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Maslow, technology and learning

Learning with e's

It's creative and it's often thought provoking. How much more could we say about the uses of technology when we place them up against a pre-digital age theory such as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs model? Does technology offer no support whatsoever for physiological needs?

(re)Designing learning in a digital world

Learning with e's

I deliberately inserted a (re) in front of the Designing theme, because I wanted to make it clear that we need to redesign and re-engineer many of our current practices in higher education, including course design, assessment and student support.

All you need is love

Learning with e's

This kind of love is apparent in education when teachers go the extra mile and do extraordinary things to support their students and encourage them to achieve their potentials. Phileo is a love that describes feelings of belonging, and a sense of common purpose.

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