with the organizational goals; is the reason for the popularity of Gamification in business. Tagging Strengths & Weaknesses.

Using Social Media for Learning: Tools & Practices #BHsocialmedia

Learning Visions

More content can be created by more contributors. Social media communities can now create communities for external learners – customers, resellers, technicians. Customers are now so knowledgeable about cars using the Internet. Used Ektron ( ) a content management system – which allowed search, tagging, RSS, links, blogs, polls, surveys. Create a safe place for people to ask their questions Sales people could share their own content.

News Commentary Curation Distribution

Tony Karrer

Human tagging? While I'm on it, great post - Feed Standardization Will Commoditize Feed Aggregation, So Let’s Create The Semantic Web! At the end of the day, value is maximized through more efficient custom filtering services that the users can participate in creating.

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Work as Improv Theater: Teaching the Right-Brained Learner.

Dashe & Thomson

Instead, they will focus on organizing and tagging information, and creating systems – technical and social – that let individuals learn how and when it’s best for them.

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Addressing On-Demand Learning and Performance Needs #LCBQ | Social.

Dashe & Thomson

In the past we did this by creating robust electronic performance support systems (EPSS) and making sure that learners knew how to utilize them. In more recent years, websites, wikis and blogs have entered the picture, creating social learning platforms that learners can modify themselves.

Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2015


Compete for personal records on various games created to test your focus, flexibility, memory and speed. Crash Course — With a grant from Google, YouTube personalities John and Hank Green have created a series of videos teaching high school and college-level courses for free.

LearnDash Program with 10,000+ Users


BuddyPress is a popular WordPress plugin (free) that allows you to create a social network component to your WordPress site. Micah: Yeah, I love WordPress as well, I started building sites custom and tried some other things and when I made it to WordPress I was just like “Are you kidding?”

Performer-focused Integration

Clark Quinn

Given the view that it’s all content, I asked whether they thought they covered formal learning, and they agreed that they didn’t deliver training, but often technical writers create training materials: manuals, even online courses. As mentioned above, Yas just cared that they did the necessary tagging!

eLearning for the Petroleum industry with eFrontPro


Creating your orientation material using eFrontPro couldn’t be easier. Where would we be without the petroleum industry? Probably not that far — as we wouldn’t have gas for our cars and motorcycles. .

eLearning for the Petroleum industry with eFrontPro


Creating your orientation material using eFrontPro couldn’t be easier. Where would we be without the petroleum industry? Probably not that far — as we wouldn’t have gas for our cars and motorcycles. .

Global digital tribe

Learning with e's

Most anthropologists agree that a tribe is a (small) society that practices its own customs and culture, and that these define the tribe. These often exhibit customs and cultural values that separate them from activities that occur in ''real life'' contexts.

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LCMS - Warehouse and Authoring

Tony Karrer

My larger customers faced the same problem and use LCMS to fix it. Meta tags provide information on where the content came from, who the owner of the content is, when it was created, when the last time it changed etc. The LCMS can help with workflow and meta tagging. Your natively created content can now be managed at the asset level. But if you have distributed authoring with different kinds of tools (not to mention service providers), it's a lot messier.

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Wonderful Brain

Instead—and most important to our story—these were the folks customers dealt with at the airport, at check in and on the concourse; ticket agents, gate agents and personnel, support staff and customer service agents assigned at two of their New York City airport locations. This was, and actually still is, a young airline; established and branded for quality service and a unique series of amenities on their aircraft.

How to Avoid Technology Hassles with Your Self Hosted WordPress LMS Website with Jonathan Denwood


Hosted LMS companies like Teachable, Thinkific, and Kajabi allow you to create and sell courses on their platform. He also specializes in some online course website services. And for those of you who don’t know the term SaaS, that stands for Software as a Service.

Learning and KM: Separated at birth?

Jay Cross

savvy personnel (most are retired chiefs with more than 20 years’ Navy service). Social technologies are transforming the way that people use the web and, with it, the way that companies engage with their customers and employees.

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Disruptive Technologies and the Future of Learning & Development

Convergence Training

And if it’s not exactly the same in the US as it is in Canada, with the largest percentage of the workforce being 55 and over, it’s certainly similar and a lot of our customers struggle with that as well (having a workforce that’s aging and nearing retirement).

Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

Tony Karrer

There were about 7 examples mentioned including Intuit using a Wiki-like system for customers to ask questions/get advice around taxes, using a group blog with students prior to a formal learning event, the US Army's use of collaboration tools to share best practices in Iraq, and several others. I also left out many external audiences, e.g., customers, grantees, partners, members, etc.

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