Integrate Your E-Learning with Google Docs

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In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to embed a survey created in Google Docs into a Lectora project. You can learn how to create a Google Survey in Google Docs Help section (creating forms from spreadsheets) or simply search for "How to create a Google Survey".

20 Team Collaboration Tools For Remote Teams In 2020

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You can create projects, tasks, and subtasks within those projects, then use different project views to get either a bird’s eye perspective on what needs to be done or a granular, detailed look. makes it easy to sort and create files right there in the app. Google Docs.

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mLearning Presentations using Google Docs

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A RT from Tim Martin at the Elearning Guild brought my attention to a blog posting by Wesley Fryer at Stormchasers about his use of Google Presentation -- part of the free cloud-based Google Docs service -- as a means of distributing mobile learning content to his ecosystem. After completing a presentation, mobile users have the option of going back into Google Docs for further collaboration options as well.

Using a Learning Management System to Gather Good Ideas

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Generate better products and services. Here are some ways to do this: Include a task after a lesson that invites the learner to submit improvements via a wiki, Google Doc, or other online editor. You could even create a course specifically designed to improve a process.

Using a Learning Management System to Gather Good Ideas

Absorb LMS

Generate better products and services. Here are some ways to do this: Include a task after a lesson that invites the learner to submit improvements via a wiki, Google Doc, or other online editor. You could even create a course specifically designed to improve a process.

The Rise of Cloud-Based Productivity Suites


The reasons so many businesses are opting to switch to cloud-based productivity suites vary, but they can all be traced back to the wide array of benefits these services offer. G Suite from Google can be easily compared to Office 365, as it possesses many similar programs.

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6 Great Project Management Tools for Custom eLearning Development

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Google Docs – We use Google Spreadsheets for project reviews. Google spreadsheets are great for collecting SME feedback all in one place. Chat and video services are both available.

How to use PowerPoint, Word or PDF files in Easygenerator


Upload your document to a webservice like Google docs or Slideshare. Both services are free. To make sure you also get all the details we created a short Easygenerator course on this topic.

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Friday Finds: Productivity Hacks

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I first stumbled upon this service several years, and I really think it hasn’t gotten the glory it deserves. You can set up any two apps to work together by creating what they call an applet (originally they called them recipes). What would you create?

3 Critical Questions To Ask A Learning Technology Vendor


Most state-of-the-art learning platforms are Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Make sure your vendor has a wide set of well-documented REST APIs to ensure the possibility of creating an integration with any proprietary information systems you may have in place. Google Drive.

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Big Niches and Creating an Ecosystem Around Your Tribe with Avery White of Third Person Creative


Big niches and creating an ecosystem around your tribe with Avery White of Third Person Creative in this episode of LMScast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Avery created a course on his site that walks people through how to get to a functioning WordPress site from nothing. Google.

Top Project Management Online Platforms For Distributed eLearning Teams

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It allows users to create teams and assign them tasks. Asana can also be linked to Google for additional features. Currently, commercial users can use the service for rates starting from $99, and charities get a 50% discount. Google Docs.

Podcasting Equipment Setup and Software I use on the 10-Minute Teacher


I export a single mp3 for my transcriptionist, Kymberli for her to work on and paste in Google Docs. I’ve spent hours configuring this powerful hosting service to syndicate everywhere. I create the graphics for each show in Canva. Then she puts it in the Google Doc.

Connect LearnDash To 300+ Apps!


Zapier is a service that makes it easy for you to connect two applications without the need to know code. Zapier calls these connections “Zaps”, and this integration lets you create Zaps that include LearnDash activities.

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Technology for E-Learning: What You Need


You can create folders for course content to share with learners. Of course, my first pick for this is Google’s G-Suite of services. Google Drive allows you and your learners to easily share documents in a central location, while Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides allow multiple users to access and edit the same document at once. Finally, you can create assignments for your learners to complete via social media.

The Best eLearning Tools You Need Now


Google Drive. Google Drive is our favorite form of cloud storage here at LearnUpon. With teams working in different locations across the globe, Google Drive provides a safe and central location where all team members can access the files they need at any time. Google Calendar.

Head to Head: Collaboration vs Competition


Don''t miss eLearning Versus mLearning , Microsoft Word vs Google Docs vs LibreOffice , State vs Private Colleges , and be sure to check back for the next post! This practice allowed early humans to work together, overcome predators, and create inventions that has propelled us to the top of the food chain. Collaboration between team members promotes an environment where employees can create the higher quality products or services.

SMAC and the Shift in Learning Paradigm

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Here’s how: Social Applications and Media allow businesses to reach their customers anywhere anytime, as most of these customers now use Mobile technologies to interact, communicate, search and buy products and services.

25 eLearning Tools You Need Now


As well as learning management systems , there are now all kinds of nifty online apps that can help you to organize your work, research trends, create course content, network with peers, and communicate with learners. Tool: Google Drive. Tool: Google Calendar.

Stop Using Dropbox to Share Your Courses & Try This Instead

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This is similar to the action Google took last month to disable webpage sharing via the Google Docs service. In fact, we have close to 4,000 weekly challenge entries in our weekly elearning challenges ; and at least 20% are shared via Google Drive or Dropbox.

Key benefits for managers when using a Learning Experience Platform


Media Boards – Embed PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF, Sheets, Docs, Slides and more from Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Google Docs, Box, Drobox and more for easy access at any time and the ability to keep it updated with a click of a button.

How to Write a Script for a Video (With a Free Template!)

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The first thing you want to do before you create a video is write a script, even if it’s brief. Now, all this information can be super helpful, however, if you’re not creating film that’s for entertainment you probably don’t need all the nitty-gritty details.

Rethinking The Holiday Rush

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I also got to go through from beginning to end setting up a new hosting service. I also have plans to buy a month of PowToons to create some short video promotions and a few of the “lectures” that don’t have visuals. The day before (or morning of) Thanksgiving I got the idea of helping people create a personal brand website. I want to help people create a website like mine which can be used in conjunction with social media to promote their personal brand.

10 Popular MOODLE Plugins for Workplace Learning

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The OAUTH2 plugin for MOODLE helps your users register just with one click, using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts. It’s available with a simple look and Flat UI, inspired by Google’s material design. Questionnaire : Create Surveys.

Understanding Web 2.0

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Do you know the reasoning behind why the world-wide web was created? Hint: it was not to exchange music and books for credit card information) It was created to help people share information. Actually it was created for physicists across the world to share information in an easy to read format. It's not that far of a stretch to say it was created to be the ultimate e-Learning tool. are social networking, web mashups, and using the web to store and create content.

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The pros and cons of using surveys in eLearning


We’ve used surveys to assess how our Learning Management System and customer support services help them to achieve their goals for years. With free and easy tools, like SurveyMonkey and Google Docs , you can get started quickly.

Learning Management Systems to Look Out For in 2016


To go by the stated value of the word ‘LMS’, it means a software that can be used for creating, administering, delivering, tracking and reporting of the learning content. What we’ve done for you is, we’ve created a lowdown of the top LMSs of 2015, according to our knowing.

What differentiates isEazy from the rest of the tools?


We’ve created what we always wanted as trainers! We have worked extremely hard to ensure that isEazy is a 100% intuitive program that will guide you through all the steps in creating a course, even if you don’t have experience with it. Integration with other content-creation services.

Part 3 of Interview with Virtual Worlds 3D Pioneer Randy Hinrichs

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Use Wikipedia to throw out a reference to further information, drop URLS shamelessly, play video, use Google Docs or Office365 to work office apps together, just keep it as active as any room you have to fill with people and keep interested. ” When you think of working the space, think co-creating in the space. If you co-create content, you’re working on spreadsheets in a shared Google Docs, extending your office into the 3D space.

The Golden Keys to Personal Productivity

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Today’s companies are producing goods and offering services in ways that 25 years ago were unthinkable. The ability to create reminders, recall details, and of course, carry around to-do lists allows you to control when and where you will start caring about a task.

100+ Learning, Design & Technology Resources to Help You Get Sh*t Done

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This low poly generator creates a great looking in a matter of seconds. Picular is Google but for colors. Video Kit – Curated resources to help you create and market videos. Mobile Mockup – The simplest way to create beautiful mobile mockups. Fotor – Another option for online photo editing AND creating pro-looking designs. Maglr – Great looking tool for creating visual, interactive content. is another nice option for creating an online presence.

Jane Hart’s Top 100 Learning Tools

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These won’t be on my submission to Jane, because for purposes of the survey: A learning tool is any software or online tool or service that you use either for your own personal or professional learning or for teaching or training. Google.

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Session Notes: Breaking Down Silos @JD_Dillon #TrainingMag

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He''s starting to look for the content and can''t find a darn thing on the SharePoint site -- just loaded with docs and decks and stuff. Instead of creating a grand strategy, how can I help you do what you''re doing? So now they started using Google Docs. Community Engagement Learning and development is in a good place because of that shared services mentality. Then they started Google Plus.



Woocommerce integration can help your organization map courses easily, associate multiple courses to create bundles, easy payment gateways to ensure secure and effortless transactions, and offers best possible access to the marketplaces. GOOGLE APPS.

25 eLearning tools you need to have


Aside from learning management systems, there are now all kinds of nifty online apps that can help you to organize your work, research trends, create course content, network with peers, and communicate with learners. Tool: Google Drive. Tool: Google Calendar.

How to Build Compliance Training in 5 Easy Steps


But … How do you create compliance training anyway? Create effective and engaging compliance training solutions. Here’s a handful of examples: Medical Information Privacy: Regulated by US Health and Human Services (HHS). For your convenience, I’ve created one for you.

Microsoft Project for the Thrifty Project Manager: 3 Free (or Almost-Free) Alternatives

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Most people would cite Google Docs as the best free tool in this category, but the requirement that everyone must have a Google account can cause unnecessary headaches (it always amazes me how many people still don’t have one!). For all these reasons and because it’s free, I’m giving my collaboration shout-out to Twiddla, an online whiteboarding service that offers instant, no-signup/no-setup collaboration space for groups of all sizes.