Formatting Tips for Voice Over Scripts

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A few formatting guidelines can make our scripts clearer and easier to use. This is part 2 in my series of posts on tips for creating voice over scripts. Formatting Tips. Table Format. Dialog Format. Table Format. Dialog Format.

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Development Corner: Image Formats

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Let's review the three most common image formats and why/when to use them. " It is one of the most popular formats used on the web and in eLearning. So if you are editing an image in Photoshop, always save it as the native format first, which is a PSD (Photoshop Document).

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Understanding Image File Formats

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But, which image file formats do you need? Other more advanced image editors (such as Adobe Photoshop) offer additional formats like.psd,psb,bmp,eps,raw, to name a few. The main difference between all of these image formats comes down to two things: compression and compatibility.

Formative vs. Summative Assessment


Whether you are creating an elearning course or content for live training, there is a good chance that you will have some form of assessment mixed within the material. Most assessment strategies fall into one of two categories: formative or summative.

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

organizations: • Value personal development among their teams • Create curated learning experiences • Use learning technologies to achieve their goals As leading analysts Fosway Group point out, learning technology deserves a much more strategic. tool should give you the versatility to create.

Captivate 2019 Formatting

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I have gone to make small changes to an existing Captivate eLearning course created in Captivate 9, in doing so it has been converted to Captivate 2019. I now have a problem where the formatting of my slides has changed substantially and now appear all over the place.

Scrollable formatted text

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The code does have to be minified so it’s a single line, but now I have the full ability to change the formatting for any text I desire. Video code css html scrollable text widget scrolling text formatting widget

Delivering content in multiple formats – A common publishing challenge?

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While free or freemium content, subscription-based sales, open authorship, and security all are growing needs in the education publishing market, the challenge that most common among publishers is delivering content on multiple devices in multiple device formats.

Best Practices to Create Formative Assessments in eLearning

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Formative assessments help in evaluating a learner’s progress through an online course. Wondering how to create good formative assessments for your eLearning courses? Read this blog to know the best practices of creating formative assessments. eLearning Design E-learning Assessments

TechSmith Camtasia: Multiple Object Formatting Made Easy

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Lest you run the risk of creating an eLearning lesson that, despite your good intentions, is visually overwhelming to your learners.). This week I want to show you an easy way to ensure objects used in a project are formatted consistently. When I develop in Camtasia, I create several tracks and add similar objects to those tracks. The formatting of the callouts in Track 2 are identical so they're fine. Notice that each of the callouts is formatted differently. 

Agile Microlearning Explained

retention, including: › Gamification of learning › Deep encoding › Instructional scaffolding › The spacing effect › Adaptive training › The testing effect › The interleaving effect › Applied forgetting › Formative feedback These learning theories, combined with big data analysis and machine learning.

Microlearning Video on Shoestring – Script Formatting

Tom Spiglanin

I advocate using the standard screenplay format. There are many other elements of screenplay formatting that you can use in your video scripts, but I see these as the four you absolutely need for scripting short videos.

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The Best eBook Format – Reflowable or Fixed-layout?


Publishing your book in a digital format is one of the best ways to reach the highest number of readers. Before your manuscript can become an eBook, the file must be converted into a format that works with most electronic devices. One of the best formats to make an eBook compatible with all mobile devices is reflowable ePUB3. ePUB is a standard digital publishing format. ePUB3 has two publishing formats: reflowable and fixed layout.

ILT, Elearning, or MOOC? When to Use Common Training Formats

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The point is that when many people, even in L&D departments, think about effective corporate training, they have one specific format in mind, and that format is usually either instructor-led training (ILT) or elearning. All training formats have their advantages and disadvantages.

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Getting Learners to Buy In to the eLearning Format

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You need learners to buy in to the eLearning format if you want it to be successful. If you don’t, you’ll deal with a lot of unhappy, disgruntled team members who feel put off by a new format no one asked for their feedback about. Promote the Benefits of the eLearning Format.

Creating A GIFT Formatted Import File Using Moodle LMS

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For Captivate users who also use Moodle as your LMS, you can easily export quiz questions in the GIFT quiz format that can then be imported into Captivate.

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2017 Captivate Date Format – Month dd, yyyy

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I have numerous CBTs that I have created where the User must print a Certificate after completing the Quiz. The post 2017 Captivate Date Format – Month dd, yyyy appeared first on eLearning. I use 2017 Captivate Release The only date I can seem to enter is $$cpInfoCurrentDateString$$ but that produces a numerical date only (i.e., 03/09/2019). How can I update this so that it print March 9, 2019?

SAS Chapter 7: Creating and Applying User-Defined Formats


Quiz Maker › Take Quizzes › Computers & Tech › SAS Chapter 7: Creating and Applying User-Defined. Loading Page, Please wait… SAS Chapter 7: Creating and Applying User-Defined Formats. I Created By moxleyv 8 days ago. Question Excerpt From SAS Chapter 7: Creating and Applying User-Defined Formats. If you don't specify the LIBRARY= option, your formats are stored in Work.Formats, and they exist.

Saved by a PDF (The easy way to do complex Kindle formats)

Patti Shank

When I prepared my first Kindle version of Write and Organize for Deeper Learning , I spent days trying to format the document so it would look good on Kindle. Amazon's Create Space lets you upload a Kindle document and see how it appears on a Kindle emulator.

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Tips for Creating Scenario Based Learning

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These ‘scenarios’ or ‘situations’ are created to mimic typical, real experiences that a given employee would have on a day of his/her job. It requires that you follow a logical process to create effective and engaging scenarios. Choose your format.

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Creating Connections that Matter!

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You take to air in that glorious V-formation, each goose taking turns being the lead. It’s not just one thing keeping us from creating connections that matter, it’s a bunch of little things. The post Creating Connections that Matter!

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How to Create an eLearning Course on a Tight Budget

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Recently I was invited to participate in an online article on the how to create an eLearning course on a budget. Adult Learning apps Apps and Tools for eLearning eLearning eLearning Tools Tips education formative assessments instructional designer interactive tools Technical Challenges Tips and Tricks Why Adults Learn

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How to Create an eLearning Course on a Tight Budget

Adult Learning with Technology

Recently I was invited to participate in an online article on the how to create an eLearning course on a budget. Adult Learning apps Apps and Tools for eLearning eLearning eLearning Tools Tips education formative assessments instructional designer interactive tools Technical Challenges Tips and Tricks Why Adults Learn

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Using Your E-book to Create an Online Course


If you have created an e-book then you are well on your way to an online course (and more profit)! If you have an e-book (whether it is selling or not), the following steps outline how you can leverage your e-book to create an online course. Step 3– Create Your Content.

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Articulate Storyline: Formatting Responses in Descriptive Assessments

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A default variable with the name TextEntry will be created automatically to store the value typed in the text field. I have created an essay type question here. Step 2: Create two variables (used to store the response after converting to lower case and upper case).

ePub format

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This inquiry will explore the ePub format and its potential for creating unbooks. Ten days ago (late August 2010), Apple released an upgrade that enables Pages (Apple’s answer to Microsoft Word) to output documents in ePub format.

Video Formatting for Online Learning

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When putting your videos online, there are so many different format options to consider. Compressing and formatting your video recordings include resolution, bit rate, and frame rate. Format. We also created a list of pros and cons for online videos here.

Five Tips for Creating Graphics for Mobile Devices

Upside Learning

At Upside Learning we’ve been creating various learning applications for mobile devices including apps for iPhone, Blackberry, & Android; browser based courses; short movies/animations etc. In case of Blackberry apps separate images need to be created for each model to fit the screen.

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Issues concerning text alignment and formatting in Quizzes

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This the issues I face when I create quizzes using Captivate: The radio buttons / check boxes for Multiple Choice/Multiple Response quizzes can’t be aligned with their corresponding texts. I can’t find any formatting or design editing commands which can help me solve this alignment problem.

User Testing A.K.A. Formative Evaluation for eLearning

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As a proponent of encouraging stakeholder involvement and the formal, formative evaluation of educational tools, I have been impressed with WADA’s approach to evaluation. Formative Evaluation of educational technology tools.

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Creating Training Webinars

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Creating a Great Webinar: Webinars are staples of any modern business. Anyone can create a webinar and reap the rewards. By following the advice in the course, you will understand the necessary steps to create a successful webinar. Choose the best formats.

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How to Create Great eLearning Scenarios

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And maybe you’ve even tried creating some. Creating great eLearning scenarios is more than meets the eye. Other people think eLearning scenarios are too complex and confusing to create. As you can see in the image, this storyboard is laid out in a table format.

Select the Right Image Format


As a follow up on my last post about optimizing graphics , I want to address a few ideas concerning the best image format for elearning graphics. When you create graphics for a course, do you save all of the images in the same format? No image format does everything perfectly.

Tips for Creating Effective E-Learning Assessments

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However, creating assessments in e-learning is far from being just a question-answer task. Instructional designers must be able to capitalize on the interactive capabilities of the online format.

How would you go about converting a face to face course to an eLearning format?


Cook raised an interesting question at the Instructional Design and eLearning Professionals' Group " How would you go about converting a face to face course to an eLearning format?" Several professionals in the Learning industry want to convert their f2f courses into an eLearning format.

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