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Is Multimedia the Most Underrated Tool for Internal Communication?


The average person only has an eight-second attention span, which means that even the most revolutionary ideas must compete with things like social media and funny cat videos. Instant messages with embedded links, videos, and photos. Being creative with the way that you share your message might mean the difference between real change and just another workplace memo. Pictures; sounds; motion: they all capture attention in ways that an email never can.

How to create an inclusive workforce – without breaking the bank

Engage in Learning

Welcome cultural differences . Championing a culture of honest and open communication is one of the best things you can do to foster an inclusive workplace. . To create a culture of openness and honesty, the senior management team should also reciprocate. .


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The Shift from Static to Multimedia Communication


A company’s entire culture can be changed by only 3 creative multimedia communication shifts. Imagine that, a relatively small change can completely alter your culture if you’re intentional about the change. Ensure a message is received and understood. Create more personalized, human-centric messaging. Emails fail to grab attention in the same way pictures, sounds, motion. Instant messages with embedded links, videos, and photos.

A Brief History of Instructional Design

Origin Learning

From ‘training’, which was merely considered a passive function in an organization, the emphasis has now shifted towards making learning and talent development an integral part of corporate culture. Most of these used media and ID procedures to improve the quality of instruction. E-learning gained further importance as educational institutions and organizations began to unearth ways to deliver courses online coupled with social media tools in the late 2000s.

Benefits of Education Streaming Platforms to Students and Tutors


By adhering to the safety precautions recommended by WHO and local government policies, social distancing is the only way to overcome this challenge. Multimodal learning resonates well with a famous saying, “ A picture is worth a thousand words.”. Cultural Diversity .

10 Remote Training Ideas

Ed App

Its popularity has soared even more due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, which has pushed hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses to shift to remote training to sustain a culture of growth and learning, despite their teams being forced to stay at home and work remotely. .

Ideas 52

Introducing.the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive!

TechSmith Camtasia

Describe Ciesa's company culture in three words or less. This type of communication can amplify cultural and language barriers at times. The pixels captured on a screen are important because we can track receipts, pass on funny cat pictures, explain ideas, and understand the people we work with every day. Our core business is based around monitoring social conversations for issues or opportunities and drawing actionable insights based around conversation trends.

Come Together

Jay Cross

Proprietary videoconferencing packages transmitted video back and forth, but most people stopped watching the pictures once the novelty wore off. The use of instant messaging migrated from high school to corporate life. Expertise locators connect workers to people with answers; social software connects them with friends and colleagues. The social learning revolution has only just begun. Come Together, Right Now. Jay Cross.

IBM 38

Building a Performance Ecosystem

CLO Magazine

Social knowledge management consultant Harold Jarche suggests there are multiple layers, from collaborating in work teams, to collective learning in communities of practice, to cooperative learning with peers and friends in our networks (Figure 1). Accomplishing this requires both cultural and technological support. There is much written about the cultural aspects of the workplace needed to make that happen. Most broadly successful is our social computing platform.”

In Learning, Size Matters

CLO Magazine

Consider current standby microlearning examples such as instant messaging, blogging and even the telephone and water cooler. For synchronous microlearning, techniques such as instant messaging, social media and email are well understood. Therefore, the tight integration of learning and business enables a culture to thrive and expect integrated learning in the workplace — just in time and just enough.