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9 Google Search Hacks to Make eLearning Development A Whole Lot Easier

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One of the biggest pain points of eLearning development is not being able to quickly issues. The answer to almost all your eLearning questions are in Google, but you need to know how to find them. This post will go over how to find the eLearning problems with Google search. You can trying apply these tips to whatever information you are using, this is not just for eLearning. Search Solution: intitle:elearning game ideas. #5

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FREE resources for eLearning Development


Our ID and Development team are constantly looking at new resources when developing eLearning and online training content. Here we list our favorite free resources covering music, pictures, and fonts: Free sound effects and music Freesound is a collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds.

How To Fill The Void of Missing Powerpoint Clipart

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Inconvenience and inconsistent access aside, the main thing that can complicate this approach to sourcing images is the fact that royalty free and Creative Commons may not always be what they seem. Using images under a “Creative Commons” license does not guarantee that those images are free from copyright or that are they free for use in whatever capacity you choose. eLearning Powerpoint Resouces Resources powerpoint