Podcast 28: How Tasty Is Your Product Training? – With Mike Martin, CLO of SAP Litmos

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Our guest is Mike Martin , Chief Learning Officer at SAP Litmos , a leading training platform for customer-focused companies. For example, when product training is an employee imperative, everyone in the organization becomes aligned with the customer experience.

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Top 10 eLearning Resources You May Not Have Thought Of

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An increased number of educators, organizations, institutions, and individuals of various industries are creating online courses that enable them to grow as professionals and gain more knowledge. The professional edition of Scate Ignite 4 can assist in creating interactive courses and quizzes.

Free e-Learning books


The guide contains the course model, week-by-week learning activities, general guidance to the course leader on how to implement and customize the course and specific guidelines on each learning activity.

10 Top Tools to Develop First-Rate Product Demonstration Videos

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Your potential Business To Business (B2B) customers are empowered with the whole gamut of information available on the Web. Increase customer engagement. Address specific concerns of potential customers. Creates customized animated videos with drag and drop templates.

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The most updated and popular E-Learning Blogs


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 11/21/2010 The most updated and popular E-Learning Blogs After a long research, I have created a list of the most updated and popular e-learning blogs regarding e-learning. Making Change by Cathy Moore In this blog, youll find practical ideas that will help you create lively, powerful e-Learning for adults in the business world.

How Walt Disney Would Use PowerPoint to Create E-Learning Courses - The Rapid eLearning Blog

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How Walt Disney Would Use PowerPoint to Create E-Learning Courses. Create Key Frames. A simple way to see key frames in action is to create them in PowerPoint using the duplicate slides feature. Create a slide and add an object. Repeat until you create the number of images you need. Motion paths allow you to create custom paths for your objects. Go to Custom Animation> Add effect. Create a series of key frame objects.

What’s in Your Technology-Enabled Learning Toolbox?

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Since that isn’t the goal of this post, here are a couple of resource for how to write learning objectives for online courses: Here’s an easy way to create learning objectives. Below are some tools you can use to create and deliver content for online courses.

How to Train Your Sales Team Toward Success Using an LMS


There’s a common quote that says, “ Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. This awareness means more business, more growth, and lasting customer relationships. Create a Consistent Brand Message.

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Digital Learning Platforms In, LXP out

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I just created it, but it is so true. The “wink of knowledge” here is that restaurant may not serve Coke products, and the person is fine with whatever type of cola beverage is available, but their asking, they are referring all types of cola as a “Coke” In many places here in the states and even in Canada, I’ve heard people asking for a Kleenex, when in fact, they want tissue paper. Your DLP provides employee development or customer training or both.

8 eLearning Quiz Design Tips


At its core, a good free-form quizzing tool will allow you to do 5 things: Customize the backgrounds of the slide. Customize the interactive elements (e.g. Custom results screens based on performance. Correct poses: thumbs-up, aok, winking, clapping, cheering, jumping, and proud.

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Course Content Authoring Tools – Open Source (Free)

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Jelsim - e-learning simulation software – create in java – can be used in corporate, semi target education. CourseLab - E-learning authoring tool that offers programming-free WYSIWYG environment for creating very nice interactive e-learning content which can be published on the Internet, Learning Management Systems (LMS), ADL SCORM 2004 CERTIFIED. Wink - I have mentioned them before because plenty of people feel that this is close to Captivate.

The Rants – Marketing Buzz and.

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A cruise ship allowing their customers to hurl bottles into the sea? It would be easy to say in the press release that thru this partnership customers have access to over 12,000 courses which they can BUY in the system, thus saving them time to locate the right content, blah blah. I think anyone who read the above statement, would then recognize that the content/courses from this partnership is not 100% free to them. . I was enjoying my day.

How to Replace Top-Down Training with Collaborative Learning (3)

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Salesforce.com says cloud-based Customer Relationship Management application borrowed heavily from Amazon. You probably can’t afford, and definitely don’t need, to create your own Facebook or Google behind your firewall. Third post in a series.

Free Storyboard Templates for e-Learning


How To Design Custom PowerPoint Templates for E-Learning (Plus 8 Free Templates) DigiTale s by Bernajean Porter Storyboard Templates and Resources by MinuteBio Really Fast Storyboarding for E-Learning Projects by Dr. Thomas Welsh ( MSWORD document containing storyboard ) Open Source Software for Storyboarding Celtx is an open source software that you can download and use it for free. Celtx creating a storyboard!

Facebook for e-Learning


Groups could be closed (customize group settings) and they can be used for courses and projects. On a class group page you can add links, videos, discussion threads, photos, create events and send group messages. Flashcards You can create flashcards to help you study on Facebook.

Course-instances on eFront 3.6.3


When you create a Course-instance it duplicates its father course. At a second step you can customize its name and behavior. Previously you had to create 4 different courses to achieve this effect. When you create a course you can decide if a lesson is in shared or unique mode.

Free and Open Source Web Conferencing (Online Meetings, Webinars.


note : Epignosis has created a module that provides integration of BigBlueButton conferencing in eFront Open Source Learning Management System. note : Epignosis has created a module that provides integration of Dimdim conferencing in eFront Open Source Learning Management System.

eFront Wins Learning Technology Award


The Learning Technology Awards program showcases innovations in the products in the marketplace for creating and managing learning, talent, and performance. “These innovative products let customers make learning faster, better, and easier.&#