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Identity in a digital age

Learning with e's

Goffman saw social interaction as a drama performance, in which the actor's behaviour was framed by front stage and back stage roles, scripts, props and costumes. This has great import in our understanding of how we perform to audiences in social media (of which more later in this post).

Tested to distraction

Learning with e's

Governments are more interested in ensuring that their statistics and metrics continue to rise, than they are about children's learning. The side effects of over-testing are that children become victims of the scramble to be best in the league tables.

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Four Ways to Rethink Employee On-Boarding


First, let me show you some statistics : 25 percent of Fortune 500 managers change jobs each year. So ultimately, L&D pros are in a unique position to make a direct and measurable impact on employee retention and performance by rethinking the on-boarding process.

Where is the road map?

Learning with e's

Some go all the way through secondary school, still unable to effectively express themselves in writing. Forget the demographic variables of gender and ethnicity - they are socially constructed anyway - and think about some stark statistics. Warning - this is a rant.

The shape of minds to come

Learning with e's

The ability to deduce from the general to the specific is the basis of all good science, and runs consistently through a number of disciplines such as mathematics and statistical analysis. This is number 17 in my series on learning theories.

The Top 10 Most Used Online Employee Training Tools: Part 2


Well, while Excel excels (pun intended) in accounting and business finance tasks, it’s also a great all around solution for all kinds of list-keeping, statistical calculation, numeric analysis and all kinds of information organization.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Rise of Rapid e-Learning

Learning Visions

They have become adept at incorporating flash animations, pdfs, PowerPoint presentations, audio-visual material and any number of other techniques for getting training messages across to users in effective and imaginative ways. Does anyone actually have any real statistics on this? These lie in their creativity, knowledge, understanding of instructional design techniques and their experience. Bob Mosher: Performance Support and Learning at th.

Free L&D webinars for August 2018

Limestone Learning

performance strategies that deliver a single purpose-focused outcome. Identify environmental and performance staging elements that align the experience into an emotive, engaging whole. Determine how a relentless plussing process improves performance for maximum results.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Real World, SecondLife and FaceBook/MySpace

Learning Visions

If SL has this effect on other women, then it wont be the most effective place to send female employees as part of an elearning experience. However, ideas taken from Second Life, minus the cultural trappings, could be effective. It was the source of the statistics in the stories I quoted. Bob Mosher: Performance Support and Learning at th. Cammy at Learning Solutions #ls2010 Audio Interview with Will Thalheimer on Common Des.