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Image from Pexels Being interviewed by Rick Zanotti last week got me thinking about music and learning. The conversation turned to music, my songwriting and performances with various bands during the 80s and 90s. Rick mentioned that we can all learn a lot from music, and specifically mentioned timing. Giving others space within a musical performance is vital. Space within music often enhances the listening experience.

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Top 15 Websites to Get Free Stock Images


Images, videos, infographics, and other media-related material are amongst the most important elements your site should include. Ready to Get Creative With Stock Photography? million images, vectors, illustrations, and videos that you can browse and download for free.

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Multimedia Resources For Your eLearning Projects

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A few years ago I worked for an organization that required custom designed eLearning but didn’t have a budget for stock photography, background music, or video. Music can be a challenge but there are many resources that offer free music under a creative commons license. You must attribute the original artist somewhere in your eLearning in the manner in which they require but otherwise, the music can be free to use.

The music is in the musician

Learning with 'e's

Many of those crammed into the BETT main arena to hear the great man speak were willing to endure the crush, and also the discomfort of standing or perching for over an hour as he held forth on learning, creativity, the role of technology, and the future of education. Firstly, the statement that the music is in the musician is profound, because it places all of the emphasis of creativity and all of the responsibility for proper application onto the user.

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Updated – Multimedia Resources For Your eLearning Projects

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I’ve also experienced this when working in an organisation also had similar expectations but no budget for stock photography, background music, or video. Music can be a challenge, but many sites offer free music under a creative commons license. You must attribute the original artist somewhere in your eLearning in the manner in which they require but otherwise, the music can be free to use.

Digital literacy 8: Repurposing content

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Most of my recent slide presentations are freely available on this Slideshare site , and I publish them under a Creative Commons license that allows others to download and use them either as complete slideshows, or to select individual slides that can be inserted into their own slideshows. I also allow derivatives - that is, you can take the images or texts, or even the design themes of my slides, and repurpose them for your own use - for free.

Me and Malcolm McLaren

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He was in a relationship with the avant garde fashion designer Vivienne Westwood , introduced fetish-wear, managed various punk rock bands including the Sex Pistols, and was agent provocateur and innovator in the art and music scenes for decades. It could be claimed that he was not only the originator of punk rock, but also one of the prime movers in the New Wave and Hip Hop music genres. I also used the image in my subsequent blog post entitled Karaoke Culture.

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Punk learning

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By 1977, punk music had emerged as a creative force to be reckoned with. It was a form of music that was furiously loud, aggressively energetic and full of discordant anger. To release a record you didn't have to bow and scrape to the multi-national music publishers and labels. Punk learning (some would call it Edupunk ) reflects that seventies music ethos. Some were outraged by the audacious behaviour of the punk rockers.

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Cool daydreaming

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Image created by Steve Wheeler (spot the skull) We all have our favourite places. Spaces in which we can relax, be one with nature, or unleash our creative instincts. When it comes to creativity, one of the best places for me is my 'home office space'. What you can't see in the image above is the seat I took this picture from before I processed it into cartoon format. I also have several musical instruments to hand and plenty of sketching and writing materials.


Top 43 Websites for Free & Paid Stock Video Footage


Luckily, there is now an abundance of tools and resources to create attractive new videos filled with your brand messages, as well as an ever-growing community of videographers dedicated to offering great stock photos for downloading, royalty-free music, and video stock footage.

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19 Kick-Butt Tools for ELearning


Creative Commons: The never ending search for stock photography – may as well start at the source! Google Image Search: Great for getting ideas for your elearning images. Images are in high demand, especially free ones. Morguefile is another place to find some pretty sleek free stock images. Free music Archive: Another resoure fo finding the music you need. Everyone likes nifty tips, tricks, and tools – so how about 19 of them!

I have it within me.

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My profound appreciation of music is more down to the long hours I devoted learning to play guitar in my bedroom until my fingers bled. In fact I learnt more about music by self-teaching myself guitar and watching films of my rock heroes than I ever learnt playing repetitive scales on a recorder in school. Image source I have it within me. by Steve Wheeler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0

Spotlight: Elite Sport Performance Course


The course titled Elite Sport Performance: Psychological Perspectives covers mental training techniques for elite athletes such as building motivation, improving concentration, staying confident, using music and imagery to enhance performance, avoiding anxiety, and managing mood and emotions. These photos are all open licensed Creative Commons images. In fact I’ve used Creative Commons images, videos and audio throughout the course.

#40years of educational technology: Games

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The 20th Century was the century of the moving image. Many of the best selling video games have been appropriated for classroom learning, including Guitar Hero (used to teach a number of curriculum subjects, not just music), Sim City (Maths), World of Warcraft (Literature) and Grand Theft Auto (remarkably, used to teach citizenship). cinema education games GBL learning ludic moving images schools Technology video

#40years of educational technology: Games

Learning with 'e's

The 20th Century was the century of the moving image. Many of the best selling video games have been appropriated for classroom learning, including Guitar Hero (used to teach a number of curriculum subjects, not just music), Sim City (Maths), World of Warcraft (Literature) and Grand Theft Auto (remarkably, used to teach citizenship). cinema education games GBL learning ludic moving images schools Technology video

23 Free eLearning Resources Loved by L&D Teams

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Continuing on the theme of saving eLearning designers time and money , the Gomo team has been sifting through the internet’s many libraries of free and open-source images, videos, sound files, fonts, templates, and software. Free image libraries perfect for use in eLearning courses.

Review: Adobe Spark


Spark Page allows you to create image-rich web pages, and Spark Video helps you make professional looking and sounding short videos. You can easily add content such as text, video and images to the slides and you can drag and drop slides to change their order.

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Copyright and Intellectual Property in Instructional Design

Obsidian Learning

Copyright and intellectual property laws remain in effect, and your company and/or clients could face liability issues if the deliverables you present contain music, images, videos, etc., The most common is the Standard YouTube License, which basically allows YouTube to broadcast the video, with the creator retaining the copyright. If you’re lucky enough to come across a video that is licensed under the Creative Commons copyright, the terms of use are even simpler.

12 Top Video Footage Sites for E-learning Designers

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Getty Images : You can download premium stock footage, from archival films to contemporary 4K and HD footage from this site. You can also find editorial videos, as well as standard videos and music. iStock : It is a branch of Getty Images where you can find HD video clips, B-rolls and stock footage from their collection of curated video clips. . Videos add great value to learning, reducing the load of reading and helping the learner retain information for a longer period.

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Imagined futures 6: Home entertainment

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Image source: Chicago Sunday Tribune Back in 1959, when television was still monochrome, and movie films ruled the entertainment industry, people were already dreaming about how we could capture the moving image for home use. The text from this image reveals a lot about the hopes and aspirations of futurists in 1959. Previous posts in this series: 1: Telecommunications 2: Classrooms 3: Music 4: Enhanced vision 5: Robot teachers?

50 years ago today.

Learning with 'e's

I didn't know it at the time but what I held in my hand would completely change my view on music. I played the tape expecting to hear some sort of brass band music, or other seemingly boring stuff, as represented by the instruments the musicians were clasping on the album cover. The revolutionary cover design was by the famed artist Peter Blake, but the music, written mainly by Paul McCartney and John Lennon , was even more revolutionary.

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Old technologies don't die

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I captured the image on this page recently on a Dockland Light Railway train as it sped across East London. They are accessing information, listening to music, watching TV or a movie, perhaps making a call to a friend or family member. There is one exception in this image though, and you have probably spotted him while you gaze at the image. Photo by Steve Wheeler We connect with each other and with information in many ways.

Imagined futures 7: Work

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Image from Gamma Keystone/France The image on this page is from a 1969 exhibition in Hanover, Germany. Perhaps the most striking aspect of this image of future work is that the office worker is tethered to a specific location within a work space. As I look at this image, I can't help but notice the cumbersome design of the console and the psychology behind it. It shows a mock-up of how the photographer imagined how working in an office would look like in the year 2000.

Weapons of mass distraction

Learning with 'e's

The image on this page illustrates the phenomenon. The multi-timbral nature of the smartphone gives it the capacity to capture our attention through a wide spectrum of attractions, from music and digital media, games, social media, dating sites, videos and live news streams. Weapons of mass distraction by Steve Wheeler was written in Plymouth, England and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0

Remix culture and education

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Garage Band for example, enables the production and reproduction of just about any musical instrument sound, and allows the user to mix these into a musical sequence. Photoshop is software that allows users to do the same thing with images. Remixing is a creative process. It takes imagination to adapt an existing piece of art or music into something new or apply it in a completely different context.

Building a Middle School Flipped Classroom

TechSmith Camtasia

If this level of customization and efficiency is possible for shoes, clothes, music, phones, etc. The featured image for this post is creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-SA ) flickr photo shared by ptrlx. This is a guest post by Adam Coulter Johnson, math teacher in Birmingham, Ala. for the quarterly newsletter, The Learning Lounge. I teach math, and it may come as a surprise that I am not a detail-oriented person. Nor am I much for linear thinking.

Designing a PowerPoint Screencast Using Camtasia

TechSmith Camtasia

Record a PowerPoint presentation with narration and add special effects, images, audio, and video. An effective introduction bumper hooks the viewer into the screencasting topic by using a music soundtrack, video, images, etc. YouTube now offers Creative Commons-licensed videos , which are automatically safe to use. The end bumper can include an image, music track, etc., Guest post by Michael F. Ruffini, Ed.D.

Digital literacy 9: Broadcasting yourself

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The photosharing service Flickr claims that between 3-5 million images are uploaded every day, and hosts well in excess of 2 billion photographs and other media such as short video clips. People everywhere are using the web to broadcast, publish and share their ideas, opinions and creative works to the rest of the world. The music industry has had to learn the hard way that it no longer has the monopoly on music production and distribution.

Over 75 Free Rapid E-Learning Resources

Rapid eLearning

I start by picking a color from the he image using Pixie. Creative Commons audio : good sites to get free audio for your courses. CCMixter , The Freesound Project , OpSound , Free Music Archive , and Jamendo. Musicshake and TuneAround are free tools that let you easily create your own music and soundtracks. Photo Resizer : use this application to quickly resize images to a specific resolution. Picnik : web-based image editor. Stock Image Resources.

Teaching with Screencasts and Rapid Prototyping

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When you’re learning something new, you have a lessened ability to think creatively, problem solve, or abstract. Reflection on their work is also valuable for both the teacher and the student because it builds up common threads of discussion. Students can improvise on a theme in music or play with ingredients in Home Econ. The main idea is to remove barriers to creativity. How do you encourage students to be creative in their learning?

You've been hailed

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The central character, a Pre-Crime Officer by the name of John Anderton is walking down the street, and animated advertising images are calling him out by name as he passes by: "John Anderton - you need this product today!" Objects, music, art (and I would add media and technology) can all be used to 'hail' the individual and make them feel as though they are personally being addressed. Increasingly, as technology becomes more personalised, it will also become more personalisable.

Breaking down the silos

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Yes, there are practical reasons for teaching art separately to science, or maths in a different room to music. The author, Hugh Jones reveals how this cross-curricular celebration of two apparently unrelated disciplines actually found much common ground. One small group proudly showed me their project which combined Physics and Music. Image by Mike Licht Breaking down the silos by Steve Wheeler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0

Taking risks

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You can''t do that'' has become the commonly heard phrase when someone tries to innovate. Experimenting under supervision with chemicals, light sources, language, videos, music, computers, historical events, writing styles, mathematical formulae, in fact just about anything that is in the curriculum will offer new perspectives for students. Students, when asked, are usually quite honest. What engages them in learning the most is taking risks and having fun.

#TwistedTropes 25. Schindler's shopping list

Learning with 'e's

Image from Wikimedia Commons Oskar Schindler was an industrialist, playboy and philanthropist during the Nazi occupation of Europe.

Stories without words

Learning with 'e's

They were given two days to complete the project, and the first day involved a 6 hour history walk around the city, where they were given opportunities to capture still and moving images and do some research. On the second day of the project they assembled their images and videos together, added sound effects and music, and then presented their videos to their peers and the module tutors for feedback. This week I gave my first year education students a new project.

Opening up #learning: Forms and formats

Learning with 'e's

Knowledge can be represented in many forms on the web including through still or moving image sequences, text and spoken words, music, and of course through hypertext. Photo by Tomomarusan on Wikimedia Commons Opening up #learning: new forms of knowledge by Steve Wheeler was written in Amsterdam, Holland is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0

13 Tips for Recording Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

TechSmith Camtasia

Turn off in-game music. If you’re recording a game that has both background music and sound effects you should turn off music within the game settings. Because if you edit the video later, the music will sound like it’s jumping. Instead of recording the music in real-time, just record the sound effects and import the music later into your video editor as a separate track. Disable Image Capture and iTunes. Use music.

Instructional designers’ toolkit for a zero-budget training project


Its extension Hightail Spaces appeared in 2015 and is designed to help creative professionals get from conception of an idea to its delivery as a finished product. Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that makes available to the great public — ‘the commons’ – works that can be seen but also legally used, shared, repurposed or used as a starting point for a new creation.

Tips to Help You as a Self-Employed Professional

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Cost of Images/video contents. Image & Content Theft. Let’s imagine for a moment that instead of being a digital professional, you were a grocer, now let’s imagine that each image is represented by a product in our store and the price varies from €5 to €999. Now understand the position of the Digital Professional like yourself that has spent hours composing, taking and editing that image. 10 Ways to Stay Safe & Legal as a Self-Employed Professional.

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All just a click away?

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Ever listened to a track and then delved deeper to discover the meaning behind the music? You can track down resources, people, contacts, tunes, images, videos, quotes. Photo from Public Domain Images All just a click away? by Steve Wheeler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Everything is just one click away. All knowledge, all learning, anything you want to know - can be found online.

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