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Using Lectora & CourseMill to Create an Easy Access iPad Course


Content Creation Services. Custom Development Services. Custom Content Creation. Customer Support. Using Lectora & CourseMill to Create an Easy Access iPad Course. Cody Hargreaves demonstrates how to create mobile learning. Here are five ideas to consider when creating or converting an e-Learning course with Lectora and CourseMill on the iPad. WAV files are far too large to utilize in a mobile course. Forum. Logins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate

The 2017 release of Adobe Captivate empowers you to leap ahead with a smart eLearning design platform that does the heavy lifting of creating responsive eLearning content. courses created with Adobe Captivate 8 and 9. Corporate training professionals, educators, instructional designers, and all types of business users with limited programming capabilities who want to create product demos, application simulations, soft skill and compliance training, and mobile learning.

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