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The New Wave of eLearning Technologies. Google Wave in education - Dont Waste Your Time , November 16, 2009. Best Practices for Creating Online Courses - eLearning Brothers , November 11, 2009. Google Wave today, Moodle Wave Tomorrow? Interested in Creating an Alternative Reality Games (ARG) for learning? First Impressions of Google Wave - Learn and Lead , November 26, 2009. Google Wave (23).

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eLearning Learning Posts

Using Screenr to Create a Video Post - MinuteBio , October 12, 2009. How to Create Screencasts You Can Be Proud Of , October 13, 2009. 5 great resources to find out about Google Wave , October 14, 2009. Mobile Services Taxonomy , October 12, 2009. Google Wave (6). 5 great resources to find out about Google Wave , October 14, 2009. Google Wave Invitations Available , October 13, 2009. Best of eLearning Learning.

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Customer Learning, a largely unexploited marketing strategy

Jay Cross

Google’s course on power searching is a brilliant marketing move. ” Google is teaching people to use more of its services. Simultaneously, Google is building customer loyalty. I never did figure out how to use Wave. The Google course is primarily formal.

The Pros of Social Media for E-Learning

Rapid eLearning

Most people in our industry probably see the following three services as their core social media tools: Twitter , Facebook , and LinkedIn. Many organization are also using internal social media services like Yammer and Slack. Remember Google Wave or even Google+?

Is Enterprise 2.0 a crock?

Jay Cross

First up was a Google presentation about Wave. Bare-bones Wave is a snooze; I haven’t been able to see many benefits. But customized Wave looks like a winner and that’s how I think Wave will be deployed. All of these bolt onto Wave’s API.

10 Social Media Tools For Learning

The eLearning Coach

Many of these tools and services are free or have a free trial period, which can encourage you to experiment in a small way at first. For details on how to create a podcast, see How to Create Your Own Podcast on About.com. Google Collaboration Tools.

Notes from DevLearn and the Adobe Learning Summit

Steve Howard

This session described CITI’s experience in creating a learning solution that was orchestrated through SharePoint. We got all of the info we need to go back and create this in our own SharePoints! when creating something new, take design out of the prototype process so you can concentrate on usability, not colours etc. e.g. if you are *accused* 3 times of piracy, you get internet service cut off, and your name circulated to prevent access elsewhere. INTRODUCTION.

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eLearning Learning Posts

How To Create A Visual Hierarchy - The eLearning Coach , April 27, 2010 You can communicate a secondary message through a visual hierarchy of text, graphics and video on the screen. Post from: The eLearning Coach How To Create A Visual Hierarchy …Tags: Tags: GRAPHICS MEDIA elearning design graphics for elearning screen design visual hierarch. It can be used to create a virtual environment (or world) which can be accessed through a variety of clients, on multiple protocols.