Emerging technologies & challenges in e-Learning content creation: Global resourcing to rescue


Off-the-Shelf e-Learning content publishers, technology-driven training providers, and everybody in the e-Learning space is under pressure to maintain the pace of content design & development on the new platforms at the same cost.

Enhancing Employee Engagement with Content Delivery Platform


In a bid to reduce the skills gap, talent managers are utilizing employee training software to create a diverse, skilled workforce. Sales Enablement: Using a content delivery platform , it is possible to reach out to the whole team (on-shore or off-shore) to provide training on critical aspects. Learning and Development: Matching the requirements of the industry and creating a talent pool inside your organization can be achieved easily with a content delivery platform.

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eLearning Australia

Upside Learning

I just returned from a two week-long business visit to Australia this Sunday, not my first visit to the country but definitely the one where I sensed that the local eLearning industry is gaining momentum. As competition increases we should find this trend gain further momentum as bigger companies try to outsource larger portions of their projects to offshore destinations like India in order to stay competitive against the smaller players. -

How Employers Can Make Every Employee a Top Performer

Your Training Edge

Create room for growth. His expertise covers client experience and engagement, service management, business development, offshoring and recruitment strategy for start-ups, SMEs, corporations and multinationals. Build relationships on trust.

5 Blended Learning Strategies That Actually Boost Engagement


For instance, companies operating off-shore rigs can’t afford to fly crews to a land-based setting for weeks or months just for their classes. For example, off-shore rig operators or overseas pipeline maintenance teams participate in “traditional” distance or virtual training.

The future of MOOCs

E-Learning Provocateur

Seeded with content, the cMOOC empowers – read “expects” – the learner to discuss, debate, discover, share and co-create new knowledge with his or her fellow learners. Offshoring will become the rule, not the exception. MOOCs get a bad rap.

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Seismic Shifts in Hiring

CLO Magazine

The 12-year-old full-service software development firm in Boulder, Colorado, used to offshore most of its development to Armenia, but in 2013 they decided it was time to bring the work back in-house. Creating a quality apprenticeship program is challenging, Villeneuve noted.

LearnUpon – The best LMS in Australia


LearnUpon had just set off on their journey to be the best Learning Management System (LMS) in Australia when I first spoke with the CEO, Brendan Noud. “I’m It also provides similar flexibility to administrators to create courses, assign them and run reports and analytics whenever they want.

Let Go Through BPO for eLearning

Web Courseworks

Which processes of eLearning, therefore, can and should be handed off to the experts to worry about? It was originally created to assess software development processes , but can be used for assessing other processes. BPO: Managing Services & Association eLearning.

eLearning Conferences 2011

Tony Karrer

link] January 13-14, 2011 Being Global 2011: Strategies and Models for Internationalizing Canadian Higher Education, sponsored by Higher Education Strategy Associates, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The Right Mix: Using Media in e-Learning


The importance of graphics in creating content that is more impactful is an established fact. Localization of Graphics : Graphics need to keep the learner background in mind. Localization of audio: Accent in a voice-over or narration audio is of prime importance when connecting with the learner. Local artists should be used to create audio in the flavor of the region. Technology is always the backbone when developing e-learning content.

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Building Credibility and Managing Up: Mentors Share Their Thoughts


There are likely to be objectives that are linked to corporate responsibility for the environment and local communities. Worth shared that while he was operating in an offshore location, he found success by building relationships with individuals back at headquarters.

eLearning Conferences

Tony Karrer

link] Off-Campus Library Services Conference, 14 th annual, will be held in 2010. Once again, Clayton Wright has been nice enough to compile an incredible list of conferences focused on use of technology in learning. Clayton publishes this as a Word document but does not publish it as a web page. He has generously allowed me to republish here. You can contact him at: crwr77@gmail.com. His notes on the list.