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Get on board with reverse mentoring

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One such practice is to encourage and support reverse mentoring and incorporate it as a norm within your organizational culture. What is reverse mentoring? Implementing reverse mentoring is one of many opportunities for organizations with a multigenerational workforce.

Should You Adopt Reverse Mentoring at Your Workplace?


Last week, Cambridge University announced a new reverse mentoring initiative aimed at addressing charges of institutional racism. Reverse mentoring – pairing a younger professional with a more seasoned colleague – isn’t new. Reverse mentoring is a two-way street.

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5 Lessons Learned from 16 Years in Leadership Development


When I started working in corporate learning and development 16 years ago, a few trends were predicted to be inevitable: The classroom would become obsolete Most lessons would be taught online Professors would be replaced by e-learning Today, not all of these predictions have come true.

Creating a Virtual Leadership Academy: A Case Study #ASTDTK14

Learning Visions

But the upshot is they created/designed a virtual leadership event. Coaching, mentoring, etc.) Virtual learning event for physician leaders. These are my live blogged notes from ASTD Tech Knowledge session with Eric Heckerson.

Why the Modern Workforce Won’t Stop Craving Mentoring


This reality means there will soon be gaps in leadership benches around the world. In 2017, engagement will take center stage as the workforce asks for better employee development, benefits, and mentoring. Digital immersion has molded this generation, creating a culture of instant fulfilment. Those that disregard them will find consequences in the gaps of their leadership or the shortcomings of their financial returns. Modern Mentoring for the Modern Workplace.

Millennial Leadership Development: Building the Business Case & Getting Started

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Many of them have ascended to leadership positions and are helping to define company direction, culture and strategic goals, but not all of them feel fully prepared. L&D professionals must build the business case for new leadership development by highlighting the needs of millennials and where their company’s current learning strategy and learning management system can be improved. Leadership development has to be continually assessed and refined.

Creating Connections that Matter!

Learning Rebels

Sure, there are an enlightened few who actively seek out mentoring and coaching in their youth. Mark Sheppard, Senior Consultant, Leadership & Learning at Sinai Health System. The post Creating Connections that Matter!

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Mentoring Is a Two-Way Street at Ford

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Ford’s leaders attribute their ability to weather recent economic turbulence in part to the company’s strong corporate culture where mentoring plays a key role in spreading values and breaking down silos that can disrupt innovation. ERGs Mentor the Next Generation. Mentoring From Afar.

Relativity’s Dorie Blesoff shares lessons from her career

CLO Magazine

Since then, I’ve held roles in organizational development and strategic HR, which often included creating programs for leadership development or building out corporate learning programs. What lessons helped get you where you are? How did you start your career in learning?

Instructional Design Lessons from the World of Theatre

Dashe & Thomson

I’d like to share a few of those lessons with you here. Lesson 1 – Active Listening. Lesson 2 – Don’t leave any fingerprints. As a directing student, one of my mentors was fond of reminding us “not to leave any fingerprints&# on our productions.

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14 Professional Development Opportunities Outside Work


Find a Mentor. Many companies will assign a work mentor. Engage in Reverse Mentoring. In reverse mentoring , you pair yourself with a younger or less experienced professional to gain insight and knowledge from a fresh perspective. Actively Read and Apply Lessons to Life.

The Benefits of Creating a Leadership Legacy

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” Now, consider this question in an organizational context: If a leader walks out of the office each night, each year, and at the end of a brilliant career has compiled a record of heroic successes, yet leaves no long-term impact on others, did leadership occur? As the question implies, legacy is a crucial component of leadership. Effective leadership occurs when the leader strengthens others’ capacity to learn, to reflect and to extract meaning from their learning.

Why Businesses Are Struggling To Fill The “Gaps” In Leadership Development


Are you wondering why your learning and development efforts to build leadership skills internally seems to be missing the mark? The report points out three common issues in leadership development programs companies wishing to fill the gaps need to consider and address.

How the Best Leaders Create More Leaders


” This is a dumb rule that spread like wildfire and developed an inaccurate representation of leadership to six-year-olds across the country. I started my own leadership journey thinking I was playing line leader. They are persistent and consistent on their leadership journey.

5 Lessons for Designing Engaging E-Learning Interactions…From Project Runway

ATD Learning Technologies

Similarly, instructional design needs to embrace the learners first, and then create an experience that creates change. It is impossible to create a custom look without knowing details about the wearer.

How the Best Leaders Create More Leaders


” This is a dumb rule that spread like wildfire and developed an inaccurate representation of leadership to six-year-olds across the country. I started my own leadership journey thinking I was playing line leader. They are persistent and consistent on their leadership journey.

The Rise of the Servant Leader

CLO Magazine

The practice of management and leadership is constantly evolving. In the 20th century, information became as important as materials, leading to what my friend and mentor Peter Drucker called knowledge work. This story also demonstrates how servant leadership can lead to profitability.

From Engineer to Executive: Bernard Fraenkel Shares His Journey


In various leadership roles over the twenty years, Fraenkel has experienced two IPO’s and four acquisitions. While he hasn’t had “official” mentors to help him navigate this transition, he is grateful to a number of CEOs and friends for their coaching. What is their leadership style?

This Is What I Believe About Learning in Organizations

The Performance Improvement Blog

Innovation is how to use products and services in new ways that rapidly respond to changing market demands and create new products and services. Learning is always about managers creating an environment of openness and trust among relationships. Work is No Longer Work .

52 eLearning Experts Share their Best Tip for Creating Engaging eLearning


That’s why I decided to ask the leading eLearning industry experts to share their single best tip for creating engaging learning. In that case, make them visually interesting and create a story around the content rather than screens of bullet points. Create movement on the screen.

Blend East and West for Effective Leadership Development

CLO Magazine

The West offers many cutting-edge leadership strategies, but to remain relevant, they need to be presented using localized lenses. There are six key dynamics to confront to build effective learning in Asia: Leadership philosophy. Define a Leadership Philosophy.

Training for a “New Face”

Your Training Edge

Many organizations will never operate the same again, and many are looking for ways to absorb the lessons learned and move forward with new structures and operations. In many cases, the leadership pool has been hard at work trying to keep the organization together.

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Cross-Cultural Mentorship for the Global Economy


According to leading publication DiversityInc , cross-cultural mentoring programs are on the rise: 46% more managers are participating in mentoring today than ten years ago. Quan’s mentor is helping him navigate these cultural differences.

Combatting impostor syndrome through learning and development

CLO Magazine

That’s what Kevin Wilde, an executive leadership fellow at Carlson School of Business, discovered a few semesters ago among one of his executive MBA cohorts. Strategy impostor syndrome leadership development

Beyond the status quo: how enlightened CLOs can enable true employee readiness

CLO Magazine

Unintentionally, we were creating a learning culture where only a select few got access to high-quality training.”. Using mobile video allows employees to create and access content quickly, as needed. Traditional learning content and collateral takes weeks or months to create.

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Who Leads the Leaders?

CLO Magazine

Even for those who have years of experience, mentoring and guidance under their belts, making the leap to an executive leadership position is a challenge that is hard to fully prepare for. There is no quick fix to develop talent and leadership from the ground up.

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Create More Income, Impact, and Influence for Your Online Courses and Personal Brand with Professional Self-Made YouTuber Sean Cannell


Learn how to create more income, impact, and influence for your online courses and personal brand with professional self-made YouTuber Sean Cannell in this episode of LMScast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. And for me though, I got so crystal clear on wanting to create passive income.

How to Create a Culture of Learning at Your Association

WBT Systems

How Does an Association Create a Culture of Learning? Get leadership buy-in. However, staff leadership must do more than just support a learning culture, they must model the behavior they wish to see. Everyone—leadership and staff—must acknowledge learning as one of the association’s strategic assets. Host weekly staff discussions on hot industry topics and lessons learned from projects (both successes and failures).

Not All Roads Lead To An MBA

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The MBA degree has long been held up as the cornerstone of executive development, providing rising stars with the business savvy they need to enter the hallowed halls of top-level leadership. Today’s business world requires people who are good at the softer side of leadership,” he said.

ELM Expert Series: How To Teach Millennials With Minute Attention Spans To Be Transformational Leaders


We now seek impactful leadership roles, and more than half of us do it for purpose. Millennials, meanwhile, rate meaningful work, transformational leadership, sense of accomplishment and high pay as top priorities—regardless of organizational status. Millennials align with transformational leadership. Transformational leadership is a combination of strategic thinking, inspiration, strong personal skills, passion and decisiveness. Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders.

5 Simple Phrases Bad Bosses Must Start Using


Even though leadership isn’t easy, managers often make it more complicated than it needs to be. In a recent book, Trillion Dollar Coach about Bill Campbell a famous Silicon Valley Executive and former Apple Board Members, coauthor Eric Schmidt wrote this lesson he learned from Campbell: “Everyone is human and wants to feel appreciated. ” Sometimes leadership can be this simple. What’s Your Leadership Style?

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50 Ways to Lever Learning

The Performance Improvement Blog

Instructor-facilitated workshop – meeting convened by an instructor; participants learn from experience of working together on solving a problem or creating something new. to create an experience that is interactive and fun. (My apologies to Paul Simon.).

Building stronger leaders through volunteerism and mentorship

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The lessons we can take from being mentors, for example, are many and can be applied to other areas of life such as leadership, management, self-control and more. Mentoring and volunteering their time for a cause greater than their own can teach them all of these lessons.

How to Cultivate Top Tech Talent: What Every Exec Needs to Know

General Assembly

Below, discover how you can create a culture of continuous education, leverage young and promising employees in creative ways, recruit employees with the right digital skills, and more. My wonderful tech mentor helped take me from ‘near dinosaur’ to ‘near diva’ in the digital space.

Blended and Distributed Learning Case Study

Obsidian Learning

We were approached by a global Fortune 500 construction company seeking to revamp some key leadership training. We used the most basic technology – group email lists and a pre-class conference call – to create a learning community.