Local Business Video Marketing – 2020 Guide, Strategies, Statistics


Most importantly, an effective local business video marketing campaign will help you improve your sales performance and customer base quicker than any other digital media strategy. Your prospective customers are already spending time on it.

Sales Statistics To Help Inform Your Sales Training Program


Create better sales training with these stats. Great sales training is crucial for creating and supporting successful sales teams. This infographic highlights critical statistics around sales teams and their customers to help better inform the way sales training programs are developed.

Starting a Customer Education Program: What You Should Know

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Today we feature a post by Adam Avramescu , Head of Customer Education & Training at Checkr and Co-Founder of the CELab blog/podcast. He also authored the new book, Customer Education: Why Smart Companies Profit by Making Customers Smarter. Bad training is created quickly.

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Best Customer Education Blogs: 25 Must-Reads for Learning Professionals

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Which blogs offer the best advice about customer education practices, strategies and technologies? But with such phenomenal recent growth in the customer experience market, there is no obvious answer. The thirst for tools that drive profitable customer relationships seems unquenchable.

State of the Front-Line Manager

customer service group, shift managers in your retail. manager, talent developer, motivator, customer. To create effective front-line. effective front-line managers create. passion to create greater impact. managers create concrete goals for. State of the.

All You Need to Know About Measuring Your Customer Training ROI

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Customer training is an important part of your business activities because you get an opportunity to teach the customer about your product. The training provides great benefit as it helps the customers fully comprehend your product and not only use it for once-off purposes.

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Stunning Statistics That Prove The Power Of eLearning


When you use interactive training tools such as eLearning in your business, you’ll be able to boost employee engagement, and create a more positive workplace environment. Check out these shocking statistics that show how valuable eLearning is in today’s corporate environments!

Business Impact of Learning: What is Customer Experience Worth to You?

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In both cases, employee learning directly influenced our customer experience. Wineries depend heavily on customer discretionary income. Successful high-end wineries know which aspects of their business directly influence customer decisions.

The complete guide to effective customer service training


All companies are different, but all companies that survive have one thing in common: they’re customer-driven. After all, what’s a company without its customers? The tricky part is that making customers happy isn’t as easy as it used to be. What is customer service training?

Courselle Update: New Statistics, Better Editing, and Improved Performance


New site statistics, major user experience tweaks, and performance improvements included. New site statistics It’s never too few reports in the system, isn’t it? We’ve decided to start expanding our stats with the ground-up redesign of the global Statistics section.

5 Tips for Improving SaaS Customer Retention Rates


It’s far easier to retain current customers than to gain new ones – and it’s much more profitable. In fact, acquiring a new customer can cost as much as five times more than keeping an existing customer, and that’s only the beginning. How often does a less trained customer?

Case Study Customer Satisfaction Survey and Response


“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” – Bill Gates. To be honest, an angry customer is a real pain in the neck. A customer satisfaction survey is a common way for thousands of companies all over the world to reach their business goals.

4 Steps to Create Engaging Learning Scenarios

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I want to share a method BLP often uses when working subject matter experts (SMEs) to create scenarios that drive many of our e-learning courses. We create “scenario worksheets” that we use with SMEs. Will we create job aids that the learner can use to help the main character?

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How to create effective online training courses on a budget

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However, if you look at them closely, you will find that a majority of the contents are still relevant if the statistics are updated and by changing few tools or technology resources. to create new content quickly and cost effectively.

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How to create an online course in TalentLMS


Creating an online course in TalentLMS is easy. Are you ready to create your own online course? Note: you need an Administrator or Instructor account to be able to create a course ). To upload a custom thumbnail, click on the “Select image” label just below it.

16 Metrics of Healthy Customer Service-Oriented Businesses: Part Two


For example, a competitor may differentiate her hotel on customer service, generating a higher occupancy rate at the same cost. Determine how customer service from improved employee training can increase both your occupancy rate and bottom-line. As these have a heavy customer service component to them, this metric can help measure the success of these programs and whether improvement needs to be made in the training of front-line personnel.


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To explore and create reports for your Dashboard, click on Add and select the type of Report you want to create. Use Cases– understand when and how to create the different types of Reports. You can further edit and customize the report/ graph if required.

How to Boost Government Diversity with Competencies


“When we draw on the wisdom of a workforce that reflects the population we serve, we are better able to understand and meet the needs of our customers – the American people.” – U.S. Federal Government Diversity Statistics.

SaaS vs custom eLearning solution: How to Start an Online Tutoring Business?


According to Statistics, the eLearning industry is expected to hit the $37.6 As online tutor, you can leverage the video format and create video lectures and other explainer videos. – SaaS-based Solutions – Custom based Solutions 2.1.

How to Create a SCORM Compliant Course on a Budget?

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This is where creating SCORM compliant courses help since they work with various Learning Management Systems. Creating a SCORM Compliant Course on a Budget. Related: Benefits of Investing in Custom eLearning Courses for your Enterprise.


Social Media: The Virtual “Over-The-Partition” Learning Network.

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Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 70% of workplace knowledge is learned informally (a statistic that is frequently referenced in the learning industry). the world’s most popular online video community allowing millions of people to discover, watch, and share originally-created videos.”

The Benefits Of Custom Mobile Learning Solutions For Your Company

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Adopting custom mobile learning solutions for your company could be one of the measures to mitigate these challenges. 7 Advantages Of Using Custom Mobile Learning Solutions For Your Company. This is where custom mobile learning solutions find the right fit.

Extended Enterprise LMS: Simplifying Customer and Partner Training


Extended enterprise LMS is a smart tool that you can bank on to train business partners, franchisees, resellers, sales representatives, and customers who are outside the four walls of your head office.

Why Custom Courseware is the Future of Enterprise Learning

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With this knowledge, we have just uncovered an ideal subject for your first piece of custom courseware. You can use a custom courseware initiative to define what makes your company unique and why somebody would want to do business with you. This is just one of many examples that demonstrate why custom solutions will define the future of enterprise learning. So far, we have used the term “custom courseware.”

Microsoft Word: Customize the Status Bar

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If you click it, it produces full statistics about the number of pages, words, characters, paragraphs, and lines.   Are you an eLearning developer who has been tasked with creating an effective voiceover script? by Jennie Ruby. When you are using Track Changes in MS Word, sometimes you need to turn the tracking off for a second to make some minor correction "off the record" and then quickly turn the tracking back on.

How to Prepare for Active Shooters in the Workplace

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At work, a 2018 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that workplace homicides were up from 83 cases in 2015 to 500 cases in 2016, with shootings accounting for 79 percent of deaths. Barton said the focus should be on creating awareness — not paranoia — for employees.

HR Tech and Startups in 2018: The year that was


The startups agreed that early-stage startups too have quite been successful in making inroads to mainstream HR with many of them raking in early customers and investments. We are not great at selling the product or even marketing or engaging customers.

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Employee Motivation Is The New Customer Engagement. Top Tips On How To Keep Staff Motivated

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Statistics say that a shocking eighty seven percent of the world’s workforce is disengaged. But money by itself is not enough to create real employee motivation. In what ways does their job directly contribute to how the organization helps its customers? Yours is a thankless job.

How to Create and Sell Online Courses: A Step-by-Step Guide


It’s about creating value for your audience. . According to the National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. This motivates teachers, instructors, corporate trainers, and eLearning experts to cash in on educational and professional courses by creating and selling them online.

How to Train Your Customers

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Offering external customers development options is an inexpensive way to boost company loyalty, reduce dependence on help desks and generate revenue. The learning and development industry has its hands full educating various levels of the workforce, but customers are often an employer’s largest audience. Companies such as Apple, Werner, Drivefleet and Franklin Templeton have established initiatives to train their customers, and they’re not alone.

Creating scenarios for learning - a four-step guide

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Tom Kuhler and his “Rapid e-learning&# blog once again bats 1000 by sharing tips for creating e-learning scenarios. We create “scenario worksheets&# that we use with SMEs. This could be an uninformed customer, an unhappy parent, a disgruntled fellow employee.

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5 Practices to Create a Culture of Innovation

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Creating a culture of innovation, even when it has observable advantages, is difficult. In this blogpost, I will discuss the five ways in which a custom online learning helps create a culture of innovation in individuals and organizations. This can be done with statistics, but statistics talk to the conscious verbal thinking part of their brain. Translating statistics into tangibles.

How Can You Combine Mobile Learning And Gamification To Create High Impact Training?

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Here are a few statistics on the adoption, usage, and impact of mobile learning and gamification : According to the T+D Magazine, mobile learning is an emerging trend that will reshape the workplace. Through this approach, you can create a more desirable learning culture.

How to Train Faculty to Create Quality Online Courses

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As online learning continues to grow, it’s more important than ever to make sure instructors know how to create quality online courses, including custom video. Training faculty to create quality online courses, however, can be challenging. Student-created videos.

Flexing Your Tools to Create Maximum-Impact Online Training


LMS’s provide us with enhanced capabilities and ease-of-use in creating course catalogs, launching courses, inviting and registering students, tracking progress, and assessments, among other features. Create a mandatory series of online courses. Poll your learners (your customers).

Data and Dashboards and Decisions – Oh My!

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And we expect no less from more sophisticated systems that drive marketing automation and customer relationship management. What strategic decisions should be made regarding customers, products and competitors? This is the first step in creating a high signal-to-noise dashboard.

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The Other Side of Simulation: Gamification is Everything!

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When you stop to think about it you’ll realize that customer loyalty programs, such as frequent flyer miles, credit card reward programs and grocery club cards all encompass what gamification is designed to do; and that is rewarding interaction with tangible benefits.