25 Ways to Increase Customer Retention in a Membership Site


If your customers don’t maintain an active subscription, your revenue from each customer soon dissipates, and growing a profitable membership site business becomes nearly impossible. The post 25 Ways to Increase Customer Retention in a <b>Membership Site</b> appeared first on Thinkific.

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About this change to the site…

Clark Quinn

So, I’d been unhappy with how hard it was to update my site. So what you see is my first stab at a new site. A little background… My ISP, a good friend, colleague, and mentor, was making some changes to how my sites are implemented. While my other sites (Quinnovation and the book sites) are all done in a WYSIWIG tool called RapidWeaver, Learnlets is a WordPress site. And that’s handy for updating the site when I’m on the road (e.g.

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Create Custom Registration Forms!


This integration opens up a lot of different possibilities for your learning management system, especially if you are wanting to creating a custom enrollment capability, be it for free or paid courses. For years, Gravity Forms has been the leader in custom form creation for WordPress powered sites, and they are often the “go-to” form plugin for many developers. If you are in need of custom forms (contact forms, order forms, etc.),

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Helping People Launch WordPress Membership Sites with Andriy Haydash


Helping people launch WordPress membership sites with Andriy Haydash is the topic of this LMScast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Andriy emphasizes minimalism for new course site builders. Somebody maybe starts with a course, and then he creates more courses.

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Creating a Custom Course List in LearnDash


For LearnDash sites that only have a few courses then keeping them on the default ‘/courses’ will usually do just fine. However, the more courses you have then the more likely it is you will want to create a custom course page. It will create a stylized course list which also comes with a few options. STEP 2: Create a New Page in WordPress. Just don’t call it “Courses” or there will be a conflict with the auto-created courses page.

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Creating a Custom Course Login Page


Here is an easy way to customize the login page for your courses so that it matches your brand and provides a seamless experience. Out of the box LearnDash and WordPress allows for large variety of functionality to help you create an online course experience that is ideal for your learners.

Customer experience training with Virtual Reality


Why do customers choose your brand? In today’s world of infinite choices, your company – and every other company – is now in the customer experience business. There are so many tools and strategies for elevating the customer experience.

Angela Brown’s Recurring Revenue Niche Membership Site Journey and Success Story


Learn about Angela Brown’s recurring revenue niche membership site journey and success story in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Creating a one-time course sale often will leave you in a position where you always need to hustle to make sales.

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Create multi-branded help sites, FAQs & wikis


With ProProfs Knowledgebase, you can create multiple help centers with the same content; but differently branded with custom themes, logos and colors. You can change the header and logos in just a few clicks, and even customize the CSS for extensive design changes. Here are examples of two sites that are differently branded but have the same content: Example site 1: Custom logo and blue header. Example site 2: Custom logo and pink header .

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Best Customer Education Blogs: 25 Must-Reads for Learning Professionals

Talented Learning

Which blogs offer the best advice about customer education practices, strategies and technologies? But with such phenomenal recent growth in the customer experience market, there is no obvious answer. The thirst for tools that drive profitable customer relationships seems unquenchable.

How to Create Custom Maps for E-Learning

Rapid eLearning

Stock image sites are fine for generic illustrated maps but they’re usually too generic. Recently, I was working on a map demo where I needed a specific map, but I didn’t want a real map screen shot because it was too busy and I knew the stock sites couldn’t provide what I needed because it was too specific. Fortunately, I found this site, Snazzy Maps , that makes it easy to customize Google’s online maps. Examples of Custom Maps for E-Learning.

Should you provide online customer Training?

Your Training Edge

Customers make the backbone of any business. Therefore, it is the role of a business owner to do anything possible that would enable them to retain the existing customers as well as obtaining new ones. The training enhances the customer’s enjoyment and use of the product.

The Importance of Listening to Your Customers (+How It Will Benefit Your Business)


So, what about what our peers, managers, and customers have to say? In business, listening is one of the most important skills that you can have , especially if you take care of a team or have a customer-facing role. Your customers are the source of revenue for your business, and paying attention to them can be the difference between them closing the deal as happy new customers or walking away. Why you Should Listen to Your Customers. Improve customer retention.

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Help Your E-Learning Customers Understand HTML5

Rapid eLearning

And here’s the main point in all of this: the browsers that have to display the e-learning courses are not all the same or created equal. As I mentioned in an earlier post, create a demo course with media, interactivity, and animations.

LearnDash Visual Customizer Add-On!


Whenever you need a feature, you can often add it by simply uploading a plugin, adding a bit of CSS, or even a bit of custom code. You can now completely customize the look and feel of LearnDash templates without the need for any custom coding – simply point & click! The add-on was created by Ross Johnson from High Orbit , a WordPress plugin shop with a focus on creating useful solutions with an emphasis on quality design. LearnDash Visual Customizer.

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8 Sites To Outsource eLearning Content Development


Creating quality elearning materials is vital to the success of your teaching programs. Find eLearning Experts : This site offers you a wealth of experts, right at your fingertips. You post the job you need to be done, such as creating an app, and give a budget that you can afford. Boom Custom Essay : This writing service isare dedicated to creating copy that focuses on academia, so if you need anything written for your resources, they're the people for you.

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Integrating your Joomla site with an LMS solution is a great option for virtual training


With Joomla LMS you could get all the features of your website also build a robust training site or eLearning platform. With the Joomla LMS integration, you can create, modify or delete all types of content from a website in a simple way through an administration panel. Joomla is a free, open source CMS used for creating and managing various web platforms. With Joomla LMS eCommerce Integration you can boost your revenue by selling any courses you create online.

Best Video Hosting Solutions for Online Courses


You’re creating a video series for your course. However, while many course creators are capable of creating video content, they often get hung up when it comes to distributing it online. Much larger than any other file you’re likely to have on your site. So when you upload them to your server, they’re likely to take up huge amounts of space, slow your site down , and cause lots of errors for users. LearnDash WordPress hosting site speed videos website basics

Course Expiration and Custom Routing!


Custom Course Redirection. Many of you using LearnDash are developers creating an LMS for your client and have requested some more flexibility around course redirection. Mark Complete redirection - Create custom routing for any ‘Mark Complete’ button. Also works for custom routing when a user clicks the “Click Here to Continue” button after a quiz. These filters can be found here on the support site.

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All You Need to Know About Measuring Your Customer Training ROI

Your Training Edge

Customer training is an important part of your business activities because you get an opportunity to teach the customer about your product. The training provides great benefit as it helps the customers fully comprehend your product and not only use it for once-off purposes. As a result, they turn into loyal, repeat customers who use your products in long-term. The Customer Training ROI is a metric where you can measure the success of your customer training method.

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Custom In-House Training Methods


Custom In-House Training Methods. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages, as well as information on how you can create an effective in-house employee training plan. First of all, it’s much more convenient to train employees at your office than sending them to an off site training session. Business owners don’t have to worry about paying for employees to attend an off site training conference. Invest in Custom Employee Training Today.

A Three-Step Process to Create Hand Drawn Custom Characters

Rapid eLearning

In today’s post we’ll look at how to create custom characters that you can use in your visual thinking activities and course design. The Case for Hand Drawn Custom Characters. You don’t have to be an artist to create custom characters. I think you’ll agree that the characters below are something most of us can create. I like the custom characters below created by Ella Zheng. Step 1: Decide on a Style for Hand Drawn Custom Characters.

Creating a Positive Course Experience


Any course you create needs to have solid content. There are many sites out there that offer online courses who have a unique experience for the learner. One of the biggest aspects in creating this experience are the design elements. Using tools like the LearnDash Visual Customizer also can go along way in providing a unique identity to your offerings. Here are some examples of site’s with positive course experiences: DIY SEO Course by Rebecca Gill.

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Customer training your clients will love


But look again: the offerings are actually slickly-packaged customer training modules; Today at Apple is the very public facet of Apple's customer training operation. . And customers love these programs. Customer training that customers want. Build customer loyalty.

Site Builder on eFrontPro 4.3: A familiar, brand new feature!


In fact, the first of these new versions has just landed, bringing along two great new features: the Site Builder and the Gamification engine. First we’re gonna have a look at the Site Builder — what it is and how you can leverage it to build great looking web pages from inside eFrontPro. Let’s get site building. The Site Builder even lets you re-use your blocks between pages by simple dragging-and-dropping them on the pages you want.

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The Best eLearning Course to Fit Custom Requirements

Hurix Digital

Others have subscriptions to popular eLearning sites. A popular trend is companies hiring skilled professionals to build their own custom eLearning courses and contnet. Let us take a look at what makes custom eLearning courses stand out when compared to their off-the-shelf counterparts. Custom eLearning Courses vs Off-the-shelf Courses. Any custom-designed course needs to be written and produced as per client requirement.

CRM-LMS Integration: A Smarter Choice for Customer Education

Talented Learning

Over the past decade, businesses large and small have widely embraced customer relationship management systems (CRM) , thanks largely to the remarkable rise of the world’s most popular cloud-based CRM, Salesforce.com. Most Salesforce users rely on this powerful software-as-a-service suite for its original purpose – centralized management and tracking of customer and prospect account information. Customer Education: Where’s the Value? Customer satisfaction scores.

How To Make An Effective Customer Testimonial Video

Your Training Edge

A customer testimonial video is a wonderful piece of social media that converts audiences who see it. You will do well to include lots of personal details of the customer to make it realistic and interesting. Identify the Potential Customer. So, the first big step is going to be the identification of the customer who will be playing the lead role in the video. Yes, you can have many customers but the idea is to know which one to pick.

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How Membership Site Owners Can Go Beyond the Simple Contact Form to Unlock Incredible Powers with Zack Katz of GravityView


In this LMScast episode, learn how membership site owners can go beyond the simple contact form to unlock incredible powers with Zack Katz of GravityView. Chris talks with Zack about the course plus concept where you offer coaching or other interaction with your site other than just the course itself. This setup would allow you to create something like an antique marketplace where people can purchase products from others through your site.

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3 Reasons To Stop Using Free Sites For Training


You spent valuable time and money creating high quality training videos and are excited to share them. Are you loading your videos to a free hosting site like YouTube or Vimeo? A free hosting site does not portray the intrinsic value of your training to your customers. By placing your training videos on a public streaming site, you have no control over access, promoted site advertising or suggested videos. Let's face it.

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SEO For Course Creators and Membership Site Owners with Lindsay Halsey of Pathfinder SEO


We dive into SEO for course creators and membership site owners with Lindsay Halsey of Pathfinder SEO in this LMScast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Pathfinder SEO is a guided SEO solution for site owners, freelancers, and agencies that Lindsay and her team have worked to develop over the last 10 years of doing SEO for her agency. At LifterLMS.com you can learn more about new developments and how you can use LifterLMS to build online courses and membership sites.

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Improving Customer Experience With Online Training


What is Customer Experience and why is it important? At its core, Customer Experience is the lasting perception that customers have of your organization, as a result of every interaction they have had with your business. Customer Experience, or CX, is a top priority for many small to medium-sized organizations as it is a key differentiator in today’s competitive business landscape. Here’s a basic example of a learner persona template so you can create your own!

3 Things to Consider When Creating a Customer Support Website for your App


You created an awesome financial services app. Your solution: Make an equally-awesome customer support website and then pack it with helpful resources. This post will answer the three questions you should ask yourself before building a customer support site. Customers.

Adobe Captivate: Custom Cursors Anyone?

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by Kevin Siegel    A student in a recent  online Captivate class  asked me if it was possible to create a custom mouse cursor for a Captivate eLearning lesson. It's certainly simple enough to change the appearance of any selected mouse cursor (via the Properties panel), but Captivate is not an image-editing application so you cannot create custom cursor images (cur files).

Creating Online Social Learning Membership Sites with Web Development Agency Owner, BuddyPress Expert, and StudyChurch Founder Tanner Moushey


Learn about creating online social learning membership sites with web development agency owner, BuddyPress expert, and StudyChurch founder Tanner Moushey in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Chris and Tanner dive into what BuddyPress is and how you can use it on your sites to create a powerful social media experience on your site. Working on interactive sites was a niche Tanner wanted to enter and play a part in.

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Ecommerce: One Size Does Not Fit All

The Performance Improvement Blog

It’s as if companies forget everything they know about customer service when they build a Web site. This seems to describe much of what goes on in Web site development today. The gap between an elegant Web site from an IT point-of-view and the quality of experience from a customer’s point-of-view appears to be as wide as ever. All organizations whether government, business, or nonprofit, need to design the Web experience for the customer, not for IT.

How to Create and Deliver the Best Custom Employee Training Program

Hurix Digital

This new trend seeks to offer custom training modules that are tailored to the individual needs, abilities and goals of different employees. If done right, the custom approach toward training programs for employees can be implemented seamlessly and can deliver better learning outcomes. Benefits of a Custom Employee Training Program. With case studies and exercises tailored to the actual work environment, customized training programs can facilitate that.